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This is a story of three teenage girls Brooklyn,Zhaya and Evelyn and about the strange things that happens in their school as a new girl comes to their class............

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Evelyn was admitted in hospital because of a mild fever for almost one week.
Suddenly she heard a voice out from the door."Hey Evelyn we are here!".It was her besties, Brooklyn and Zhaya . "Hey dudes finally you girls are here", said Evelyn."Yeah we missed you so much Evey",said Brooklyn. "Aww missed you too!",added Evelyn."Girls i need to take some medicines from the pharmacy for Evelyn,you girls will be here right?" asked Evelyn's mother."Yes aunty till my father arrives",said Zhaya, Evelyn's mother nodded and went to pharmacy to take medicines."Come on girls tell me all things happened in school these days", asked Evelyn."Yeah coming to that,so many things happened in school",replied Brooklyn. "Bexly and Davin broke!" said Zhaya. "Really!they were the best couples how did that happen?' asked Evelyn." Bexly cheated on Davin. She was having a crush one Evan since freshman days and Bexly proposed Evan secratly and he accepted it, Bexly thought Davin will never knew about it but somehow he came to know",explained Brooklyn. "Ohh Bexly was so rude to Davin. Whats next?" asked Evelyn." NEXT? Evan and Bexly joined, Bexly was such a drama queen at first she convinced Davin by telling some lies but at last everything went against her",said Zhaya. "ohh poor Davin, how is the new couple now?" asked Evelyn."They are super happy now but I am sure Bexly will cheat Evan when she find a better person", said Brooklyn. "ya thats true!" added Evelyn. Bexly was their enimie from years.They continued talking about so many things that happened in school,while Evelyn's mother retured from the pharmacy." Honey you have so many medicines this time "said Evelyn's mother." oh no i don't wanna eat them "replied Evelyn with a disgusting look. Suddenly Zhaya's phone rang. It was her dad for picking both of them. "OK Evelyn my dad is here have to go" said Zhaya. "ohh you girls are leaving?" asked Evelyn. "yeah Evey we have to, see u soon at school" said Brooklyn and they both left
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