The Lone Wolf

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Lira Black. A werewolf trying to survive in a world she is forced to hide in, will she be able to face her past to make room for the future or will it consume her. When she finds her mate and things don't go like they're supposed to, will she be able to get past feelings she has for someone else and focus on getting along with her supposed mate, or will she make the wrong choice and suffer for it?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I’m a college student, I tend to get bullied a lot cause I’m quiet, and don’t get me wrong it’s not that I entirely don’t want to talk to people it’s mostly because the trouble I could get them in, I don’t want to hurt anyone. The truth is I’m scared of losing the people I love, and trust me the moon goddess just loves to give me people to love, then snatch them away from me the second I admit I love them, so I built a wall so I'd never have to feel the loss of someone, but there was one person who got passed the wall I had best friend, he’s the best thing that happened to me, but lets not go down that road just yet. I have long black hair that goes down to my waist, and crystal blue eyes, but I wear brown contacts because I was told my eyes attract to much attention, which is basically the opposite of what I want, I’ve never been confident in my body so I tend to where oversized clothing like hoodies 3 sizes to big and sweatpants. oh and one more fact thats kind of important I guess at least that's what they say .........I’m a werewolf.


Lira woke up to an obnoxious noise, she rolled over slamming her hand on top of the pestilential object blaring in her ear. She sighed looking at the alarm clock, it was currently 5:45 AM on a Saturday. Lira rolled over, swinging her legs off the side of her queen sized bed, she stood up stretching and popping her bones heading to the kitchen, what the heck was she doing up this early on a Saturday you ask? Well she had to get her lazy butt up and go check in with her boss she never wanted to work where she did mostly because of what she had to do, but things haven’t gone Lira’s way in awhile it’d be a miracle if they did go her way for once.

Walking to the cupboard hoping she had something she could eat, alas food was vacant from her home at the moment, unless you count 2 year old crackers as edible food, then she was gonna have to wait to eat, again. Lira made her way into her bathroom, and looked herself in the mirror, not the most pleasant sight to see in the morning, hair sticking up like someone rubbed a balloon on her head, make up smeared from when she had forgotten to take it off last night, and she had forgotten to take out her contacts last night so now she has to quite literally peel them painfully out of her eyes, ” nice going Lira. Great start to the morning” she spoke to herself in the mirror as she dreadfully got to work in cleaning her appearance.

Coming out of the bathroom nearly half an hour later, with a full face of make up, her long black hair slicked into a high ponytail, she made her way into her bedroom again, on a mission to find something to squeeze into, she slipped on a pair of black leggings, wearing a grim expression she reached for her bra. Groaning she put on a white dress shirt, and her signature leather jacket, looking in her full body mirror, she gave herself the look of ‘its good enough’ and made her way to the front door, grabbing her keys and slipping on her black combat boots she made her way out to her black BMW, making the dreadful drive to work.

A.N not quite sure if you guys mind an authors note or not, but this isn't how long each chapter is, they do gradually get longer and by the fourth chapter they have around 1200 words so please don't get mad if it's too short

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