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From a small town to a big city, leaving her whole life behind her, living with her dad and his new family, mum in rehab. This new life was supposed to be temporary, her plan wasn't to make great friends or fall in love but that's not how life works does it? Read to find out more, I promise it will be worth your while. A must-read ⭐

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Leaving everything behind is not easy, family, friends, perfect life, not like my life was easy, to begin with anyway. People liked me here in Queensland, Australia, it was perfect for a girl like me. I was always seen as special because I was biracial and my parents were also biracial, you see my mum had a Hispanic and black decent while my dad having an Australian and Italian descent.

We lived happily in Australia until mum started drinking, dad was fed up, asked for a divorce which mum signed willingly. The divorce pushed her back to that same dark state and my mum was no longer the mum I used to know. Dad got a new job moving him to Seattle and I was left picking the pieces.

Three years after the divorce, dad's already getting married to his girlfriend and asked me to come to his wedding, I said a big fat no, of course, I wasn't going to see him or his "whore" ever in my life, or so I thought. Mum couldn't get a job because her "drinking problem" was getting worse and when grandpaw died, she couldn't handle the depression. I always thought her as selfish, she was never there for me and some times I wished she wasn't my mother.

She let me go to parties, bring boys home and drink though I was underage, she never stopped me, I was just a mistake, after all, a mistake that tired her to her boyfriend years ago, a mistake that she wished she could erase with an eraser. She was never a good mum but she let me live a free life.

The day she decided to go to rehab was the best day of my life, I secretly hoped that she would go and come back better and willing to try to be a good mum. I thought that I would live by myself and grandma would come to check up on me once in a while but that wasn't the case. What I was always dreading happened, I was moving to Seattle and grandma was in on it, she said that it was illegal to leave a sixteen-year-old at home alone and grandma was getting old so she can't take care of me while she is away.

That day I planned to run away with my boyfriend Jack but my mum knew me more than I knew myself and was at jacks house before I got there, she then sat me down and talked me into going to Seattle, saying that I could be the one to teach my stepmother a lesson, she told me to remember that she was the evil mother and I was the bad cinderella and that no woman will hurt me.

She apologized for not being there for me and said she was a free-range parent, she would let me roam free in order for me to learn to live my life freely and learn from my mistakes. I hugged her and realized that I do love her admits her flaws and mistakes, she would always be my weird biracial mother.

I flew solo as a minor and got to Seattle in time. Seattle was a big beautiful city, living near the beach we had small houses around but Seattle was a big city, everyone moved around, harsh looks on their faces, it was surreal. Everyone I talked to looked at me funny, It wasn't what I was wearing because I looked fabulous in it, it was because of the way I talked. The strong Australian accent got me smiles from some of those harsh faces.

"Hey darling" I heard someone call out walking towards my direction. The smile on my face turned into a frown, Seattle may be beautiful but damn I had to live with people I don't know and probably will despise.

"Howdy?" I said trying to imitate the Americans I've seen in movies.

"You've got the wrong state Livia," he said laughing

"hi, how are you will be fine" he added

"Hi, how are you?" I asked embarrassed

"I'm fine, how was your flight honey?"

"Fine," I said coldly

He got the message and stopped asking me questions and helped me with my bag.

This is my new life, isn't it? Thank God is temporary or so I thought. Olivia Taylor, this is your world I said to myself before entering my dad's car, I still don't like the way dad sounded in my head.


This is my new teen Fiction book, I will be updating four times a week for free, I also have the finished book that I'm publishing on Amazon. If you want a hard copy or want the whole book at once, stay tuned.

This is just the preview of the book to show you guys how moving to another part of the world feels like at first and how to cope. I also moved from one country to another because of my mum's new job and I know how that feels, this story is fictional, if it relates to you it's by coincidence, without further ado, enjoy and leave comments for me down below.

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