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Beth's POV

He said I turned his mood off. He couldn't control himself and it was my fault that I denied him. He didn't rape me last night however he surely gave me a lesson to learn.

He punched me and left me after I lost my conscious.

His hit was so hard that even after the massage, painkiller, it still hurts. Even drinking water is difficult as my throat pains.

“Don't leave the house,” Valerio warned me. He's ready in his another navy business suit. “Don't take off that ring. AT ANY COST.” He glared me. “That's our engagement ring.” He kissed Eli's head. “Be a good girl to Mommy.” He said to her.

“Make sure she's safe.” This is for me.

After he left, Eli left for school as well. But we were supposed to visit Kate. Now, I am alone.

“Miss, these are the book that Mr Rossi asked for.” Thomas gave me 3 books. They were full of suggestions. Names.

What should I name the little girl?

Was Kate serious about it?

“The plan is postponed until the weekend. Select a suitable name for new Rossi” Thomas passed me a forced smile and gave me an ice pack.

Oh! My face must be looking miserable.

“Thomas, I am here to take my clothes. May I?” I heard a familiar hoarse voice. Nancy.

I couldn't see her. She's at the backyard door. Why she didn't use the main door?

“Good morning Nancy.” I turned to look at her. She looked disastrous. Like she hasn't slept for days. Her swollen eyes. Red nose. Tired body.

Her eyes widen when she looked at me and the reason is obvious. I wanted to cover the traces of his touch that he left on my face last night but unfortunately, I never had any practice with makeup. Nor I own any. So yes, now anyone can see what he did to last night. Yet he didn't say anything about not covering it up.

I was 16 years old when my parents and then I was busy to survive with Vicky. So I never got any chance to participate in makeup, hang out, party or hook up. I had to be a responsible one for Vicky.

“I am so sorry about your job. I never......”

“Actually, I am sorry. I don't know why I thought about Val....” She was guilty.

“Do you love him?” I knew the answer still I wanted to hear from her.

“No........ I love Eli.” She took a deep breath. “I can't be a mother. I- I am barren. But when Eli called me mama......” Her lips quivered.

“You were there when she took her first step?” I asked her.

“No, I joined her later, but I was there when she went to school for the first time. It was... It was Mrs Rossi who told her about you.” She gave a dry laugh. “When Valerio and I got...... intimate, I felt that I could be her mother. For forever.” I offered her water. “It was one drunk night. I... I didn't stop him.” She took the whole glass. “Maybe somewhere I must have fallen for him. I don't know. I had a bad experience with men. But. He loves you. He calls your name when he sleeps. He groaned your name when he was with me. He even named Eli after you. And before you ask, yes, yes I... I wanted you out of this house. They are mine.” She wipes her tears with her sleeves of shirt. “But look at you. I pity you now. Where were you all this time?”

Her question was obvious but I couldn't answer her, not because I was ashamed of where I was but honestly, I never knew where I was. I was usually in somewhere dark or sometimes somewhere in different luxurious room mostly getting rape most of the time. My survival is a mystery to me. Even after pain, soreness, hunger, I am here with my child.

“I should leave.” When I didn't reply, she hurried to Eli's room and came with a bag. “I know, Valerio prefer rough sex, but I am curious, did he hurt you?”

“Where will you go?” I tried to change the subject.

She gave a smile understanding that I don't I want to answer that question. “Abigail is ready to take me back.” She walked out. “I was with Eli for 3 years, yet she wanted you. Valerio carved for you. Mrs Rossi cried for you. And now, I envy you.” She confessed before walking out. “Whenever I will get any chance of having them, I'll grab it.”

Her words shook my world. It sounded different from what I went through.

If Valerio craved for me then why he did he hit me last night?

If Kate cried for me then why did she never stopped Antonio?

And yes, she was serious about having Valerio and Eli. Her eyes screamed the passion for them.

All these questions along with many other things kept my mind busy until Eli arrived from school to keep me busy.

Together, we looked for different names. Played. Finished homework. Even made hand made greeting cards for Kate and little baby. Now we are ready to meet them.

“What you want for dinner?” I asked my very busy daughter. She's busy in her own kitchen. Kitchen set.

“Mr Rossi will not be joining tonight. Don't worry about security.” Thomas informed before leaving.

We had our dinner without Valerio. He never showed any humanity to me but, yet I was worried about him.

He must have taken dinner?

I slept with Eli. I couldn't leave her alone when Valerio is not around. I think I will never be able to trust these mafia men for the rest of my life.

“Do you miss Nancy?” I don't why but I couldn't help myself. I need to know my daughter's heart.

“Sometimes.” She was busy with her breakfast.

“She loves you.”

“You love me?” She gave me her vulnerable look.

“of course, More than myself.” This is my reality. I know I was not there for her during her initial days but nothing will change the fact that she's mine.

“I love you.” She hugged me.

My daughter loves me. Even though she met me the first time in her life but still she loves me. However, If she wants Nancy, then she will have Nancy.

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