The secret society

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The secret society. They took over in the year 2080. Now they separated the families of all things. Supernatural, powerfuls, and human beings. They say it's to keep order.

Romance / Erotica
Amber Rylee Moore
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Chapter 1

It was the sixth of May when the secret society took over. I was supposed to graduate that week but the society took control and shut down the schools. A few months after people were being pulled apart from their families and into sectors.

There are four sectors. They call sector one the powerful. Sector two is the supernatural. Sector three and four is what is made up of what’s left of the human race.

You see the sectors divide people based on who or what they are. I'm in sector one and my sister, Lizzy Ray was put into sector three. I have powers and they want me most of all. My powers are rated out of ten and I've reached the ten mark. ( we'll get into that later on, though.)

The society trains the kids with powers how to control them and sometimes the better you got the more likely you are to disappear. The society has a logo that looks a lot like a circle with wire wrapped around it and a cross in the middle.

It's been a year since I was pulled out of my normal life and into the world of hell. I stick to myself because I know that I'll just end up hurting someone. The society will take me away soon, I just know it, but for right now I sit on my bed and listen to the music on my iPod. They let us keep them because, and these are their words not mine, " music is a way for kids to stay out of trouble and keeps them from bothering us."

I'm sitting here thinking, ' I want to go back home, where Lizzy would be making pancakes for breakfast and telling me I need to get a boyfriend. I want to be back in my life where everything is normal.'

I heave a big sigh at loss of hope and look over at the youngest of us girls who was laying in her bed asleep. She was the only one I can say I got attached to. I get up from the corner of my bed which is against the wall. I walk out of my flat white-walled room and into the leisure room they have a signed for the girl's dorm.

It was quiet and abandoned. That's because no one wanted to be next to disappear but I didn't care because I know it's my time. In the leisure room was a brown leather couch and a flat screen TV that we use to see what's going on in the world. There's also a big red oak wood bookshelf. It had a lot of teen books, most are fiction. One of my favorites is Fallen by Lauren Kate.

I look for it on one of the shelves I put it on the last time I read it and when I find it I pull it down. I go to the couch and start to read.

I read for what felt like an hour. I shut the book when I see the uniformed guards and an officer in the doorway. I look up at them proudly and hold my head up high.

The uniformed officer with jet black hair asks, " ms. Sara Ray?"

I nod and get up to put the book back then go with them. The jet black haired officer put his left hand firmly on my shoulder as if I'd run and he needed to keep me next to him.

The girl's dorm is mostly a bunch of halls and corridors. There are about two hundred girls here and the dorm rooms have four girls in each room, well accept me and Magen, so there is a total of fifty to sixty rooms. The dorm is a two-story building and my room is on the bottom floor with the leisure room and so it was easy to leave. Well, easy to leave if you were leaving with the guards and officers.

Once we get outside the sun was shining brightly down on me, it was almost blinding. I started to feel the rough heat of it as they pushed me towards a red and black 2016 Mustang. One of the guards with chocolate brown eyes and light brown hair opens the back passenger side door and shoved me into the backseat. I sit there letting my mind drift but was in tune with my black haired officer. " Ms. Ray. We will be at our destination in about three hours. Why don't you try to get some sleep? You'll have a very big day ahead of you."

So I closed my eyes and let my mind drift even farther into my subconscious and so I let my mind go dark and, than, blank.

~Dream ~

I open my eyes to see a beach. I can feel the sand underneath my feet. I can smell the rushing ocean water. I can hear the sound of waves. Swush, swush, crash.

It calmed all of my tense, panicked emotions. It was what I'd like to call home. I watch the waves as they went up and down and crashing against the shoreline. I hear the sound of seagulls above the waves.

I don't know if this is real or not but I'll take what I can get. I don't care about the time at all. All I care about is this moment on this beach. It was the beach my father took me to when I was a little girl. This beach is the last place I went to with him before he died. I never knew my mother, she died in childbirth. I was two when she passed and my baby brother also died in the birth, at least what I was told.

I walk around to find out why I was here. These dreams are part of my power. I can see my own future. The dreams tell me that something is going to happen and soon.

Walking this beach knowing I had a good time with my parents and my sister here. My stepmother was a kind and caring women. When my father died she was devastated. She took care of us until my sister was old enough to take over. She still would visit us but kept her distance. Dad passing pushed her to the edge.

"Sara, Sara." a voice shouted over the wind, then everything went black.

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