In the mines

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A story about a woman and her fiancee who works in a mine

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In the mines

I knew he was upset, because for dinner he had eaten simmered salted lettuce, macaroni and pasta mixture and some nasturtium salad, a meal eaten on brunches and not suitable for a hard day labourer at a gold mine like my husband, Steve. Steve works at Napoe gold mines at Jair. He's an early bird and cycles to work by six in the morning,to a mine, which is miles and miles away and return home at dusk. Although he is not paid handsomely, he loves his work and he enjoys doing it. I've insisted on several occasions, that I drive him to work, but he says that, that's what makes him stronger and edgy as he is, of course apart from visiting the gym with me during the weekends. What I did was unforgivable but it was worth it.

I recently realised that he had started to shift his attention, he would come home extra tired and asked for dinner and went to bed immediately. I brushed it off and assumed that they had reached the hardest of rocks to break and maybe that was the reason as to why he was so tired at the end of the day. One of the afternoons, my senior, Mr Rakesh Sranka, asked me to visit the mine, unexpectedly to check on the soil pH and it's structure as the work continued, since I am a geologist in his firm, Sundabest investments, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to watch my man do the work that he is most passionate about. So I drove to the mine, parked under a shade and walked to the cliff so that I could get an aerial view of the place before I could go check the underground. I spotted the love of my life from a far. His wide chest bare with his dark hairs sprinkled on it, just the way I liked it even when we do chores together at home, his shoulders high and his long black curly hair held in a pony tail, he's square jaw graced with well shaved beard. He looked so attractive and sexy I felt like flying into his arms right away but we were far apart and he didn't know that I was around anyway. He stood out of all the workers there and more so he looked like he was out of place, maybe he was to be a model or a celebrity. His physique was astonishing and it made me sag with the urge of making him come home with me, make love at the back sit of the rover and smile and keep on kissing till we reach home.
Suddenly a young lady appeared from nowhere, long wavy blonde hair, in a booty shot with her blouse tied in a knot just above her belly button, her slender legs moving just like a cat's does. A metallic tray on her right hand hand with several cups on it, and a metallic flask on the other. She came straight to Steve, I felt some rage build in me, I felt so insecure but I wanted to see more for myself. She then touched his bare chest lightly and giggled, a cold chill ran down my spine I wanted to pounce on her, because that was the same way I touch him everyday with him while we are playing and making love, but I wanted to see his reaction that was what mattered to me the most. I understood the fact that the lady had to lure men into buying her food by doing all the nasty stuff that she could do. All the workers were not as interested as I was, it seemed to me that they were used to it and it was nothing strange to them. Surprisingly Steve didn't move an inch away, he smiled and took one of the cups from the tray, allowed the girl give him a peck and poured him whatever that was. He then went to sit down and the girl followed him and sat on his laps, I felt like my breathe was getting hotter than usual, my blood making its errands so fast, my adrenaline filling my brain so fast that I thought my head was going to burst. I couldn't believe my eyes, I felt dizzy, everything crowded my mind, uncertain of where I had stepped, I move backwards till I reached my car, drove home as fast as I could. I reached home so weary I took my shoes off and laid on the coach. I knew that I could do something crazy but took hold of the situation calmed down and waited for him to arrive home. I had to prepare dinner but under my terms and not his. Then I prepared the lettuce and pasta instead of the usual garnished sweet potatoes, baked corn and a plate of beef stew seasoned with ginger, Cheyenne and coriander leaves the way he likes it on Wednesdays. He returned home, as usual he kissed me, and went in to take a shower before settling for dinner. I was burning inside all my anger almost in eruption just like an active volcano would be.He ate the meal without questioning me verbally but stealing glances at me as if waiting for me to redeem myself, but this time round I was hot headed, continued using my phone and ignored his presence. He even cleared his throat and called out, " Babe!Hey babe!". But into stone I really was turned into. From the lines on his face I knew that he was angry, that's what I wanted to achieve but on the other side he didn't know why I was so mad at him. He cleared his plate then came and sat by my side. My tears were all in an uproar wanting to gush out and tell him how what he did earlier really upset me, but the fact that he didn't realize that I was around would just make it worse. So he held my hand and forced my phone out of my hand. His hands were warm, I wanted those hands to fill every part of my body but that stubborn thought that somebody else was in his arms, made me want to runaway and go very far."Babe what's going on?" he asked.
I didn't wanna say it, but the pressure in the inside got me spilling everything just like a parrot would. Tears came rolling down my cheeks just to clear my story with it's signature. He shook his head in disbelief and looked into my bloodshot eyes and said, " That's my niece Sage, there's nothing going on between us".
I didn't believe it at first, I questioned why she had touched his stomach earlier in a romantic way, and he said that, she likes playing with it and making jokes out of it. It wasn't convincing but I had to believe my man. He then showed me a picture of him, his sister and her husband and that same face that I saw down the cliff earlier. I asked him not to be so inviting to her, because it might give the wrong message. He wiped my tears, kissed my forehead and carried me into his arms, and apologized again and again until we reached our bedroom. And we made love as if nothing ever happened.

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