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Rose is a damaged girl. She and her sister have been running away for a long time. 'What were thy running away from' you may ask. Well they were running away from their past. They had a cruel past. But what happens when Rose has to settle a debt and she had no choice but to be the wife of the heir to the Mafia throne, Mr Alaxander Russo.

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I have been running my whole life. Here I am in Italy with my sister Amanda. I am broken and no one can ever fix me no matter how much they try. I was broken the day that I saw my mother's dead body lying on our living room floor. My father looked at me with a gun pointed at my mother's body. It was then I knew he killed her. He fucking killed her! I felt the anger rising in me. I felt like he had just taken the one thing that was good in my whole life. As if it wasn't enough that I could no longer have babies because of him. He used to rape me every night. My mother didn't know. One day he beat me so hard on my stomach that I had to go to the hospital. I was trying to defend my mom when I saw him beating her. I saw the blood coming from her mouth. She looked like she had a few broken bones. At the hospital, the doctor told me that I could no longer have children. I couldn't even look at a child after that. After my mom died things turned downhill. The abuse I received from my father got even worse. My father is an abusive man. I hate him! I hate the fact that he is my father yet I don't even consider him as my father. When I finally turned 18, I packed my things and my sisters and ran. I changed myself and my sister's names. I became known as Bella yet I didn't deserve that name. I am ugly. My sister became known as Bloom.

That was 3 years ago and I found a part-time job and have been taking care of my sister all my life. She is the only one that knows our real identity. She's turning 18 now in a few days.

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