Unexpected Returns

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Elliana Taylor; beauty, brains, and sex. That’s how she’d describe herself, at least that’s how she would following the tragic story about being left at the alter. How will she describe herself after that inconsiderate man waltzes back into her life? Something she’s gonna have to figure out.

Romance / Erotica
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I woke up in bed next to a total stranger again, not exactly sure why I started this in the first place. It didn't feel good but at that steamy moment, I felt special. He made me feel special but he was no longer there, so I started to screw around in hopes to find it again.

I sat up ready to do the walk of shame into the streets of Charleston, Manhattan. Nothing irregular, I'd meet a guy and make him feel something for the night, it was my job. I'm not a prostitute, hooker, or some high-end escort. I'm just someone hoping to find love in sex. Well, that’s not completely true, but the sex... I craved that.

After putting on my figure-fitting jeans and loose-fitting top, I searched for my shoes. The nonformal meeting was caused by a reoccurring "client" as I preferred to call them, that way I don't end up feeling so attached when it ended.

Finally, I found the old, worn-out converse and slid them on to my feet before lacing them up. I moved through the cold loft quietly until I came face to face with the door. I grabbed my purse and jacket from the nearby chair I'd carelessly thrown them on last night. "Bye," I said loud enough for my echo to return. This was somewhat of a signature move I used. That emptiness I liked to listen for, saying goodbye made me feel like less of a whore.

Walking out of the main door and on to the already busy streets, I removed my black RayBand sunglasses from the purse dangling from my shoulder. Placing the frames over my eyes to stop the morning vertigo I always seem to receive the morning after. I made my detour for the subway station attempting to be inconspicuous.

The trip home was oddly comforting, no one got to close and the air didn't feel as suffocating. My stop was approaching and I stood moving closer to the doors.

The train came to a screeching stop before opening its doors. I walked on to the platform and made my way for the stairs. Pushing past the grumpy older men in business suits and the tired old women who seemed to have a problem with everything.

Approaching the streets I was hit with the familiar smell of greasy foods, I was tempted to the sizzling of a near by hotdog stand begging for my money. I approached the vendor and purchased one of the greasy dogs before continuing my strut down the packed sidewalk. After throwing my trash into a nearby trash can, I hailed a cab. I preferred to take the subway halfway to my house before transferring into a cab; I learned it was safer that way, expensive but nonetheless safe.

I gave the cabbie my directions and he drove me toward upper Manhattan where I lived in a teal-colored townhouse. I lived with my roommate Carlos who I'd known since before I could speak. He'd been my rock within these past five years. We lived in mutual understanding, peacefully. I lived my bachelorette styled life while he preferred the more scenic view of everything, he cherished everything that came his way while I was the complete opposite.

The cab driver pulled in front of my house and I gave him the necessary fare before thanking him and taking my exit. I opened the dark wood fence and trotted up the steps before unlocking the mahogany door. I was greeted by my two dogs Ester and Jordie; Ester was a full-bred Spaniel and Jordie was a Golden Lab mix. The warm welcome I received coaxed me into giving treats after placing my shoes next to the door. I then started preparing them and myself for our daily walk and play at the dog park.

I went down the hall and into my dull bedroom. One wall was painted a cool gray and was covered in multiple photographs I'd taken in both high school and college. I walked over to my dresser pulling back the mahogany drawers, I admit to having an obsession with mahogany. I grabbed one of my numerous black tank tops along with a pair of leggings. I slipped out of my previous clothes discarding them into my overflowing laundry basket before slipping into my work out clothes. I slipped on fresh socks and a pair of Nike running shoes.

I exited my room and shut the door behind me, making my way toward the kitchen. I grabbed a baggie of dog treats and a bottle of water. I called the dogs into the living room to attach their leashes and give them another treat; I spoil my babies.

Leading the dogs out I turned to lock the front door. Moving down the stairs and pausing outside our front gate, I took in my surroundings and breathed in the cool air. Then I noticed something a tad bit out of the ordinary, someone was moving in across the street. It's only weird because this is a very tight community of people who knows everything about everything, something happens you'll find out moments later. It was a mix of elderly people, small families, and fresh out of college adults like myself. Deciding to mind my own business, I started my mile-long jog to the pet park.


After the pet park, I was very ready for a long shower. I'd fed the dogs, and headed to my room to pick out clothing. After my shower, I noticed it was only four o'clock in the afternoon so I decided to continue my productive day by heading to the grocery store to grab a few things.

I sent a quick text to Carlos asking if he needed anything while I was out, he sent back a vague no. I then put on my seatbelt, cautiously backing out of our driveway. I jammed out to songs by 'The Weeknd' during my fifteen-minute drive; My Dear Melancholy has become my favorite album so far. Parking closer to the entrance I got out of my car and grabbed a cart on my way into the large grocery store.

I walked thoughtlessly grabbing needed things first such as; eggs, cereal, milk, the disgusting processed lunch meat Carlos likes, etcetera. Then I walked toward my favorite area, THE CANDY AISLE. I started throwing endless goods into the cart basket not paying attention to anything as I picked out my favorites. I had been so absorbed in food I hadn't realized I was headed straight into someone else's cart. I looked up to apologize, only to have the words stuck in my throat.

His striking features come back as faded memories to me, his piercing eyes, and colored hair a mess on top of his head. He had the same crooked smile he'd had growing up. "Elliana." He said barely over a whisper.

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