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Back to Him

Warning: mature content

Beth's POV

My daughter owns more clothes than I ever had. Packing her clothes is not the job of one person.

"You must change. We are in the car, waiting for you." Valerio took Eli with him.

We are going to his house. He usually leaves Eli with Kate whenever he goes for any business trip otherwise he makes sure to spend most of his time with Eli.

This was new to me. I cannot believe that Valerio has a caring side. He never cared about me. Not even when I was pregnant and needed him the most.

I had to ask again Nancy about this who is Eli's babysitter.

I think Nancy likes Valerio.

Who wouldn't?

Of course, those who doesn't know what he does.

Nancy seemed a sweet girl who looked jealous of me. There's nothing special about me. But she likes him and I am Eli's mother. So she thinks we are a couple.

Innocent soul.

I changed and packed my suitcase as well. But soon I'll not be having any clothes because I am going back to him.


But I witnessed the wonderful interaction of a father and daughter while sitting in a car with them.

Eli was as usual being Eli. She was updating her father about whatever she did with me. She definitely missed me. Even though she never met me but she craved for me.

"You can walk back here anytime. We don't live afar." Valerio passed me, my daughter.

I don't like him staring at me. He's ruining my moments with my daughter by starting at us.

"What would you name her?" He was still staring at my daughter who was busy with my hairs.

I think I should stop braiding my hair. She likes it open.

"Little bird told me that her Zia wants mommy to name the little girl." He chuckled.

Eli giggled. And we reached our destination.

"Answer. Mommy." His voice had a threat.

"I don't know."

"Don't wait for me." He leaned to kiss Eli's forehead.

He is in my personal space. I closed my eyes. I couldn't accept him near me so I opened the door.

"Get out." With these last words, he left us.

Still, I could feel his eye. I saw him looking at us.

After getting fresh and having dinner. I slept with Eli in her room. But there's something that was bothering me.

It stinks here. Darkness is everywhere. Nothing is visible. I am thirsty and tired. But I have to keep myself awake for my baby. I am not strong enough to lose another baby.

All I could be pray that Antonio would be nice to my first baby.

I felt pain. It seems this baby is about to arrive soon. But if I make any sound, they would know that I am about to deliver, and would take this baby too.

My hands are paining as well. It has not been long since those people have been cut off my thumb and with every passing time, I feel this pain intensifying.

"Baby, please. I need you." I whispered to my second baby, who is about to born.

This is going to be the longest hours of my life. But all the pain was worth it when I heard my baby crying.

I wished to hold it but I couldn't move. I just lay there and gazed at the dark. I was too tired to even breathe.

A noise caught my attention and I looked to the only source of light that arrived with the noise. However, that light brought the dark.

I looked around and found myself in a different room.

It's definitely a master bedroom. Like a royal room.


This thought made me realize that what was waiting for me.

"Welcome back." He was sitting in the dark on a chair. "I need to finish some important business desperately." He walked to the bed. "And I need your assistance." He licked his lips.

He caught my ankle and pulled me towards him.

I cried when I found myself under him. I don't like that pain. Humiliation.

"Whoever gave you this scar will pay." He kissed my jaw.

After collecting my strength, I pushed him. But nothing worked. He is powerful. Giant.

"Stopped resisting." He kissed my neck with hunger. "You need to learn how to surrender." His eyes were dark with lust. "Only to me."

He tore my gown making me naked as I wore nothing beneath it except my panties and assaulted my valley of the breast. He was sucking my left breast and was kneading the right one. He used another hand to hold me tight around my waist.

I could feel his teeth and tongue on me. Even his junior was hungry.

He got up and went somewhere. I guess, my pleas worked and was ready to leave, but he was back with a handcuff to tie me.

"Please. Don't do this me." I was begging him.

He was so annoyed that he gripped my jaw and kissed me. I couldn't do anything for me.

I witnessed him undressing himself. He took off my panties and caressed my womanhood. He rubbed my clitoris furiously.

I could feel the pressure building inside. This feeling was foreign to me. Despite being in whore house for years, no one did this me.

"You will love it." He sounds desperate and enter into me with a moan.

"Please. I don't want this." I tried to control my moan.

He's gentle.

Oh, God.

This was less painful now. He leaned and kissed me gently. Exploring my mouth and started moving, slowly. With Sensual.

With his slow moves, he was grinding inside me. His wet kisses over my chest, neck were arousing. His gentle moves turned into hard moves with my moans. His kisses became demanding.

This foreign feels were weird. A good weird. I never thought, Valerio would make me feel good. So good.

Everything inside me stopped with a knock. But nothing stopped Valerio. His actions declared his determination. He didn't stop.

Soon, I could feel him deeper and my heartbeat boosted. I tightened my grip of the leg around his waist. This encouraged him. And he kissed me like, there's no tomorrow.

"Mr Rossi asked for you." It sounds like an old man.

"I have a business to finish." He shouted but didn't stop. "You are my business." He whispered in my ear. And I felt my cheeks going red.

"You can have her some other time." It was Antonio. "Or someone else can finish your business. Trust me, brother."

Valerio stopped. And kissed me with passion. He dressed himself with casual clothes and freed me before leaving.

"I'll be back." He said.

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