Broken without You

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Sequel to Until I met you! “Jake, this is all some kind of a joke. Do you really--” I started to at least explain my side. “Save it, I want you to leave the house.” There was no emotion in his voice and he didn’t even meet my eyes. I stood there in shock. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe anything that was happening. Ashley thought that nothing could go wrong since her demons of the past were no longer a threat to her and she could lead a happy married life with Jake. But little did she know that something unexpected was going to happen turning her world upside down.

Romance / Erotica
Chaotic Soul
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Chapter 1

This book is a sequel to 'Until I Met You'. Please do read the first book to understand better. Thank you so much for all your support for the first book. I hope you like this one too.

Happy Reading!

“Baby, wake up!” I felt Jake nudging me and I pull the covers over my head, not wanting to wake up. I snuggled closer to him, feeling the warmth of his chest.

“Today is your finals and you need to be at the college in an hour.” He pulled my sheets and I woke up with a jerk. Shit! I was studying all night and slept at around 2 in the morning. This was all his fault.

“Ugh!! This is all your fault, Jake,” I jumped from the bed and ran into the bathroom like a lunatic.

“How is it my fault? You wanted to jump my bones all nights,” he chuckled and I let out a groan. He was right. I kept teasing and playing with him all day instead of studying. I took a quick shower and came out in a bathrobe. He tore his gaze from his phone and looked at me amusingly.

“It’s your fault, you look so damn hot that I want to jump your bones all the time.” I punched his arm and went to put on some clothes and he rolled in laughter.

“I’m enjoying this,” Of course, he would. I wore my black jeans and a hoodie, not bothering how I looked.

“I’m gonna be so late,” I whined, throwing my hair in a bun and took my bag.

“Bye,” I went to give him a quick kiss and he pulled me closer, deepening the kiss, making me go weak in my legs. I moaned as his tongue slipped into my mouth and I pulled back with all my strength.

"I'm already late Jake. What are you doing? I'm gonna kill you," I narrowed my eyes at him and he smirked.

"I didn't do anything." He battled his eyelashes innocently.

"You are not going to get any of this tonight," I threatened him, gesturing to my body and he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, sure! Didn't you say that yesterday?" he raised his eyebrows cockily. I couldn't argue with him as I always gave in to his touch and had no self-control when it came to him.

"Whatever, bye," I rushed out, not bothering to eat even though I was hungry. Soon, I was on my way to college, and Adam, his driver, was driving me as usual.

Today was my last day of college. Ever since we got engaged, I've been waiting for this day. I told him that we will set a date for the wedding after my graduation and now it was actually gonna happen. I was elated. We have been planning on the themes and decor for a while now. I remember how he asked my dad for his permission before proposing to me and smiled at the thought of it. He was really something else. My mom and dad were so happy for me. Emma was way ahead of me, already planning on the bridesmaid dresses. For the past year, I have been interning at a publishing company and was offered a permanent job. They asked me to start right after graduation. Things were pretty good at the moment. My entire life had changed for good. We were having so much fun together and it felt too good to be true.

“We are here, Ms.Albright.” Adam’s voice broke me from my trail of thoughts and I smiled at him.

“For the hundredth time, please call me Ashley.” He gave me a small laugh and drove away. I still had ten minutes to enter the exam hall and decided to grab something to drink. I bought a coffee and started sipping on it when my phone dinged indicating a text from Jake.

‘All the best, baby. Love you!’ I smiled at his text and quickly replied while finishing my coffee. After two hours, I came out of the hall feeling satisfied. The exam was pretty easy and I aced it. I took my phone from the bag, noticing a missed call from Emma and gave her a call immediately as I made my way towards the entrance of the building. She picked up in two rings.

“It’s party time, girl! You are finally done with college and we have to celebrate.” She screamed on the phone and I laughed. She hasn’t changed a bit.

“I would love too but I’m hungry as fuck so you better fix me some lunch and then we can party. I’ll be at your place in like 15 mins.”

“Alright, see ya!” She cut the call and I decided to take a cab instead of bothering Adam. On my way, I called Jake and it went straight to voicemail. I sent him a text saying that I was going to hang out with Emma and kept the phone in my bag. Once I reached her place, I got down from the cab and rang the doorbell.

“Coming,” she opened the door in a rush and there she stood in a black tank top and shorts. She looked really pretty with her blonde hair grown out till her hips.

"Your hair is longer. I love it, Em." I beamed as I entered the house.

“Yeah, I know. I’m making your favorite, lasagna.” She grinned and I hugged her. God! I missed her so much. She rarely comes to our house nowadays in order to avoid Austin. I had no idea what went down between them and I didn’t want to ask hoping she would tell me on her own. She still had one semester to graduate and was currently interning at a law firm.

“I miss you so much. You rarely come to our place.” I sighed and sat down on the kitchen counter. Everything looked the same since I moved out of this house. After her break up with Justin, she moved back into her grandmother's house.

“I missed you too, Ash. I’m just busy with law school and internship.” She pouted and placed a plate in front of me and I started eating. It was delicious as always.

“Woah! Slow down, tiger.” She chuckled and I rolled my eyes at her.

“I keep eating a lot nowadays and I’m always hungry, Em. I hope I don’t get fat.” She narrowed her eyes at me and I looked at her in confusion.

“What?” I asked her with a mouthful of food

“When was your last period?” I scrunched my eyebrows at her question and my eyes widened when I understood what she might be on to. I realized that my period was late. Fuck! Was it possible? Could I be pregnant? My mind went blank.

“I’m late, Em. Fuck! Do you think I might be pregnant? What do I do if I am pregnant? I'm on the pill, Em. It's not possible. I still have graduation and I’m supposed to get married. I have to work. I can’t do anything if I’m pregnant. Heck! I don’t think I’ll be a good mom. I don’t know anything about this.” I started to panic and kept on rambling. She came over to me and held my shoulders.

“Babe, pills are not one hundred percent effective. We don’t know for sure and so what if you are pregnant? You have an amazing boyfriend. It’s not like you are going to be alone in this and you can do everything, pregnant or not. I know how strong you are. So stop panicking.” She assured me and I tried to breathe, nodding my head, even though a million thoughts were running through my mind. What would Jake say if I’m pregnant? Will he be excited or panic and tell me to abort it? I shook my head, pushing away the negative thoughts and decided to take one step at a time.

“So we need to buy a pregnancy kit to be sure,” I stated as my palms were starting to sweat and I kept rubbing them on my jeans.

“Already on it, I’m going to the store. I’ll be back in ten.” She rushed out of the door and I sank into the seat holding my head in frustration. This wasn’t the plan. I really didn’t want to be pregnant. I wasn’t ready for it. I was only 23 for fuck sake. I continued to eat silently as I was hungry. She came back in 10 minutes like she promised and we both went to the bathroom. I peeled open the kit with shaking hands and kept blowing air through my mouth.

“Alright, now sit and pee on the stick. We will know the results after 2 mins. I’m so excited,” She grinned.

“Should I tell Jake?”

“What if it’s negative? Let’s not worry him. Moreover you can’t be sure with one test though. If this one is positive, you can take another test with him.” I nodded and she went outside. After peeing on the stick, I came out and she set the timer to two minutes. I started pacing around and it was the longest two minutes of my life.

“It’s gonna be alright Ash, I’m gonna be there for you. Who else is going to be the godmother of your baby?” she smiled and squeezed my hands. The timer dinged and we both turned towards the stick. I picked it up with shaking hands and looked at it. All I could see were two red lines staring back at me.

“I'm pregnant,” The words slipped out of my mouth in a soft whisper.

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