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Beth POV

I was hiding in the walk-in closet full of Valerio' clothes. This is my safe-heaven from past few months.

I am not aware of time, day, date or even months.

I wasn't sure if they would let me live after delivery.

This is my usual routine to use his walk-in closet to hide and feel my baby moving.

Somewhere, I feel they are not heartless. They wouldn't take my baby away.

"How was the day, mommy?" Valerio was linning against the door.

His presence is the bad news. I was so scared that I tried to cover my baby bump.

This is was not acceptable to him. He aggressively pulled my forearm, dragged me to the room.

To punish me.

I was trembling with fear when he made me sit on the edge of the bed.

No matter how many time, he interacts with sexual or other words rapes me, every time it pains the same as the first time.

He took off his shirt and pant, staring at me with his dilated eyes, full of lust now.

While taking off his wristwatch, he orders me to take the only piece of cloth I have. My knee-length t-shirt. Actually his t-shirt.

As I took off the t-shirt. He attacked me and thrust into my vagina like an animal.

But he made sure that the baby was ok.

His every move was painful. I cried. I pushed him but he overpowered me.

When he was finished with me, he called me names.

Slut, whore, bitch.

I couldn't register his most of words. My focus was on my lower stomach area. It was still paining. Actually, it has a weird sensation along with pain. And now it was paining more than ever.

It was my high pitched yelped that got his attention.

I caught my stomach as I feel something wet. He looked at my thighs and touched it.

He cupped my face with a horrified expression and assure me that everything would be fine.

Due to pain, I couldn't focus on anything. I was clothed again and when I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital room.

Valerio was wiping my sweat. He was caring for me.

"Save my baby." It was audible enough for Valerio.

"Everything is fine." He replied. "Relax. Have patience. Just don't pass out." His voice was full of concern.

I was terrified.

What if I lose my baby?

"Ok. Miss, on my count, start pushing." Doctor said.

With her command, I started pushing. It was hard. Intolerable pain. But I know, once my baby is out, everything would be fine.

When I heard my baby wailing, I wanted to look but I was exhausted. I closed my eyes with satisfaction. But before I could sleep, I think I heard Valerio appreciating me.

"Mommy?" I heard a sweet voice calling. "Mommy." This time the voice touched me.

I opened my eyes to find the most beautiful blue curious eyes staring at me.

"Bad dreams?" Little Eli asked.

I hold her tiny hands and kissed them. She giggled and snuggled into me tight.

"No bad dream. Papa. Help you." She helped me to get out of the car. "PParis" (Promise)

"You must rest for a while." Kate was trying to get out of the car and Elijah was helping her.

I must have fallen asleep while travelling. And for me, sleeping means to relive my misery.

I get to live my past whenever I sleep.

Eli took me to her room. This kid is really active.

The theme of her room was pink and star theme. Same was my room back at home.

Kate knew this.

Shopping bags were in the room and I took a steamy bath.

Once I am settled in Eli's room. I was given a full update of her favourite colour, cake, or even a teddy bear.

My baby is too innocent. Full of dreams.

"You shouldn't talk to her," Elijah said without looking at us. He was concentrating on his plate as we are having our dinner.

"Why?" Eli was confused.

"Because she's dump dump." He shrugged off.

"Who said that?" Kate was shocked.

"Zio." He said with the expression as if everyone knows that. This is a sign of a Rossi.


Eli got furious. She threw her spoon on the floor and hugged me as if she leaves me, I would disappear.

"Mommy. No dump dump." She screamed at him.

"She is." He challenged her.

"Behave." Kate interfere. "Apologies to them."

A Rossi would never admit the mistake. He dropped his spoon on the plate and run away shouting "dump dump" furiously.

My baby was sad. She's crying. She repeated "no dump dump. Mommy"

I kissed her forehead and caressed her cheeks.

Eli is too young to for all this.

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