Amárrame (Tie Me Up)

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Chapter 2

You could say Nicolas was a sun worshiper. An adrenaline junkie. A daredevil.

If it was dangerous, he’d already done it. He was a black-belt and a professional dirt-bike racer. He’d broken a few bones in the process, but it didn’t stop him from doing what he loved.

His motorcycle gave him the sense of freedom nothing else ever had. Nicolas loved to be where no one else had been before. Explore unexplored places. It brought him peace and a sense of independence. His taste for adventure had him forever searching but never fully satiated his soul.

Parking his bike to the side of the road, he looked around with curiosity at the unfamiliar place. He removed the earbuds from his ears and lifted the stainless steel thermos to his lips. The cool water hit the back of his throat. Greedily he gulped down the liquid, and the back of his hand caught a few drops that refused to enter his mouth and slid down his chin and neck instead.

Nick had been riding along the dense, tree-covered, dirt path for an hour. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had no idea where he was. He looked around attempting to get situated with his surroundings because this place didn’t look like home.

He’d sped all the way through, and the one particular thing he remembered was a high pitch ring in his ears that lasted a few seconds and a deep-blue light the sun cast down upon him. Other than that, nothing unusual.

He secured the motorcycle key around his neck and stretched his sore glutes and back. The weather went from scorching hot to mildly cold. Trying to reason the drastic temperature change, he gave credit to the shade trees. Unfastening the flannel shirt from his waist, he draped it over his shoulders then checked the fuel gasket. His tank was full. He had nothing to worry about, even if he was lost.

In the distance, he saw a cloaked figure.

“Hello!” he called out, but the person did not hear him. Cautiously he followed.

Stopping to hide behind a group of dense bushes, he spotted an immense granite tower from afar. Crouching, he moved closer without being seen. From behind the shrubs, he paid attention to what was happening before his eyes.

The figure stopped and faced the tower, then looked up. With a clamorous voice, she yelled at someone inside the tower. A very long rope fell from the window and who he could now tell was a woman grabbed it and scaled the wall.


Knowing the clock was not a loyal friend, Cirilla hurried her pace before it betrayed her.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

Rapunzel’s braid slid down the side of the tower. Cirilla tied a basket to the end and turned the thick threadlike strands twice around her hand. Holding on tight, she climbed for two-hours.



Rapunzel smiled as Cirilla crawled through the window and crashed into her hugging her tight. She ached for human contact, and Cirilla gave her that pleasure at least once a year.

By breaking the rules, Cirilla could be killed. But she’d told her once the least she could do was give her an hour of conversation, a warm hug that lasted ten minutes, and a bag full of birthday goodies. The greedy sheriff had to stick his nose where it didn’t belong, and Cirilla’s heart broke for the imprisoned girl.

“I did as you asked and sold this year’s dress. It was a success!” she said, handing Rapunzel a handful of silver coins. “I’ll take a few others from past years and bring you the profits once I sell them.” She stretched her hands and gathered a few more dresses in her arms.

“Good! I didn’t want to look at this year’s dress, ugh! Thank you Cirilla.” She gave the old woman a peck on the cheek.

“What are you planning to do with the riches?”

I don’t know yet.” She bit her lip not wanting to say too much. “Do you have to leave so soon?” She threw Cirilla a sad, longing look.

“I do child.” She brushed away a tear sliding down Rapunzel’s face. “It takes me too long to come up, and the sheriff will be suspicious if I’m here over a certain amount of time. I’ll be back next month.” Groaning, she continued. “I would come up more often, but these legs and arms are not what they used to be.”

Motionless, Rapunzel stared at the floor. “I understand.”

They hugged once more before Cirilla made her way down the tower.


Nicolas was impressed at how easily the woman scaled the remarkably, high tower. He hadn’t seen her face, but when he heard her voice, he imagined she was elderly.

If she could do it, heck! So can I. He’d be sure to come back at daybreak.

He walked back to his bike, and with an effortless purr, the engine started. He got back on the tree-covered path but was filled with confusion when he kept looping around in circles.

What the hell is happening?! He tried his cell phone, but he had no service.

“Damn it!!” he grunted, shoving the phone in his bag.

Frustrated, tired, and with dusk almost upon him, he went back to the spot where he’d seen the old lady. Camouflaging the bike, he took cover in a small, empty cave not far from the tower. Exhausted, he slept off the evening.

Morning came, and the smell of blossoming flowers was perceived in the air. It was intoxicating. With a grumble, his stomach woke him. Wondering where he could get some solid sustenance, he grabbed a couple of power bars from his backpack and the water bottle.

Maybe there is something to eat at the tower, but this will have to do for now.

Coming upon a clear stream, he rinsed his mouth and face and prepared to conquer the giant. Facing the tower from such proximity took his breath away. It was intimidating, but if the elderly woman was able to overcome it yesterday, so could he.

With a powerful voice, he repeated the words he heard the day before.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

He took his shirt off, fastened the thermos inside his backpack, and started scaling up the tower. It took forty minutes for him to climb.


Rapunzel heard a voice in the distance. Shocked, she jumped out of bed and looked out the window.

A visitor? Today?

That had not happened in twelve years. Excited and afraid of who it may be and why they were there.

But they know the right words to say ... Perhaps Cirilla sent him? Could she be in trouble? Has the sheriff found out about the dresses and the silver coins?

With no time to dress, she used her hair to cover her nakedness.

When he reached the window, she gasped.

He was a man of extreme and rare beauty. He looked different than any man she had ever laid eyes on. His clothes were... Interesting. Who walked around with no shirt and floppy pants above the knee made out of fabric her eyes could not recognize? She’d never seen such a thing but what did she know? She’d been locked up for twelve years.

Perhaps this is the way men dressed now?

She came close and studied his features. He was exquisite. Bright, brown eyes, clean, polished hair, and a lithe powerful body. His arms and legs were strong and defined. Her heart skipped a few beats and wildly constricted against her chest.

Sweat covered him from head to toe, and his soft-looking lips turned into a lopsided grin as he removed strange black, threads from his ears with one hand and held on to her braided hair with the other.

His strength was exhilarating.

“Hi! That climb was intense! That’s quite an adrenaline rush!” He winked. “Can-I, can I come in?” he continued.

She stood petrified.

It was useless to hide the shock on her face. With an open mouth and a furrowed brow, she considered throwing him down the tower but quickly changed her mind. There was something about his face she trusted and liked. Or maybe she was starving for human contact. Maybe it was more than that. Probably it was the need of a man’s touch who didn’t repulse her. She wasn’t sure, but excitement bubbled inside her.

Still trying to decide his fate, she moved from his way, and he crouched through the small hole and stepped into her sacred space. Standing proud and tall in front of her, he extended his hand.

“Hi! I’m Nick.”

When did sweat become so desirable? And sexually appealing? Usually, she was repulsed by sweaty men.

“And you are?”

Shaking her head, she observed his stretched out hand in fear. She wanted to touch him but It was probably not for an honorable reason, he was reaching out. Stepping back, she grabbed the first heavy item she could find and hit him over the head.

The last thing he saw before passing out was the contours of her naked body through her overgrown locks.


“What the fuck?!”

A deep groan escaped his throat as he rolled his head from side to side. He wanted to rub the pounding headache away, but his hands were constricted. As the rest of his body became aware, he realized it was more than his hands that were restrained. Nick couldn’t move his entire body.

As he opened his eyes, the same woman he just met shyly peered from the safety of her bed. She looked ravishing in a worn-out, silky, lilac-colored lingerie short-shorts set. Her eyes were luminescent and observed him expectant.

“Why are you here, Nick, was it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Here, in my room?” Exasperated, she flared her hands above her head.

“Who are you? What’s this place? And, why is your hair so long?!”

Her hair was in a long braid, and he was tightly fastened with it to a chair, looking like a boa constrictor around his body.

“I ask the questions around here, Sir! Did the sheriff send you?! What does he want?!”

He chuckled. “Sheriff? What sheriff?! I feel as if I have entered the Twilight Zone!”

“You don’t know the sheriff?”

He shook his head.

“Then, are you a prince?”

“A prince?!” A hard belly laugh rumbled through his chest. He stopped when he noticed her face was serious. His eyes narrowed as he searched for answers. “Ooooh ... You’re serious?”

“But of course! Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Is this one of those cliché themed towers?”

She looked perplexed and baffled.

“No. I’m not a prince! The only ones I know are Prince Harry and his brother ...” He couldn’t remember his name. “The older, married one?”

“Is he coming?”

“What?! Are we on TV?” His eyes shifted.

“TV? Is that his name? The prince? That’s an odd name, but it will do ...” she said more to herself than he.

Rapunzel lifted a brow and herself from the bed, moving closer to him. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve had human contact, you know? Except for Cirilla, of course. Desperately I’ve craved to see someone else. Talk to them ... Smell them.”

“Are you ... do you live here by yourself?”

She nodded not taking her eyes off his. He focused on his surroundings and noticed there were no doors or windows other than the one he had come in through. Aghast, he turned to her wide-eyed and disconcerted.

“Are you a prisoner?” he said bewildered.

“Yes,” she whispered looking away.

“How long?”

A small, ragged sob released from her throat, “Twelve years.”

He jolted. “Why?! What happened?”

She related the short version of the incidents and what her life had been until he showed up at her prison.

“That doesn’t make sense. None at all. People are not hung any longer.”

She made a face at him scrunching her brows and mouth in disgust. “Of course they do! I was almost hung! In this kingdom they still do!”

“Kingdom?” He rolled his eyes. “Let me go. I’ll get the authorities. They can help you.”

She shook her head. “They’re the ones who put me here.”

“What?! They did?” Nervous, he paused. “Let me down. I’ll go get help. I swear!”

“You’re not my prisoner. I’m being cautious. After what happened to me, it’s difficult to trust anyone but Cirilla.”

“Is she the old lady who came by yesterday?”

Questioning eyes peered at him.“How do you know about Cirilla? Did she send you?”

“I saw her and followed. I was--I am lost. Then I saw the tower and figured it would be an awesome challenge to climb it.” He shrugged. “Then this happened ...” He pointed around the room with his confined fingers.

They looked deep into each other’s eyes, establishing an un-wired connection. Something about the way she stared at him appeared real, and it wasn’t the fact she made him half heavy even when she sounded crazy, and he was tied-up.

Maybe this is part of the reason why?

“That explains a lot ...” Breathing new air into her lungs she closed her eyes for a moment. “The fact you’re not from around here, you know? I’m going to untie you now.”

Those words affected him differently than he had anticipated. He liked what was going on. The beautiful undistressed damsel, hitting him over the head, knocking him out, and tying him up.

The irony!

She stood inches from him, and the heat radiating from her body burned him like the afternoon sun.


She froze and inspected his face, taking a closer look at him.


She outlined the curvature of his lips with her eyes and without realizing it, her tongue darted, licking her parched lips. He closely followed it. His Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed.

“Nothing ...” He shook his head. “The sweet aroma of your body is playing games with my senses.”

What am I thinking? Am I even thinking with my brain?

She looked him up and down. His arms and upper chest. The bareness of his stomach and the lower part of his legs were showing under his short slacks.

“Where did you get such a thing? I don’t recognize any of what you are wearing!” Her pause was almost too long for him to bear. She looked fascinated. “Would you be terribly upset if, If I-I kiss you?” She blushed a deep red.

Nick flushed too, then smiled at her half-embarrassed, half excited, with amusement and a sparkle in his eyes. His heartbeat went wild, and he nodded before she could take back her words. Reminding himself to breathe, the loud pounding in her ears was unbearable.

She came closer, her chest lifted, and fell rapidly. Her chest movement turned him on, and it was excruciating. If she asked, Nick knew he would give her more than a kiss. At this point, as excited as he was, he’d give her anything she wanted.

Her lips descended on his. An electrical current ran through his body reaching his core. She pecked at his mouth softly. Pushing her lips further into his, he ran his warm tongue over her bottom lip, causing her to moan. She deepened the kiss and rolled her tongue over his lips and into his open mouth, capturing it with hers, and sucked it tenderly.

Boldly she straddled his lap and drew him further into her mouth, contracting her lip muscles.

He wanted to pull his hands free, but when he did, her rope-like hair tightened around his wrists. This brought him a great amount of erotic pleasure. Something was arousing about having someone touch you, turn you on, and not be able to touch them in return.

He ached to feel her and run his fingers down her spine. Having his arms constricted, was exciting and it hardened him to a fully erect state. Shifting below her, he tried to feel more of her body. Reaching out with his hips, he circled them to the rhythm of their tongues, bumping her center when they rolled around and met hers.

She placed her hands on each side of his face and drew him deeper still.

“Untie me,” his voice broke.

She giggled and shook her head. “No.”

He breathed hoarsely, “Okay...”

Amazed, she looked at him with an odd expression on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. “You are giving me control?”

He nodded.

“You’re unlike any man I’ve known. I like it!” She admitted, running figure-eight circles down his stomach.

“Oddly enough,” he moaned. “You’re unlike any woman I’ve ever met too.”

“Are you betrothed?” She bit his nipple and pulled hard at the back of his hair to expose his neck.

“Am I wh--what?! Fuc--!”

She gasped and pressed herself closer to his abdomen, sucking on one nipple and then the other. Taking her time, she rolled over them with her tongue. Moving to his chest, she licked and sucked up his neck until she reached behind his earlobe. She bit him there too.

“Where did you get these clothes? They’re odd.” Rapunzel kissed the shell of his ear.

“The shorts?!” he asked perplexed.

Her quirkiness at this point unimportant. He couldn’t steady his breathing. It was heavy and ragged, and if she kept rubbing him the way she was, he was sure to become undone at any second. The entire experience was surreal and out of the pages of a weird erotic book.

Her face flushed. Her eyelids half-staffed, and her lips became swollen and agape. Taking possession of his lips, she kissed him with abandon, and in the heat of the moment, she ground herself to him. Wave after wave of raw pleasure flowed up his body, bringing him closer to the brim.

She circled her hips firmly against his stiffness. Hard. Fast. Her moisture beyond a sloppy mess. Small faint noises came out of her throat. Her breath, loud and heavy.

He loved she used his body to pleasure herself. He was an instrument she knew how to play. Lost, in her world.

“You feel so good.” His husky voice, full of emotion as he watched her in fascination. Before him, a mixture between an out of body experience and bold voyeurism.

With a few more spiral motions of her hips, she came with a loud gut-wrenching moan, then convulsed against his chest. He was hard as a rock, hungry, out of breath, and left with want.

“I want more,” she whispered against his ear.

So did he. She licked the curvature of his neck and slid her open palm down his shorts. She drove his body crazy and out of control, and he liked it, wanted it ..., desired it.

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