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Elsbeth and Maeve had been friend for years, until Maeve’s boyfriend and something was up with him...

Romance / Action
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When someone you love has a new person in their life, it feels like they’re draining you. Not the new person, your person.

“Stop it! Hahaha! Stop! Elsie!” Maeve shouted cheerfully. Elsbeth and her had been friends for over a decade and had so many memories with each other. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. “I’ll get it!” Elsbeth said as she walked up to the door. When she opened it, a man—- that looked like he was 19, and both Maeve and Elsbeth we 17– had been at the door. “And you are?” Elsbeth asked. “Maeve’s boyfriend, of course. Where is that beautiful girl?” He replied. “Over here, babe!” Maeve said. “Elsbeth! This is my boyfriend, Joshua. You mind if he stays with us for a little while?” She asked. “Yes! I would mind!” is what Elsbeth would’ve said if she wasnt so polite. “Uhh..Sure?” She said.
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