The Lone Wolf

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Chapter 2

‘I should have eaten those crackers’ I think to myself after 15 agonizing minutes, i’m about to chew my hand off, as of now I haven’t eaten in over 19 hours, you know what screw it, they won’t be too upset if i’m a couple minutes late. I pull into an upcoming parking lot, belonging to the convenience store Needs.

Getting out of my car my nose picks something up, I cant quite make out the smell, must be further away, therefore no trouble right? I haven’t used my werewolf senses purposely in over a year and it was cause I needed to find a runaway tar- I mean, I had lost my sandwich, yeah thats it.

I cautiously make my way inside, making sure to keep track of my surroundings, I look over to the chip section and grab a small bag of Lay’s Salt & Vinegar, these chips will never not be good, I make my way up to the cashier when my nose picks something up again,′ Okay nope, big danger, I was wrong, big big danger, werewolves′ I hastily pay for my bag of chips and discreetly run out the door.

As I reach my car door I look behind me making sure they’re not near me, I turn around to open my door when I’m grabbed from behind, a hand placed over my mouth, I’m dragged to the back of the store, totally secluded from passersby, and by the smells of it, I’m with two werewolves, great.

Pushing me against the wall I open my eyes in surprise, although I don’t remember closing them. There are two men, one slightly larger than the other, both in height and muscle mass, the slightly smaller one leans closer to my face, “What is your business rogue?” he says is a disgusted tone,

I give him a quizzical look, “what are you talking about?“I say slightly annoyed by the fact I’m going to be even later then intended, and all because I wanted a stupid snack “Why are you here rouge, you don’t smell like either of the packs around here and there aren’t any visiting packs” the slightly larger one says with an authoritative tone, but with a hint of confusion of why i dont really smell like anything.

“Okay big brains, have you ever actually met a rouge before?” Both of their eyes glaze over and I know they are talking through the mind link. “Mm” I hum ” By your silence, and unwillingness to talking in front of me” anger and annoyance clear in my words “I’m guessing that you haven’t actually encountered a rogue before, well let me tell you something, rogues are very distinct and you wouldn’t have to guess to know that ones near, their smell is so pungent it makes you want to barf, their eyes so bloodshot they could be considered apples, their teeth so rotton they look likeprange slices ” they both had looks of shock and a bit of amusement at my description.

" Yeah, so next time you try and accuse someone of being those” I pause with a look of utter disgust, not even being able to describe how horrible they are ”Things” making sure they got the message I leaned in closer ” do a little research and use your other senses” I leaned back out being uncomfortable with they way they’re staring at me.

“well if you’re not a rogue then what are you? You don’t smell like you have a pack, but you also aren’t a rouge?” the smaller one says not even trying to hide the confusion in his voice “I’m a lone wolf, don’t have a pack cause I was never instated in one in the first place”I say, I mean it’s not a complete lie I am a lone wolf, but I wasn’t always that way ” now if you’re going to treat a lady so poorly at least tell me your names” giving them a pointed look and crossing my arms waiting for the response,

They shared a look with each other and sighed, now that I take a closer look they’re both quite attractive, the slightly smaller though still big standing at a whopping 6′0, his dirty blonde hair slightly longer than average, he has sky blue eyes, and strong arms and legs by the looks of it “Devin Lennox” he says,

The slightly taller guy has light brown almost hazel eyes, a darker blonde hair, and standing at an impressive height of 6′3, “Oliver Channing”

I glare at them for a moment checking their faces for a sign of a lie, all the while listening to their heartbeats, I close my eyes and sigh, nodding my head, I start to walk away but am stopped, I look back at them “you never told us your name” I didn’t particularly want to tell these big oafs my name but I did ask for theirs without stating mine first, I look at the ground, then look back up “Lira Black”.

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