Amárrame (Tie Me Up)

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Chapter 5

Why isn’t her hair cascading down the window?

He’d already called out to her four times. Panic set in.

What if she is dead? Or sick?

His heart almost came up his throat, pounding in his ears like a steel band drum. He looked around, but there was no one in sight; the tower had been built with that purpose, as far away from civilization as possible. That way she couldn’t be found or heard and definitely, no one would be able to help her.

The echo of his voice broke through the distance once more and her silky, thick hair finally fell downward. With a sigh of relief, he began to climb the steep wall. The vision of her lovely face ghostly and hollowed as he approached saddened his fluttering soul. She’d endured great pain and loss in her life, so much sorrow; he admired her tenacity and wondered if he himself could withstand the same fate.

Finally making it through the window, he opened his arms wide and wrapped them tightly around her. Rapunzel cried shivering, in his almost suffocating embrace.

“You’re here! You’re here! You’re finally here! I knew you’d come.”

She chanted pounding his muscular chest, grasping at his T-shirt, bunching it up in her delicate hands, and sobbing near his heart.

Her tear-stained face turned to his, and her hands came up to wipe the drops falling from his eyes onto his skin. Urgently kissing they locked lips in a fugacious clash. Their tongues rejoining after a long unwanted absence. Their fingers exploring new territories on their body.

“Baby! Have you not been feeding yourself?” The sound of his voice was phantasmal.

“She shook her head sadly. “I’ve not been hungry for food.” She pressed open mouth kisses down his neck tasting the saltiness of his sweat.

“Could you not hear me before? I was calling.” His thick brows rising in obvious concern

She flattened her hands against his chest coasting them down to his stomach feeling every single ripple on his body. Rapunzel then moved them along under his shirt to pull him closer and take in his scent.


She was all over his broad shoulders running her short nails down the center of his naked back bringing her fingers over to the front caressing his eager nipples. Her mouth roamed his shirt and kissed them through the thin, fresh laundered cotton.

“I couldn’t hear you.”

She pushed the black, leather jacket off his shoulders and lifted his shirt off.

“This smells soo good!”

She hesitated, “I fainted.” Then she pulled his head out of the shirt.


He grabbed both her hands with one of his and lifted her face with the other to meet her eyes. “Rapunzel, stop for a second, please.” His words were harsher than he wanted them to sound.

Her eyes filled with tears and he brought her to him trying to comfort her. Burying her face on his lean chest she took in his smell, his signature smell, the one he’d left on her bedding for days. Her quivering eyelids briefly closed, when she opened them she took him all in.

“I’m good. It was overwhelming to see you. I thought you were a figment of my imagination. So I fainted,” she said this as if she was talking about the sun in the sky or rainbows.

“It’s probably because you’ve had nothing to eat and your blood sugar’s low!”

“Low sugar?” she chuckled. “How I’ve missed your undecipherable words.”

“You must eat, and then we will go.”

“How? When?”

“I brought rope, scissors, tape and--”

“What are you planning to do? Cut my hair? Then what? It doesn’t work that way. The force holding one end has to balance the other. If you cut my hair and tie it to the metal hook it won’t hold either of us and the first one out the window will plunge to their death.”

He looked at her horrified and she nodded, “It’s a fact.”

“What if I tie it to the rope and then tie the rope to something in here?”

“The sheriff thought about everything, that filthy pig! There’s nothing in this room to use as an anchor.”

“Then what are we to do?” He was desperate.

“Cirilla will be here in a few days. She said she has a plan. We’ll wait for her arrival.” She began to run her fingers up and down his thighs and he took in a sharp breath.

“You told her about me? What if she plans on bringing the sheriff instead of helping?”

Her fingers found his rousing maleness and she kneaded them against it. He could barely breathe nor keep his eyes from closing enjoying the pleasure she brought further to his body.

“She won’t,” Rapunzel whispered this in his ear before she bit down on his earlobe. Then licked up the shell.

“Rapunzel. Can you take this seriously? I’m trying to get us out of here and none of this is helping!”

“Nick! The morning you left I thought I would die.” She frowned. “For a second time, might I add. The first was when my beloved was hung for me to see.”

Nick felt like an ass as she continued and hugged her closer.

“But then I was filled with hope. The days passed, it was painful. You see, being in this tower will make you crazy. See things that are not real. Hear them. And I started to lose my mind. My appetite first, but then my brain betrayed me. It told me you weren’t coming back every time my lips told it you were.” Her voice shook.

“Here before me, you stand,” she continued. “In all your beauty. And, forgive me if this sounds insane, but your smell is making me warm and wet in places I never want anyone to touch but you. I drip right now. For you. I feel heavy with want and I shall have you. If you leave again and never return, that’s the only thing I can grab on to. The only thing I’ll have left. So can we please enjoy these few days we have to ourselves properly?”

Her words made him hard as a rock; to the point, it hurt. His member was strained flat against the zipper and material of his jeans and he too wanted release. To be inside of her warm inviting body.

Ripping the top buttons of her dress he exposed her wrinkled areolas with her hard dusky nipples. His mouth hungrily clasped to one, then the other suctioning loudly as her chest furiously heaved up and down. He trailed up her chest and kissed her neck licking it over hungrily; recapturing her mouth he sucked at it.

Rapunzel quickly figured out how to unzip and release him.

It stood proudly between them glistening. She wrapped her fingers around it lifting the flowing skirt with her other hand, straddling his legs; slowly sinking the length of him inside her. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back in abandon as he filled her.

Her hips rocked at a slow pace while she got used to his thickness, but then she was wildly riding him. Hard and fast, breathing out heavily through her mouth every time he submerged into her burrowing into her loins.

Sinking deep into her wet heat, with every thrust he moved faster guiding her hips with his until her body shook from crown to toes as if possessed by a demon; it was beautiful to see. He came right after and wiped her tears when she cried of sheer happiness.

“You didn’t use your condom thing,” her voice fanned his ear before her head collapsed forward from exhaustion.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry. I’m clean, I swear. I know this.”

She inhaled him in, “Of course, you’re clean. There’s not one ounce of grime on you, and you smell like soap.” She took in his smell again. “You’re the cleanest man I know. You smell delicious.”

He chuckled not having the energy to explain. He knew she was clean too, obviously. She hadn’t been with anyone for years. He just hoped his mistake wouldn’t have consequences.

He was still grounded inside her when he felt himself rise again with desire. They made love once more, only this time when he was ready, he pulled out and his hot semen covered her exposed breasts trickling over and under the soft curves.

She laughed with delight and pulled him in for an open-mouthed, tongue-twisting, hot breathed, lingering kiss.

Collapsing onto the bed, they slept for hours, finding both peace and contentment.

When he awoke, she was watching him. Still naked. A little smile on her lips. Her legs crossed before her and her head rested on her intertwined fingers.

He immediately grew hard with want.

When he looked back at her, fire burning in his eyes, it was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. How can someone look so good all the time? Especially a man. Yes, her love had been handsome but what Nick exudes is confidence. It’s sex. It’s smooth and manly. And curse the gods if he didn’t have her body hot every single second.

“Are you hungry?”

He lazily stretched and she couldn’t peel her eyes off him.

“Come here.”

He opened his arms and she sprinted from the chair she was sitting in and laid with her back to his front. He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck kissing it.

“So, are you?”

“Yes.” He bit her collarbone and she squirmed giggling. “I can’t seem to get enough of you.”

She beamed. “Me either, but that is not what I meant.”

“I know.” He chuckled. His tongue framed her earlobe. Then, he gently blew behind her ear causing her to shiver and get goosebumps everywhere. He was hard against the small of her back. “And I am, but I hate to let you go. It was misery without you.”

“Yes. It was.” She turned her head to look at his face over her shoulder, and he kissed her forehead. She cradled her head on his neck.

“Let’s eat.”

Dinner turned into a mix of sex and food. She ate fruit off his body and he dribbled honey over her chest, abdomen, and lower lips, then licked it all up. Starting between her legs he opened them with his hands and spread the nectar with his fingers placing his tongue right above her entrance. His hot, wet tongue deep inside filling her with raw pleasure. Rapunzel was more than ready, but he wasn’t even close to entering her.

Running his lips down her folds, the fleshy organ entered to taste her sweetness. He sucked at her sensitive nub enjoying the way she felt in his mouth, loving her smell, her flavor. Opening his mouth he moved it at the beat of her hips. He sucked, licked, pulled, bit, tasted until she convulsed over and over screaming his name. Entering her with his fingers he sucked at her a few more times making her come again, harder. The heat that spread all over her body reached her neck and rocked her inside yet again.

Smiling he licked his lips. It was dirty and intense and one of the most significant highlights of her life turning her on so much, she wished to push him unto the bed forcefully and straddle him until he was fervent and exhausted. But she couldn’t. At least not yet. He held her body down moving up the trail from her waist to the aroused peeks atop her breasts. With his fingers still tucked in her, he sucked the honey clean from one mound. Then the other pushing his fingers knuckles deep until she could take it no more. Having come three times unhinged her, and she squirted over his fingers.

Then he entered her feverish body taking her mouth with his. This time, he didn’t forget to wear a condom.

“You taste so good. So, so good. Every crevice of your body I desire.” With each pump, he became more out of breath and closer to the edge.

So, did she. She moaned loudly meeting every single thrust faster. Heavier. Harder. Until they both came and laid satiated. Sweaty and a tangled bundle of jello-like muscles. When their breaths returned to normal they unlaced their bodies and rested on their backs.

They stayed up all night and talked. He explained to her what happened when he left. Where he went. Why it took him so long to get back to her.

She couldn’t believe there are other dimensions. Worlds parallel to hers. She imagined many are different and advanced like his. Likely others like hers or even less advanced.

She asked question after question trying to learn as much as she could about his world and what would be her new life until she could learn no more, nor stop her yawns and fell asleep in his arms.

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