Amárrame (Tie Me Up)

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Chapter 3

Rapunzel quickly untied her hair from the chair but left his hands bound.

“Stand up and lay on the bed,” she ordered.

He obliged. “I have no intention of running away from you.”

“My name’s Rapunzel,” she winked. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.”

Nick’s gaze came upon her and gave a lopsided smile before laying on his back. Her hair cascaded, framing her beautiful face making her look devilishly-angelic. A mixture of purity and obscenity folded into one.

Rapunzel tied his hands above his head to the headboard. Momentarily looking at him, she verified he was doing well, by tilting her head at him. Then she checked the ties on his wrists were not too tight. He nodded letting her know he was safe.

“Yessss,” he hissed breathlessly.

A giggle left her lips, and her face turned serious as she concentrated on the task at hand. Getting off the bed, she reached for a piece of cloth to use as a blindfold.

“No! Let me see you,” he hoarsely whispered.

She narrowed her eyes and shook her head. “I want you to feel what I do to your body instead.”

He frowned.

“My turn my rules.” She shrugged, but laughter reached her lifeless eyes. Eyes that knew little of laugh lines, smiles, or beauty. Specifically, beauty towards her from a man.

The moment he smiled and extended his hand, her insides fluttered and melted. And although not able to see beneath his skin and into his soul, something told her he was honest.

He looked adventurous and unafraid of experiencing life. His sun-kissed skin, a clear indication he spent long hours outside and seldom wore a shirt. It was evident, and she could smell the sun on him as one would essential oils or an expensive perfume. Nick was a golden streak of light in her otherwise gray existence. His concern for her was evident. No one had cared for her since after her young lover had been murdered.

Rapunzel grimaced as a brief shot of pain ran through her. That part of her life was done with. He’d been murdered. A ruthless, egomaniac piece of shit committed a crime he’d never pay for, and there was nothing she could do to bring her lover back.

“Are you okay? We-we, don’t need to do this.” His voice broke, and a hazy dimness masked his eyes. “I want you stranger... but you need to let me go. I can help you.”

“No! I want this. In fact, I need it. It’s been so long!” A sob escaped her. “Unless you don’t?” One of her brows shot up.

“No, I mean, yes!” he responded desperately. “Of course I want this. I want you!”

He took a deep breath and leveled his eyes with hers. “No. I don’t want you to stop.”

Curving her lips, she tied the red cloth around his eyes, securing it firmly behind his head. His hair was soft and smelled clean. She lingered absorbing as much as she could. Rapunzel could not identify the flower or fruit aroma, but it was sweet and sensual. Pressing her nose to the back of his head, deeply she inhaled, and her eyes fluttered shut. This man was raw sex. Pure male yet, not entirely.

She could tell, unlike the men she remembered from her village, he took care of himself. He was of a different species. A different world and time. Perplexed, she realized she wanted him inside her more than before. For the first time, she desired to please a man as much as she wanted to be pleased by him.

Rapunzel gazed down at him, then took her fingertips and dragged them lightly down his face and neck. She felt his pulse quicken. Her digits lingered from the curve of his neckline down to his chest, grazing his soft skin. When she reached his flat stomach, she pressed harder. Unable to help herself, she lowering her lips to his belly button and dropped wet kisses over his stomach.

Silk lips slid to the seam of his shorts, and she pulled at them with her teeth. He tensed dragging-out a long, strangled breath. His chest moved up and down quickly in anticipation of her warm, moist mouth. She pulled the shorts down his muscular thighs, and her eyes took in his manliness.

Am I dreaming? Is someone else with me, or am I imagining him? Will he help me? Or will we have a day filled with sex and then have him disappear from my life forever? She wouldn’t be able to take his absence after not only being filled with hope but filled by him.

His manhood stood proudly between them, and her body responded with goosebumps covering her skin. Every follicle of hair extending out of her body reaching out to him. He looked deliciously sinful, and she wanted him between her lips. Like a wild animal, she salivated. She needed to taste his essence. The saltiness of it and its density.

She grazed her tongue over the tip of his cock teasing her taste buds. He shivered, and she did it again savoring the slight tangy precum oozing out of him. Licking her lips, Rapunzel wondered if she was imagining him. A mirage. Trickery cast upon her by some witch working for the sheriff to make her suffer.

Her head spun and her heartbeat raged inside her chest. Without using her teeth, her lips closed carefully around him. Her mouth lowered as far as she could go and came back up gingerly. Soon, her lips were lost in the rhythm of his hips, and she could feel him at the back of her throat.

She took him in as deep as she could without gagging and rolled her tongue around his member, sucking at the tip. When he was close to the edge, she stopped moving, earning a deep groan and ragged breaths out of him.

He moved his head trying to sense her and cleared his throat. “I need something from my backpack.”

Lightly she placed her fingertips on his hair. Almost as quickly, she yanked back his head to expose his neck. Her warm tongue slithered down his skin. She bit and nibbled, pinched, and sucked while she shamelessly rubbed again him.

“Your what?” she murmured, taking in the fragrance of his skin.

“My bag,” he grunted. “I have condoms in my bag. Oh god! Don’t stop, though.”

Through the darkness, his other senses heightened. He could detect the light perfume of her body and her sex. His mouth moistened, and he swallowed hungrily.

Hypersensitive to her touch and almost out of patience, he begged her to slide down him.

“Let me feel you,” he moaned, then wiggled to get his hands free.

She smiled. “Do you need to get this said condom?”

He cleared his throat, “Of course. Safety first, right?”

Safety? Once again she knew not what he spoke of.

The bed dipped. Rapunzel hovered above him and ran her mouth over every inch of his body. She took extra care and rolled her tongue over his hardened nipples allowing her hands to roam over his muscled chest and down his abdomen.

Moans and sexually charged grunts escaped him before he begged once again.

“Let me feel you deep inside, Rapunzel. Let my body be one with yours. Now! Please! Fuck! I can’t take your teasing anymore.”

He felt the blindfold come off, and their eyes struck. Each starring into a deep, stormy abyss.

Rapunzel reluctantly released him and followed his nakedness like a shadow as he walked across the room and towards the bag on the floor. Taking out a silver, square packet, he tore and rolled its contents on.

Rapunzel narrowed her eyes. “What’s that for?”

“You must’ve heard of condoms before, right?” he asked, walking back to her.

She shook her head before he surprised her by grabbing her hair and tugging, turning her body around.


His phallus dug against her buttocks, and he ground himself on her. The intake of breath was low and strangled at her throat.

Wrapping his arm around her waist, he firmly pressed against her backside teasing her entrance. She pushed against him enjoying the pleasure his erection brought her body. With his free hand, he circled her hip, and ripped off the small, thin loincloth she wore, and entered her in one smooth stroke.

Pulling back, he pushed himself in torturously slow. She met his movements with her own and slammed against him. He felt virile and warm, and even though she wanted to, Rapunzel could not control the movements of her body when he fervently responded to her. He filled her to the brim. With every thrust, they noisily exhaled. His hot breath fanned strands of hair away from her sweat speckled face.

She moaned, “Faster! Yes! Nick, faster!”

He turned her so that she’d face him. Capturing her eyes, he slowed his pace pushing into her in deep, lazy strides. The feeling made her dizzy, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her neck was on fire, and the intensity of their lovemaking allowed the heat to spread to her face.

Overwhelmed, she wiggled and rubbed underneath him. His body flushed and damp with sweat. Rapunzel couldn’t deny the wonderful feelings he stirred in her.

“Nick,” she whispered. “Please ... don’t ever forget me.”

Then she came with a force she didn’t know existed. Her body convulsed in spasms taking her breath away momentarily. The tightness in her gut released, and the pleasure took her in waves. He came right after, thrusting into her a few more times, after coming. His forehead touched hers, and his ragged breathing was interrupted by laughter as they clung to each other.

“Why would you say that? Of course, I won’t forget you.” He breathed into the crook of her neck. “When I leave, you’re coming with me.”

For a moment she hoped. For a second, freedom flashed before her eyes. Her heart raced. But there was nowhere they could go the sheriff would not find her.

How can we get away?

How far would they get before the sheriff’s men stopped them? Worse yet, if he was killed in front of and because of her, she would go insane.

She furrowed her brow. “Do you own a horse?”

“Nope. Better than that.” His eyes grew large. He looked younger. Like a child talking about a favorite toy.

“What’s better than a horse?”

She giggled when his lips nibbled at the crook of her neck.

“My bike! It’s in the woods. I covered it wi-”

“Your what?”

“Bike? Motorcycle?”

Her face fogged and a blank stare set in her eyes.

“A Harley?”

“I have no idea what those words mean.”

“How sheltered were you before you were jailed in this tower?”

“What are you saying?”

“You were incarcerated so young, and for such a long time, I think you’re unaware of the world. My heart aches.” He hugged her to him, kissing the crown of her head.

“A bike is like a horse, but instead of legs, it’s got tires. Wheels?” With his hands, he made the shape of them in the air.

“You mean a carriage?”

“Aaaah! Sure. Similar but different.”

She smiled and hugged him before unlacing their bodies. Nick slipped the condom off, tied it, and dispensed it. She was too tired to ask what the condom was or what it was made out of, but it was clear to her why he wore it.

Yawning, she stretched. Nick drew her body against his cuddling her. Then, he stood at the small window looking down planning their escape.

“There must be a way out,” he whispered. “I’ve never heard of a sheriff, nor his men. Nor the imprisonment of a young girl in a tower. Clearly, something is not right...”

He woke up hours later by the gentle caress of her lips on his chest. His body instantly revealing how much he wanted her again.

His husky voice tingled. “Is it my turn to tie you up, or do we need to get out of here?”

“No one visits me again until next month, Nick,” she mumbled into his nipple undulating her tongue over it.

“The more reason to get out of here. Now.”

“I can’t. The tower is designed for someone to enter, but I cannot let myself out.” She latched her lips to his other nipple. “Someone would need to stay in here to let me down.”

Her fingers moved down his abdomen and between his legs.

“Plus, I have no knife to cut my hair once I’m off the tower. To top both those reasons, the sheriff’s men are all around the kingdom.” Her lips licked up his earlobe. “I could never show my face in the neighboring towns for miles and miles.”

“But--” he started to say.

“Nick, it’s nightfall. It’s not safe for you to leave tonight. Love me now like there’s no tomorrow. Then, you can leave.”

He took her lips in his, opening them to cradle her tongue. The kiss grew deep, and deeper still satiating a hunger neither knew the other possessed.

Binding her hands behind her, he laid her on her back taking possession of her body. He took everything she had to give. His hands touched every corner of her. His lips tasted every drop of her. His tongue savored every drip between her legs while she moaned in pleasure and agony over not being able to run her fingers over him.

He reached for another condom. “I need you.”

Picking her up by the waist, she straddled her legs around his lap. Burrowing his long, hard cock into her, she moaned, taking him in torturously slow. He filled her, and she moved above him rocking her hips back and forth, smashing her pelvis into his with force.

They were lost in time. When either of them was close to coming, they changed positions to feel their bodies from every angle.

She wished the moment would last forever. That it could impress itself to memory on their bodies. But all good things must come to an end. Finally, there was no holding back, and the pair came with a powerful, intense bellowing scream.

Panting, he wiped the hair from her forehead and shushed the quiet sobs from her lips. Rocking her back and forth, he undid the ties, and they held each other not wanting to let go of the other.

Never had she belonged as she did in his arms. Never had she desired someone as she did him. Never had either cared about someone else so much. They would give their lives to protect the other.

“I need to get back. I can’t waste another second.”

Understanding, she let him go.

“I promise--”

“Don’t.” She shook her head, and her fingertips covered the words before they dripped out of his mouth.

“Be ready. Pack what’s most important to you. When I come back, we’ll need to be quick.”

She nodded swallowing the bitterness she tasted. Kissing one more time he held her cheek then laced his hands in her hair. Ripping himself from her they looked at each other and locked glances. The feathered touch of their hands slid from their shoulder to their elbow. From the elbow to their forearm to their fingers.

With tears staining her face, she tied her hair to the hook and dangled it down the window. Nick took one last look at her and began the daunting descent of the gray, cold tower wall. The heaviness in her heart greater than the heaviness of his body.


Staring at her silhouette, he lifted his hand to his lips, Sending a farewell kiss, tears puddled in his eyes and ran down his face.

He found his bike not far from where he was. Revving the motor, he began his trip back home through the woods. He passed through the tunnel he had arrived through but couldn’t get out of when he first got there. But not this morning. Out in the distance, a tinge of blue light. Crossing through it, he froze. That’s when he realized he was back in a familiar place. The road home.

Looking behind him his heart sunk, and his body trembled. Parking the motorcycle to the side of the road, he realized the light was no longer there. He felt he’d walked through the mirror in the Alice in Wonderland tale. A gateway to a different dimension. A portal.

A portal, leading him to her. An entrance he must find if he was going to see her again to help her escape. Running back to where he’d entered through, Nick fell to his knees, covered his face, and sobbed.

How will I get back to her?

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