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Beth's POV

My body is sore when I opened my eyes. I am not in the hospital for sure but the bed is definitely comfortable and it's cold here. Where I am? My baby?

“Finally. Congratulations on your child.” Antonio was sitting on the floor crossed his legs in Indian style with a bottle of unknown liquor. “You did a good job.”

“My baby?” My throat is dry, it's difficult to speak but I need to talk to him.

“No. That baby is a Rossi. Not your baby.” His eyes hold evilness. “You have been a good slut. You should be among your people.”

I tried to get up. But a knock startled me. This was an act of entertainment to him, and he gave a humourless chuckle and opened the door. Then he went out.

I waited for him for like hours. But he didn't come. Finally, I decided to sleep holding the idea of talking to him to convince him to let me stay for my baby. Or let me go.

I could hope.

Before, I could draft into my sleep Antonio arrived. He looked sober now with the new business suit. Sometimes, I doubt if this Rossi is in the mafia. They all are dressed like a businessman. Behave like gentlemen for the outside world. If I hadn't seen what they do in their private cell then I could have felt that they are a harmless businessman like everybody else.

“You are different.” He threw a file on the bed. “Your medical file says you were perfectly fine even when you went through physical and emotional pain. Baby is healthy.”

“My baby must be hung......” I tried to sit but failed.

“You want your baby?” I nodded as a reply. Even though he's sober, but he's not in the right state of mind. “You can have as much baby as you want.” He said with a creepy smile. “But before that, I want to remind you that you are a whore and that's what you will be.” He sat beside me.

I tried to move away from him, but he caught my forearm and pulled me close. I was so close to him that I could do it smell his strong cologne. Smells expensive. I couldn't breathe with him being so much close to me. His brown eyes were fixed on me and I could feel his hand on my inner thigh.

He's loyal to Kate.

I pushed him, but he gave an evil laugh and pushed me on to the bed. He adjusted his shirt and looked on his wristwatch, impatiently. He looked excited about something and took out his cell phone to typed something.

“You thought I was going to fuck you. Well, you are not beautiful, and I am a loyal husband. I want you to know tha.....”

He was interrupted by a knock. He opened the door and two huge men entered with a bag. Make-up bag. Both the men came towards me. Other man tied my hand and others started opening the bag.

I knew something was not right. I struggled with all my strength.

“You are a prostitute now. No one will marry you. Ever.....”

With these words, I felt intense pain on my left hand. That man cut my finger off and Antonio is enjoying it. But I screamed.


It's been years yet it felt as if it was tomorrow that he cut off my finger. Pain was still fresh. How could he...

“Mommy, you look beautiful.” Eli hugged me. She liked the dress that Valerio sent for both of us.

“Not more than you.” I kissed her. She dragged me to Kate. We were ready to meet the new member. Eli chooses a sweet name for her.


It's been only me and my daughter from last 3 days. Valerio has not come home to us from that day. I am worried. He has to be fine otherwise no one can save me. At least, I can feel that he won't send to whore house as he loves Eli a lot and will make sure his daughter gets to live with her mother. He sent us dresses for today's event.

On the other hand, his brother, Antonio has not the same feeling. At least this is what I felt when he cut off my ring finger. He made sure that I would never be able to wear a wedding ring.

“How are you?” I could feel the tension in Kate's voice.

Since I don't want to have any kind of conversation with her, so I nodded as the reply to her question. And she's mature enough to understand my behaviour. She's dragged that matter.

We both are in the same room from the past few hours without any conversation watching Eli playing with Evie. She's speaking Italian to her. They are going to great sisters.

“Do you think Nancy loved her?” It was out of the blue but I wanted to know what people think about it. I couldn't help, so I asked the only woman present in the room.

“And where this is coming from?”

“Valerio fired her.”

“Yes, but she's good. Abigail took her.” She sounds relaxed.

“Who's Abigail?”

She sighed. “Someone special to this family. She's a good person. You should meet her. She was the one who convinced Antonio to divorce his wife, Cheryl.”

“He's married?” I thought he loved Kate with all his heart.

“Yes, he's married to me. But back then Cheryl, his first wife got pregnant. That's why he didn't come to us for like one and a half year. I was angry when we met again. I wasn't aware of the mafia. That bitch was so manipulating that she.....”

She stopped when she looked at me. Actually she was looking behind me. It means something was there behind me. I turned to find one of Mafia man in the suit.

“Mrs Rossi, they signed the deal. I am here to take her to....” He was in a hurry, of course.

“And you think that I will allow you. Don't you dare.” Kate pulled out a gun pointing towards him.

“Mrs Rossi, I took a blood oath to serve Valerio. He wants Miss Bell safe, away from here for some time. And I will do that with or without your permission.” He walked towards me.

“I will not leave my daughter.” I looked at Kate for help. Eli held Evie tight. Like a protective sister. I am proud of my daughter.

Kate kept her gun back in the drawer. “Listen, you are my second chance and I will not let anyone will mess with it. Go with Shawn. His loyalty lies with Valerio. Valerio wants you to be safe that's why he gave you this engagement ring. But.....” She closed her eyes. “Everything is going to be alright. All you have to do is run away from here and don't look back. No matter what happens.” She looked at me with hope. “Soon, you'll meet your family. Trust only Shawn and no one when you are away.”

“Take care of my daughter,” I begged Kate.

Shawn opened the door for me. “Miss Bell, we need to go.”

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