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Men in Black

Beth's POV

Kate was still sleeping her room while I was planning to escape. And I know this is not going to be easy.

But nothing is easy.

I sneaked out of my room, carefully, not wanting to wake her up. With my light steps, I got near shopping bags in the living area.

I need to pack for my few days of survival.

I searched across the shopping bags and found two school bags. One black and the other is pink.

Must be for kids.

I felt the black bag was suitable for my escape. I packed 2 pairs of jeans, t-shirts and underwear.

I don't need much. Easy to run.

Finally, a light bed sheet and a jacket with a few packed food, I was ready to leave.


But before leaving, I needed to see Kate. I went to the door of her room and tried to open it but it was locked.

I guess, not today then.

Finally, I gave up a little hope that I had for us.

I tried to inhale her perfume for my memory. For the sake of our good time. When we were good. Like sisters but it's all gone now.

With a small smile for the hope of new life I left.

I don't have any plan. Where I'll be living? Where I am going? Or even the place? I know nothing about it. But at least I need to try.

Using elevator was out of option. It must have CCTV camera. So I took the stairs.

With every step, I knew one thing that I will not go back to that hell.

My first target was to leave this hotel and hide somewhere, as I don't have money to take the bus.

Stealing is not my thing.

I use all my strength to reach the ground floor and with confidence, I walked towards the door. But I bumped into something.

Actually, it's someone.

It's someone's arm. I fell backwards but luckily my backpack saves me with any severe damage.

"Watch out. Senorita." He gave me hand to stand up but I stood before he could offer.

I don't like being touched. Especially by men.

"Need help Senorita?" He asked again.

My heartbeat increased when I looked at him. Oh god! He is the same man that was present that day with Sylvia's father.

Even that day he wore black. Black cargo with black full sleeve t-shirt and black gloves. But today he has guns on both sides of his belt.

"Victor, inform Mrs Rossi about her guest in the lobby." It was an order from the voice I knew which doesn't need any introduction.

It was Sylvia's father.

I preferred not to turn around and decided to keep my plan on. I continued to walk straight to the door that led to outside.

"August." His tone was commanding.

Is this the month of August?

Another man in black was standing in front of me. A quite younger one.

"Miss you going wrong." This younger man led me inside.

I noticed that Sylvia's father was again in all black with guns on both sides of his belt. He looked well equipped today with a set of microphone and black gloves. Like he's ready to fight.

But today, even with his patchy white hairs, stubble, scars he looked fresh.

Sylvia must be fine. That's why he looked fresh.

He even had a digital big-screen watch on his hand instead of a normal watch. He was doing something while speaking on his microphone.

I feel this is his work attire.

What is his job?

He ordered the younger man, August to be by side till Mrs Rossi arrives.

Other than that no one said a single word to me.

I was sitting on the sofa in the lobby with my bag pack waiting for Kate to arrive.

I want to be out of this area. It suffocates me. It contains a lot of men.

All men in black.

It was already morning when Kate came. She look worried. She walk as fast as she could with her swollen feet and hugged me.

Even I was scared. I wanted to hug her but I couldn't.

"Thank god. You are here." She sounds relieved. " Thank you, Mark." She said to Sylvia's father.

He nodded while staring at me with his hazel eyes. His mysterious hazel eyes.

Now, I know his name is Mark.

"I know, you were trying to escape." She whispered as she sat beside me in the car."No one will hurt you."

Empty words.

"Eli needs her mother. You both deserve each other." She was begging me.

I couldn't reply to her. I just sat beside her looking at my fingers which are 7 in numbers now.

Tears escaped my eyes. I was crying. For me. For my Vicky. For my babies.

I tried hard to control myself but I failed. Like every time.

But I was sure that I won't be giving up. And this time I will start a new life with my Elizabeth far from here.

All because of those men in black. They subconsciously bought me more time.

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