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Welcome him back

Beth's POV

It's been 2 weeks that I am here. Valerio and Antonio, both are not here, yet.

Waking up to get Eli ready for school, waiting for her, helping her with homework, painting, combing her hairs. This is all I have been doing.

She's my favourite.

But I am not in the good book of Elijah. I tried to be his friend but every time he calls me dump dump.

He said that he is angry with me. He believes the reason for the punishment that he got from Kate was me and he is determined to complain about me to Valerio. He would definitely make sure that I received my punishment. Because a ROSSI always keeps the promise.

Innocent kid doesn't know about Valerio's punishment.

Sometimes he would play pranks by declaring the arrival of Valerio.

Valerie would be arriving shortly. It's inevitable. And he would abuse me all the way possible.

Physically, sexually and even Mentally.

"Mrs Rossi is in labour. She's asking for you." A maid told me.

I was processing her statement but when I heard Kate screaming, I realised the seriousness of the situation.

Oh, God!



Kate is about to deliver the baby.

I followed the voice. She really needed me by her side.

"We don't have fine to take her to the hospital. But doctors are on the way." An old lady said when I entered the room.

"Beth, I want you to name my daughter." Kate was panting. "Just like Ava."

"Kate, calm down." I hold her hand. "Is everything ok?" I asked the old lady.

"Yes, she's just 2 weeks early."

Soon, the bedroom was filled with the team of doctors and nurses along with the required equipment.

This reminds me of my first delivery when I gave birth to Eli.

"Mrs Rossi, push on my count." Doctor said.

Kate look tired yet she didn't give up and it felt like an eternity until the wailing of a baby girl filled the room.

When I held the baby, I could see Ava in her. No doubt she's her baby sister. Same brown eyes, black hairs.

I am the lucky one to hold her first.

"Miss, we need to clean her. You must clean yourself as well. Mrs Rossi would demand your presence later." The old lady took the baby.

"Mommy. Papa." Eli dragged to stair when I reached her room.

I found Valerio standing with all his glory in the drawing-room. Our presence caught his attention from his call.

I could feel his piercing brown eyes, his dark aura even though I was standing far from him.

If we could have met under normal circumstances, I would have definitely fallen for him. Hard.

But I know him.

The younger Rossi. Valerio Rossi. The monster beneath this business suit was capable of killing anyone without thinking twice.

Mafia Prince.

Eli ran to him as he walked towards us all the way.

He didn't remove his eyes from me as if he was analysing my moves.

His eyes were fixed at me like I am his next victim.

"Mommy." Eli pulled him towards me.

"Shouldn't you welcome me back?" He invaded my space. "Mommy?"

"If anything happens to my wife or my daughter. You would regret." Antonio was standing behind Valerio.

"Mommy?" Valerie mocked.

"Welcome home," I whispered.

"Finally, I am home." He hugged me.

Eli jumped for joy and hugged us. But as I reek of blood and sweat she gave 'Ewwww' look and ran away.

Antonio's POV

“Kate?” I found my tired wife holding my baby.

“We have a beautiful daughter.” She said with tears in her eyes. “I miss my Ava. She looks so much like her.”

“You have to get pregnant again. I want to witness the birth of our child.”

“We have plenty of time.”

I walked to my wife and saw my daughter for the first time. I regret everything I did to Kate and my children. I was such a fool to leave them and now, this new revelation will change everything. Valerio was furious about my lie. Now, I am sure Kate will make me sleep on the couch for weeks. Maybe months.

“Is everything OK?” She asked.

“Do you love me?”

“More than you could imagine.” She looked at me with so much love.

“Even after what happened to Beth?”

“We both did this to her.” Her reply gave me the strength to confess her the news.

“Ava is alive,” I told her. “Rogers offered a deal.”

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