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When Anni fall in love with his class most popular bad boy who seems to hate her and have no feelings for her Will she forget her or will she change his feelings for her?

Romance / Drama
Ishika Ghosh
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It was the first day of my new school . My dad has a transferable job and we had to move to new places in each two years . I was seven years old , when my mother passed away due to cancer . It's still now made me feel a little upset . My father and me : this was my whole world . You see till this date i was homeschooled because of the shifting and this was my very first beginning to school .

The building was rather very big and I was really freaked out cause in my whole life I literally just don't have a bst friend or any other companion . Sound wierd right , but it's true , until I met her : Erica . She was a total opposite to me . She was a energetic and cheerful person whereas I was an introvert . But it doesn't ruined our friendship it quite made a bond between us.

So , when we were heading towards our first class I saw him : My prince charming . Seriously , he was though ; he has red emerald colour eyes and his hair was thick black but it made him really attractive . When Erica saw me looking at him like an stupid dumbo , she grabbed my arm and didn't loosen her grip until we reached the washroom . She was looking at me with horrified eyes and shouted at me by saying ,"what are you looking at that guy ". I claimly said ," Hey what's happened , he seems cute right ?"

She said ,"I know he's attractive but girl ...uhhh..umm.."

I said ,"Just say it right now "

She said ," Ok.... He's our class most popular bad guy popular I mean ...... really popular"

"So what" I said ,"I know what popularity means I was also a popular girl in my previous school .... So what? "

We discussed about this the whole day and when she didn't find any other better reason she revealed the truth . She said ,"Richard is my boyfriend and we are dating for the past three years now ". I was shocked and with my trembling voice I said ,"What.... Richard is your?"

She said,"Boyfriend...... because of that I never really had a best friend and when I saw you I knew that after seeing him you will be attracted towards him too and that's why I was telling you all the rubbish things so that I could save our friendship.....phew....... that's all". I was astonished by her words and was thinking that on the very first day of my school I feel in love with my friend's hot boyfriend. I feel like I was drowned into depression and then when I saw her face I just throw my stupidity out of my head and said,"Hey no worries ....he seems cute but I'm not really attracted towards him" after I finished my statement she grabbed me and gave me a big hug , very tightly . She whispered into my ears," you are the very first best friend of mine and thank you for understanding me " . She left me and was smiling looking at me .

Then I said ," but for grabbing my arm I will give you a punishment : you have to give me a treat of ice - cream ", she agreed and we headed back towards our class . But I still haven't forgotten about Richard , he was really very handsome and I really wanted him very badly but not at a price of my friendship so I decided to not think about him and headed to our first class and that's how my first meeting with him ended up.........

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