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Beth POV

I hope everything is fine with Nancy. They had sex and this was the reason she didn't like me.

She dreamt of a future with him.

“Mommy, why do you have these?” I felt Eli's touch on my breast.

Being just in my pyjamas without any t-shirt with Eli, drying her hairs with towels after our relaxing bath is not something I would prefer but I had no choice as my t-shirt and bra was soaked by my daughter.

She didn't seem to be affected by my scars as if it doesn't matter to her. She tried to touch my breast again.

“They are breast.” Valerio walked towards us.

“Why she has these?” While she asked him, I tried to cover myself from his lusty eyes.

“Because she's a woman. You can touch it.” He encouraged her.

“No.” I stopped her. “No one can touch your body without your permission. It's a bad manner.” I informed her. “If you are not comfortable with anyone's touch then you must not allow them.”

“What if they still do?” God! She asks too many questions. Curiosity.

“Then it's a bad touch.” I glared Valerio and he smirked in reply. “You must inform an adult.”

“Then Roman gave me bad touch.” Her cheeks turned red.


That same man who was there when I was raped for the first time by Valerio.

“Where did he touch you?” This was Valerio as I couldn't speak.

My daughter is definitely not safe here. We need to escape from here. I have to protect her.

“Princess, when did he touch you?” He asked.

Instead of answer his question, she hugged me tight.

“I am not a bad girl.” She muttered.

“No baby. You are a good girl.” At this moment, modesty was my least concern. So didn't try to cover myself and hugged her. “Tell us.”

“He said that I look like her and when I grow up, he will love me.” She touched my breast again. “I want these.”

“Unfortunately, not now, princess.” He took her hand to go out of the bathroom. “He will regret it.” He whispered to me.

After our bathing time conversation, Valerio was not available. I know, he's angry, and I am afraid that he would take it out on me.

He becomes hades when he's furious.

“Mommy, il Romano fa paura.” Eli was drawing. (Mommy, Roman is scary.)

“I am sorry but I don't know Italian.” I gave her a yellow colour crayon.

Right now, we are sitting in the garden on a blanket with our picnic basket. We had to take our lunch without him. When Eli called him, he didn't receive the call.

“How about a movie night?” Valerio settled down.

As a reply he got my daughter's scoffed. How does she know how to throw a tantrum?

“Mommy, will you tell the princess that papa is sorry.”, He had a proud smile.

I nod. I don't why, but he has the ability to take my words every time. “Eli?” I called her.

“Mommy, I want to watch Frozen.” She smiled with innocence as if she never listened to him and was just suggesting us to watch the movie.

“After dinner?” I asked her.

He chuckled when Eli ran away with her drawing book. She's smart enough to know that her father will surely apologize to her.

“We are going to meet Kate tomorrow. Have you thought about any name?” He was looking at my cleavage.

“You shouldn't teach her that.” I tried to cover myself from him.

How could he lust over my breast when I have so many heinous scars?

“She will eventually know about that body part is called breast.” His hoarse voice made me uncomfortable. “How about you tell me other types of touch tonight?”

“I am not leaving my daughter alone. I don't trust the people here.” I glared him.

“Feisty.” He smirked. “I was making sure the safety of my daughter the whole day.” He looked at Eli who was running with her drawing book. “No one will ever touch her.”

“What did you do?”

“The right thing.” He seemed proud.


He gave me an evil smile that caused me to shiver. This was something I should have accepted but I couldn't get used to it.

“We can prepare dinner together. Think of a proper name for the new Rossi.” He collected the basket, blanket and went inside following Eli.

After our dinner and movie night, I got paranoid. It was difficult to accept the fact that Roman has been taken care of. No doubt, Valerio must have done something about him but I know that we are in mafia house, where men like Roman lives.

What about others?

“Have you checked the windows and doors?” He nodded. “Do you have a baby monitor?” He showed me the speaker. “I think I should be with be her. Good night.” I reached to the door.

“You don't have to worry right now.” He pulled me gently. “All you have to worry about me.” He took me to bed in bridal style. “I told you to wear a black gown.” He threw me on the bed. “Well, you look edible in purple pyjama as well.” He took off his t-shirt. “Kate has a good taste. You should go shopping with her again.”

He smelled me but his intimacy was too uncomfortable for me. I turned my face when he leans to kiss my lips.

“I am tired.” I tried to push him away.

“Even I am tired. How about we finish last night task?” He kissed my jaw.

“Um mm... Tomorrow we have to attend ......ouch.” I felt his teeth on my collar bones. “Stop... hurts.” I begged him.

“Everything is fine.” With his words, he tore my shirt and toss it somewhere. “I want my smell on you tomorrow.” He grabbed my jaw and kissed me raw.

I pushed him. Nothing happened. I punched him. Yet no effect. I scratched him. No result.

I couldn't match his pace kissing. His kisses were more demanding.

“Don't wear a bra at night.” He said and went down on my neck with his kiss. He wasn't kissing, he was biting. Hickey. But it hurts. “I'll mark each and every part of you.”

I could feel my tears threatening him to escape, but he had no effect. I was wrong about him. He's the same ruthless Valerio Rossi.

When he got up to remove to took off my bra, I took it as a chance to escape but I failed as he grabbed my feet and dragged me to my previous position. Under him.

I struggled quietly because I don't want my daughter to witness this. This act of mine was not at all acceptable by him. So he


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