Workaholic to Nanny-Oh'Lich

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"The path to heaven begins in hell" Alisha Margaret Chaudhary-Jones never imagined herself at this predicament. All her life, she was groomed to be a successful white collared career minded woman in the patriarchal society. It only took one night of scandalous jaunt to change her entire life. Logan Boone was a man who had everything. A high paying job, weekend parties , girls falling for him, you name it.,, until the INCIDENT. A woman who have nothing to lose and a man who got everything to lose bound together by one little miracle known as Cecelia Oh'Lich. Is it fate , destiny or a bigger force playing ? P.S This is my first original fiction :)

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

‘Ding’ Alisha quickly stood up jolting the sleeping stranger next to her. Muttering her apologies, she fling her duffel bag on her right shoulders, her left hand clutching her suitcase and swiftly passed through the seam of people, getting out of the train right before another ‘Ding’ sound chimed and the train zoomed forward. Looking around, she saw an old couple seating on the bench, a few boys with girls hanging on their arms laughing loudly, a woman cradling her noise toddler. A gruff voice broke from behind her, causing her to yelp and drop her suitcase. Sniggers and laughters were heard as she bend down and gather up her suitcase scowling with humiliation. As she looked up muttering under her breath, a steel grey eyes locked into her pale brown eye.

“Alisha Margaret Chaudhry-Jones?”

“Just Lisha or Alisha” She stammered causing the man to smirk and grab her suitcase as strode away ignoring her yells. Alisha took a breath trying to ignore the anger threatening to blow up as she heard the snickering and laughing at her expense. Giving the teenagers what you would call a stink eye, she walked away with all the dignity she could muster. As she reach the vehicle, that infuriating man smirked at her and blew a puff of smoke on her face.

“Want me to carry you Princess?”

Alisha grind her teeth and opened the back door, sliding in and slam the door. The jeep than drove off leaving dust behind. Alisha closed her eyes praying to whoever whose listening, hoping she had made the right decision.

Logan hissed and swore when the scalding hot water burned his hand. A high pitched wail can be heard from above the stairs. The cries intensified and Logan began cursing as he tried preparing the bottle. Dashing up the stairs, he all but ran to the tiny room at the corner of the hallway.

“There, there princess, daddy is here” Leaning down the crib, he saw the little munchkin sniffling, her doe baby blue eyes large with tears threatening to fall. Logan smiled and kiss the little one’s forehead before carrying her and placing her on the crook of his arm. Sliding the tip of the bottle into her lips and chuckled as the baby greedily began to drink her milk. A loud screeching noise of car slamming down and a high pitched yelling of woman drift through the window. Logan looked down to see a young women hollering profanities while Logan’s jeep zoomed away blowing sand on her face and hair.

Logan strode downstairs, kicked open the door and walked briskly to the woman. He took one look at the young woman standing in front of him with doe eyes and designer heels making him regretting about this whole ordeal.

“Good day sir, I am Alisha... Alisha Margaret Chaudhry-Jones. It is a pleasure to meet you sir”

Logan looked at the offending hand she shoved towards him and snarled at her.


“Excuse me! for you information I am a highly qualified engineer with a master’s degree !”


“I am the nanny”

Logan smirked at Alisha, glancing up to her designer long sleeved cream colored blouse tucked inside with a short black skirt and black designer heels clutching a polo handbag. Alisha cleared her throat making his eyes snapping back to hers.

“Miss Alisha? Hi good afternoon I am Benjamin Monroe. How was your journey here? ” Benjamin strode towards the duo giving Logan a severe look and shook hands with Alisha.

“It was overwhelming but I managed it. Thank you”

“What a charming young woman. Alisha we are so glad you are able to make it. Let me introduce your boss, this is Logan Boone and this little one here is Cece”

“This woman is not fit to be a nanny Ben !”

“Oh don’t be silly Logan, I have checked her credentials she is more than highly qualified!”

“I am not hiring her to take care of my distribution box ! I am hiring her to take care of Cecelia!”

“Lucky for you Miss Jones is high qualified to take care of both!” Alisha giggled causing the two men to stop their banter. Benjamin smiled at her and signal a few man to take her luggage inside and ushered her inside. Lucas glared at the retreating back of the pair.

Looking up the sky he murmured ‘All for you Luciana’ and then leaned and kiss Cecelia’s forehead wishing this whole ordeal never would have happened if it is not for the INCIDENT.

Hi everyone, this is my first part on this new story. I hope you all will enjoy this. Please like vote and comment. xoxo!!

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