The Lone Wolf

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Chapter 3

Olivers POV

Devin and I just stand there watching her leave, “Black?” he says aloud, I turn to him, giving him a questioning look. “I’ve heard that somewhere before”he says slowly lowering his gaze to the floor, “black” he whispers under his breath “oh!” he yells slightly loud, startling ” holy shit Devin calm down” I scold “sorry I just remembered where I’ve heard Black before” I tilt my head slightly expecting him to go on “oh, well, he’s a very smart animagus” he says as if it’s obvious on what the hell that is, ” okay? And what the hell is that” I sigh at his stupidity I somehow wonder how this idiot became Gamma ” An Animagus is a witch or wizard with the rare ability to transform into a particular animal at will” I look at him as if he’s stupid ” okay, Animagus, but that’s not rare, witches and wizards do it all the time” I say kinda confused

“Well yeah but Sirius black is from a movie and so are the animagus, well a book but I could never sit still long enough to read it” he says, ” I have half a mind to punch you right now” he backs up a bit,′ hm, wise choice’. He quickly puts on a stern face ” should we tell the Alpha about her” he says indicating towards our new found loner,

if we tell him and it ends up being nothing he’s probably going to throw a book at me again, but if we don’t tell him and it ends up endangering the pack, he wouldn’t just throw a book at me, probably a few knives, a few hammers here and there, then finish me off with his claws, and leave me in the woods to be eaten by birds′ I contemplate in my head

“yeah let’s tell him, I’d rather a book than birds” he looks at me as if I’d just grown 4 heads, but shakes it off anyway ” after you, Mr. Beta” he says in a taunting tone, I glare at him but continue my way to my motorcycle anyway, starting our bikes we head off towards the pack house.

Lira’s POV

For frick sakes

I dropped my bag of chips “assholes” I whisper under my breath, eh whatever I’ll just eat at my boyfriends house, he doesn’t really like it when I do that but who gives a pudding what he thinks. I smile thinking about him, his blue eyes that stare back at me with adoration, his ginger brown locks he lets me run my fingers through, and his name that rolls off my tongue in intimate moments (get your minds out of the gutter not that kind of intimate) Damian Mikaelsson.

I’m finally here, I guess I kinda zoned out thinking about Damian, anyway off that topic. I carefully make my way inside, just because I’ve been “working” here for over 16 years does not mean we’re all buddy buddy with each other, some of us are, but most of us, no, we’d rather kill each other, growing up together did nothing, actually probably made it worse.

I’m walking down the hallway to the Chairman’s office when suddenly I hear panting and loud footsteps in the distance, I turn to to hallway leading to the cafeteria,(which no one uses) I see something in the distance, it’s around my height, skinny, and fast, HOLY SH- before I can finish my train of thought I’m tackled to the ground, knocking the wind out of me, “Lira!” the being yells, “Hey Noah” I laugh trying to get him off me. Noah is, was, and always will be my best friend he may be human, but damn he’s one of the best assas- ugh workers out there, mhm that’s it.

I first met Noah in my third week here, he had just been admitted and I found him hiding in the corner after being picked on by the other kids, that’s what me and him had in common back then, we were both victims to the other kids, I had went over to him to help him up but he flinched away from me, I showed him my “battle scars’ as I liked to call them and from then on we helped each other get stronger, I think training with me was harder than if he had trained normally with the other kids, at the time I was 2 times as strong as them, 3 times and fast, and my brain worked quicker than theirs, he had benefited from my abilities, and I benefited from him getting better at my attacks, we became top of our class, and we weren’t bothered much after that, well, I mean anyone dumb enough to mess with just one of us was put in the infirmary for a couple weeks, god forbid the idiots who went up against us both at the same time, them, they were never seen again

“and where the hell have you been young lady” he asks in a scolding mother tone “okay 1, last time I checked I was 2 months older than you, and 2 I had asked if I could take a break to ‘deal with mental issues’" I say accentuating the last part “truth was I wanted to spend more time with my boyfriend, and try catching up in school” I tail off my eyes slowly fall to the ground at the last part, he knows about my bullying and how hard it is to focus on my school work,

“you and that boyfriend” he says hurt “you always ditch me for him, I mean the least you could do is get me one too” he says skipping over the bullying part knowing I wouldn’t want to talk about it. People often think Noah and I are dating, but, he’s my gay best friend “what can I say, I think...I’m falling in love with him” he looks at me shocked

“I mean he’s so sweet, he takes me out for dinner every Friday, no matter how busy he is with beta work” Noah knows about me being a werewolf he’s also aware of how the werewolf world worked with ranking, mates, and laws “he buys me chocolate, and a various amount of sweets when I’m on my period, and when I’m stressed out he hugs me until I’m calm again, when I’ve had a hard day with bullying he cuddles me and whispers sweet nothings into my ear, I mean whats not to love about him” he ponders for a minute then sighs

" I get it just, don’t rush into anything to fast, once you’ve said those three words its hard to get out” Noah was once in an abusive relationship with a guy who nearly killed him, he had worked his way into Noah’s mind, making him believe things about himself that no one should, he had raped him regularly, and starved him while they were living together, he had managed to get Noah to think he loved him, if he hadn’t called me that night I don’t think he would be here today, he still flinches when other men move too fast but he’s much better and knows his self worth.

I look at him sadly, but that’s when I remember that, we’re still on the floor. I get up holding my hand out for him to take, once we’re both up I say ” now I really gotta go I was supposed to meet the chairman about an hour ago’ his eyes widen and he immediately pushed me down the hallway “what kind of flowers do you want for your funeral!” he yells down the hallway, I just stick up my middle finger and keep walking, I hear him scoff but continue my way down the long creepy hallway

To be continued

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