Pregnant by my brother's best friend

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Anna has a one night stand at a College dorm party with a boy she longed forgot over the years, only to come home pregnant, with her brothers best friend's baby.

Romance / Children
Alexis Abplanalp
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Anna's pov:

It was a college dorm party that started it all, my friend Kaylee begged me to come with her since she is lookin' for fresh meat to hook up with. my light brown hair was in curls, I wore a skin tight short black dress that ended a few inches over my knees, along with some black heals.

I didn't wear makeup, because I didn't need it simply because I'm perfect the way I am, well that's what my parents said. the music blared outside the dorm room 'back to you' by Selena Gomez played through the speakers "you ready?" Kaylee said fixing her short red dress "I guess so" I said nervous since this is my first dorm party. "don't be nervous, have fun, let loose!" Kaylee said.

"okay, fine" I said with a smile and pushed the door open, the room was crowded, cups of beer or liquor on tables, sweaty bodies dancing in the middle of the room, loud voices were masked by the music. I took a deep breath and let it out going to get a drink, walking through the crowd I find the table of red plastic cups filled with beer, taking one cup in my hand, drink the nasty cheep beer and put the cup on the table. it sent shivers down my spine "tastes bad doesn't it?" a male voice said next to me, I look at the boy beside me, I nod. I felt like I knew him from somewhere but I couldn't put my finger on it "that's because there's liquor in it" he said "oh" is all I said.

"your first time?" he asked, I nod "yeah, I came here with my friend" I said leaning against the wall "my name's hunter" he said, I smile "anna, my name is anna" I said. I felt the effects from the alcohol, I stumbled over my feet, as I went to go step forward, hunter caught me by my arm "whoa there, you okay?" hunter asked I nod again "wanna get out of here?" hunter asked "please" I said, hunter helped me out of the dorm to a few rooms down, which I'm guessing is his dorm, he sets me down on his bed and shuts the door. he sits down in the bed beside me and all I remember is hunter kissing me and everything went blank after that.

I woke up the next morning with a arm around my waist, I look over my shoulder and see hunter, the boy from the party last night naked only covered in a sheet, I look under the sheet to see I'm naked as well, I dropped my head on the pillow with a quiet groan, slowly and quietly I get out of bed making sure not to wake hunter. I search for my missing clothes, I find them after ten minutes and I walk to the door, with a banging headache, stopping I look over my shoulder to the naked boy asleep in the bed.

I leave the room and head back to my dorm, I drop onto my bed numb, I grab my phone that I left in my dorm I had a whole bunch of messages from Kaylee asking where I am. I text her to come to my dorm when she is up, I set my phone on my nightstand, kicking off my heals I try to remember what happened after the party last night, then it dawned me, I had sex, with hunter, a one night stand.

Sighing I get up and walk to my bathroom and take off my clothes and hop into the shower, I wash my hair with scrub the soup on my skin to wash away the feeling of hunters hands on me. I mean, it isn't like I dislike it, it's just I want to forget for a while, at least for now. I get out of the shower and dry myself off, walk out of my bathroom in a towel I grab some new clothes and get dressed, putting my clothes from last night in the dirty clothes basket. I lay on my bed and close my eyes falling asleep.

the sound of knocking woke me up, groaning I drag myself out of bed and open the door to see Kaylee at the door "oh my god! where were you?!" Kaylee asked, so I sit her down and tell her what happened. she looked surprised, "are you on a pill" she asked I shook my head no. "well be careful" Kaylee said, after a few hours of talking Kaylee left and I went back to bed. after two weeks, I wake up every morning to throw up, just like this morning hopping up from the bed, I run to the bathroom and get down on my knees throwing up in the toilet.

I groan whipping my mouth after puking up my guts, I flush the toilet and wash out my mouth and brush my teeth. looking at myself in the mirror, I looked bad, sighing I think of what would cause this. going back in my room, I grab my phone checking the date, I was supposed to start my period a few days ago. this got me worried, I haven't even started my period yet, deciding to go out, I get dressed in grey stretchy legging and a hoodie, with some shoes. I leave the dorms walking down the street to the small store by the collage, I grab some pregnancy tests, well about three of them.

walking back to the dorms I go to my dorm and take the tests, then sitting on the floor by the sink, a timer on my phone for five minutes. staring at the wall thinking about all the positives and negatives, the timer went off and snapping me out of my thoughts, I stood up and took a deep breath and let it out, I flip over the tests and look at the results.




I was shocked, tears formed in my eyes I cried for a hour straight, then I called Kaylee telling her I needed her, she came over as fast as she could "what's wrong?" she asked as soon as I opened the door for her, I let her in, pointing to the bathroom sink, Kaylee sat her bag down and went to the bathroom to look at what I was pointing at, not even five minutes later she was back at my side. Kaylee was telling me it was okay, no it wasn't I was pregnant.

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