The Wanderers Seeker

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A book of a wanderer looking for herself and a seeker looking for the his lover in which he cannot recall. She finds herself lost within this story as the story's protagonist! Lost and alone she is reminded of her favorite novel... she uses the novel to help her, on her adventure. As she soon meets the male protagonist of the novel. Will she fall in love? Or will she end up the same as the original female protagonist?

Romance / Drama
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The Wanderer’s seeker

by 7


“Where have you been this entire time?”.

I looked at him trying to remember who he was but, I couldn’t.

I have forgotten.

I have forgotten, how much time has passed.

I have forgotten, how this saddening warmth felt.

All I have been doing was wandering down this path, this path that had no end.

I wanted to ask why he wanted to know where I have been.

I wanted to ask him to tell me who I was.

No matter what I did I couldn’t respond no matter how much I wanted to

They could wait no longer for my response as they walked up to me and grasped both of my shoulders.


Silence befell upon him to my surprise tears fell upon his face.

I did not retreat my gaze from the crying child before me.

Face filled with grief and loneliness.

With the least bit amount of strength, I had reached my hand out and wiped the tears.

“Forgive me, for making you feel this way.”

“It would be best if you had continued to forget who I was like the others.”

“You don’t need me……… and I … don’t need you.”

I said, now grabbing both of their hands and pulling them off.

Casting a spell upon the crying boy the tears ceased and his body grew limp I took him by his arm placing him against a wall casting another spell to keep him safe from a passerby till sunrise.

A sad but gentle smile formed on her lips as she recalled all the memories she had with the boy along with the adventures and people we had met along the way.

“Goodbye, Kaichi.”

I remember now, I remember why I left, I remember all the times I have loved you but, this time I will make sure you won’t ever remember me again.

“I… love you.”

Placing a kiss upon the lips of the sleeping boy she turned to leave no longer taking a glimpse back and left to wander again for all eternity.





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