The Lone Wolf

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Chapter 4

I knock on the door timidly, scared of the monster that lies behind the door, “Come in” a sickly sweet voice replies. I slowly open the door, and peek my head through the crack, her office isn’t the biggest of the bigs, but it’s a decent size, there’s a desk in the middle facing the door, a wall full of glass looking out onto the city right behind it, there’s a book shelf covering the wall to the left and a collection of shelves on the right with many souvenirs occupying them, the office as a whole is mostly dark shades of red and burgundies.

“Hey” I say dragging the Y, “Sorry, I’m a little late” I chuckle at the end to try and ease the tension ” A little!?” she snaps whipping her head from previously looking out the window, I slightly flinch from the venom in her voice, “Look, I’m sorry but I got caught up with something” looking down ashamed,

" What could possibly YOU, have gotten caught up with?” although she doesn’t know I’m a werewolf she does know I’m perfectly capable with taking care of myself, “um, Traffic” I say steering away from the response ′ oh nothing just that I was cornered by two fully grown male werewolves, also fun fact I’m a werewolf too. Surprise?′

oh would that be a fun conversation, I don’t plan on telling her ever that I’m a werewolf, she would somehow make me her little puppet, and start giving me harder assignments, I already hate what she makes me do, and if she ever found out, my life would be the end of me, ironic right? She gives me a skeptical look ” you know lying can get you in a lot of trouble” she says with a hidden emotion behind those cold eyes ” but I’m not lying Miss” oh god I hope she believes this ” fine, just know I have many ways of finding out, like your little friend, what was his name? Oh yes, Noah”

The colour drains from my face, but my emotions stay the same, one wrong move in front of her and I’m over ” anyway, how was your last mission?” I grimace remembering it “It went smoothly Miss, Cops were not called, and, no traces of blood are left” I can feel bile coming up my throat near the end, she slightly chuckles at my struggle, “very well done Lira, when was your assignment completed?” I look back up to see her, folding her hands and sitting down at her huge desk ” last week Miss” nice and short, keep it that way lira, “very well, should I give you another one?” she says mostly to herself,

“hmmm yeah, I will ” she smiles to herself, what a sick woman, how can she enjoy this kind of work. Scurrying through files she stops and chuckles, ‘oh no’ I gulp “Elijah Coleman, Age 19, lives in the town just over from here” she hands me the file “um may I ask who the supplier is?” she stares at me for a minute before grinning “well I guess it wouldn’t hurt, Me. He had hooked up with me at a bar and left before I woke up, never texted or called either.”

I give her a blank look, but inside I’m disgusted, she wants me to do this to him because he didn’t text or call after a one night stand!? “But Ma’am-” she holds up her hand, cutting me off from finishing my sentence “I know how you are Lira, and No, you can’t refuse it, he’s been known for getting into fights, comes out unscathed, he’s a hard one, and you’re hard as well, you come out unscathed every time after your jobs, the only one to do so in 40 years”

I like the praise but, it’s for the wrong reason, she’s praising my skills for hurting people and that’s not something I enjoy “okay Ma’am, I won’t fail you’ I sigh giving up, looking at the floor, I turn around to walk out the door when she starts speaking under her breath “you better not” I know what would happen if I did fail something, that she herself wanted me to do, never again, I won’t lose another person.

Arriving at my boyfriends house I get out of the car and walk up to the front door, the house is a very nice one, it’s about 4 stories tall, a beautiful burgundy wood colour with wight lining, the length of the sides are about roughly 70 feet in the front and maybe 100 feet back, the backyard, is about 50 miles leading into woods.

I can’t really arrive unannounced, it isn’t actually his house more like his pack house, he’s a werewolf as well, one of the few I actually know, and have met, he hasn’t introduced me to any of his pack mates, the only pack mates I know of his are Alpha Luke Walker his mate Luna Sophia Walker, and their son Ben. but it’s a given I mean who would let a lone wolf on their territory without letting the alpha know.

the alpha and I actually get along strangely well,I’ve never had a father figure in my life, so I guess him already being a dad to a 3 year old, he’s bound to radiate the warmth of a parent, a warmth I’ve never felt before him. I’ve known the Walker’s for about 2 and a half years now, about the same time I started dating Damian, god Damian, I could talk about him on and on without getting tired.

I knock pretty quietly knowing full well he could hear me drive up, the door begins to open, excitement fills me, he’s just behind that door, I look up to the person who opened the door, a little disappointed it wasn’t Damian, but his Luna instead, ” oh hey Lira” she says kind of surprised I was here “hey Sophia, is Damian around?”

I look down at her belly which has gotten pretty big for a 6 month pregnant lady, how long have I been gone? “Oh Damian’s out running some errands, he also said he was going somewhere after” she says, kinda confused that I didn’t know. Damian and I talk very frequently, we tell each other everything, or so I thought, whatever, maybe he forgot

“oh, I thought I told him I was coming over?” I pull out my phone to find that I never actually sent that text, damn it, I always do that, I groan and put my phone back in my pocket “everything okay dear?” Sophia asks curiously ” yeah, just me being stupid, nothing new” she scoffs and grabs my wrist pulling me inside “none of that sweets, come in and have some tea, Ben has been dying to see you again” she says dragging me to the kitchen

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