The Reverb Effect | Hellion MC #2

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Echo keeps to herself, never wanting to talk to people. She prefers not to speak or listen, keeping much to herself by listening to music, never taking her headphones or earphones off of her ears, blocking out the noise that surrounded her. Being by herself, she never expected to run into Death. The protector of the Hellion MC President, practically a Sargent-in-arms without the title, where everybody is afraid of him because of his big stature and Echo wasn’t an exception. Running away from him, she hoped that he wouldn’t follow. After all, having a man named Death setting his eyes on you was never a good thing. Death would beg to differ, captured by the mystery that was Echo.

Romance / Action
Bella O’Brien
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I was late. Terribly. When I arrived, everybody was already taking advantage of the food while some danced to a music I wasn’t hearing. The expression and smiles on their faces told me that even though two different types of MCs and a huge gang was here, they still managed not to lunge at each other’s jugulars. It was an amazing sight, really and I couldn’t help but be happy for Cat.

Speaking of her, it didn’t take too long to find her. She was right in the middle of the dance floor of the room, arms around the man that they called Snake, the leader of the Hellion Club which where Cat was now back to. Normally, I wouldn’t approach them because the man was still a stranger to me even though there was an alliance formed between Hellions and Vipers. However, I knew that I would have to talk to him soon whether or not I liked to, I was, in fact, going to be one of Cat’s bridesmaids.

She informed me the next day she had said yes to him by talking to Cricket and Rouge—also the bridesmaids.

Approaching them, Cat saw me before I could even tap her on the shoulder and break them apart. The small smile on her face while she was dancing with her fiancé widened when those icy blues landed on me. Pulling apart from Snake, she held out her hand and in turn, I gave her a golden coin. Well, not technically gold and not exactly a coin. It was one of those chocolates with the gold wrappers, shaped like a coin.

When she lived back at the Vipers MC, she and I would always exchange chocolates we could find. It didn’t matter if it was only one piece, it only mattered that it was chocolate. The woman shared my love for sweet things. It was one thing that we could connect about.

Gasping, she quickly unfolded the wrapper and popped the sweet in her mouth. “Good shit,” she moaned, giving me an okay sign with her fingers. With a smile playing at my face, I waited until she was finished before she dug something in the pocket of her bodycon dress of hers (which did not even look like there was a pocket to begin with) and handed me the same chocolate as I brought her.

Taking it from her fingers, I pressed my hand on my lips and moved them forward to her. She did the same thing before giving me a glare. “You’re late, by the way.”

Before I started my explanation, I looked around and found that everybody was watching our interaction. Instinctively, I ignored them until my eyes landed on Rouge, the Vipers VP and one of my best friends, her feet already moving towards us to save me the embarrassing moment where I looked completely lost.

She stood beside me and I started to sign. “Sorry, my headphones broke and I could find my earphones for an hour. So, I had to buy some. That’s why I was late.”

Relaying my message, Cat nodded and then patted her fiancé’s shoulder. “Well, this is my boy—sorry, fiancé. Still getting used to it. Anyway, this is Snake. Snake, this is Echo. As you can see, a Vipers sister.”

Those dark eyes of her fiancé regarded me with a calculating one as he nodded. Obviously, though he had been in the clubhouse a couple of times, he had not met me and so he was wary of me. It was expected because I was also analyzing him. He was tall, towering over Cat’s frame but not so much when it came to me. I was taller than the woman, five eleven and all while he looked maybe about six-foot-two or maybe three.

He held out his hand to me and I merely stared at it, settling with giving him a nod. Cat pulled back his hand, interlacing their fingers, earning her a confused look from him and in response, she shook her head. I knew she would explain to her soon why I wasn’t one to touch people.

Nice to meet you,” I signed to which Rouge translated. Turning back to Cat, I gave a sad smile. “I’m also sorry that I’m not able to stay longer. You know me.”

Cat nodded understandingly. “I know. You agreed to be my bridesmaid anyway so I owe you. Go.”

Facing Rouge, she also gave me a nod. An approval. “Cricket already knows. Have everything ready by tomorrow, will you?”

With a wave of my fingers, I turned around and stalked backwards, pushing the doors open so that I would no longer feel the eyes that were on me. Taking a deep breath, I started to further walk, my feet never slowing down as I descended from the stairs.

Crowds were never my thing. It was no surprise that I was an introvert, seeing as how I was the only one that wanted nothing to leave. Though I knew that I should have been there for my friend’s engagement party, I simply couldn’t handle it. This deep, dark, big boiling in my stomach each time I would be somewhere with people whom I didn’t know was always overtaking me, keeping me from actually being friendly.

Sometimes I hated it. Other times, I was grateful for it. It was always a love and hate relationship.

The fresh air played with my straight blue hair and I breathed it in, accepting the smell of the grass beneath my combat boots and the trees that surrounded the place of their party. On many times, I did this back at the club house. Went out and smelled the air of nature. It was relaxing and not so much of a club member personality that one would expect from us.

Well, if one knew me, they would definitely expect it from me.

Pulling my head back and feeling the sun on my face for a few seconds, I returned to skip down onto my bike, listening into the beautiful melody of Clair de lune by Claude Debussy while I sped away.

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