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Beth's POV

“Where are you taking me?” I followed Shawn like a lost puppy in this mansion.

Why do they need a mansion for only 3 people?

“Somewhere safe.” He was busy looking around. Safety purpose.

“What happened?” I questioned him again. “What is this deal?"

“Miss Rossi is mature than you.” He gave me a frustrated look. “Don't ask anything. Just follow me and no matter what, don't think of coming back to this place. Valerio will reach us.”

“With Eli?”

He stopped at my question. He gave a small smile and nodded. His reply worked as relieve and I started following him out of the mansion. He surely knows the way out of the mansion. I mean I didn't see anyone. Then why he's holding a gun?

“Where's Roman?” My curious side will never die.

“Where he should be. Don't ask me anything now. It's going to take a long time to be out of the estate.”

He was walking into the forest and I was following him. This estate is really big. Rossi family are neighbours with their private servant quarters along with their respective garden, backyard. Even they have a forest-like area. So what is left in the state?

“Once we cross this road, we will reach the stream then we are out.” He pointed to a well-built road.

This estate has its own road, stream. I conclude this as a district now.

“Be careful!” He warned. “They know you are missing.”

"Mommy!” It was Eli who screamed at the top of her voice. “Papa!” Her voice echoed. “Mooommmmyyyy....”

“It's a trap.” Shawn loaded his gun. “I doubt if Miss Rossi is around.” He glared at me because he knew what I could do now. “Don't even think about it.”

I couldn't control my emotion and like a shameless person, I cried. I always cry. I know they all find me weak but I am not embarrassed to admit my emotions. And now, I want my daughter.

“Moooommmmmyyyyyyy.......... Papaaaaa.” this was an ultimatum for me. I ran towards the road without thinking about what would happen to me if they caught me. She's my daughter who is calling me and is in pain. I have to be there for her. We already have lost a lot of time. I don't care about me.

Shawn cursed and followed me. He tried to catch me but at that moment I felt like something possessed me because he couldn't catch me.

I followed the voice and found a crowd. They were playing recorded tapes. Valerio and Sylvia's father was in hand to hand combat like a skilled fighter. Well, mafia men.

Shit! It's a trap.

I heard a gunshot. Shawn was shot in the stomach. He's injured because of me. I have to help me but he suggested me to run. He somehow managed to get up and as we were out of the crowd, he took his position as my assigned bodyguard.

“It's hard to escape now. But let's try our luck. And you must run. I will try to stop them.” He loaded his gun and started firing at the armed men that were reaching towards us.

“I am a fool.”

With this chanting, I made my way to the forest but another man caught me. Victor. He looks tired and furious. He was good that day. I don't even know him. What did I do?

He pulled me to the crowd but I resisted. I am definitely not aware of the situation but I can feel the bad vibes. Something is not good. Valerio is fighting for me but surely, I messed up.

“Valerio stop,” Antonio order but it was surprising that he didn't stop. He always follows his brother, Antonio. In fact, it gave him more power to punch Mark hard.

Mark groaned in pain. Old man. But he looks good in a black business suit. Why are they even fighting?

This old man fight like a pro. He retaliates to hit Valerio but Antonio dragged his brother away from Mark and injected him a syringe in his biceps.

It was hard to control Valerio but somehow it was managed and Shawn was laying down, patting hard. Both of them were fighting for me and like a fool, I fucked up, I always fuck up, that's why I am here. I sobbed for both of them. No one can save me. What is going to happen?

“Take her.” Antonio supported his brother. But he was speaking to Mark, because Mark was glaring at me.

“Come senorita.” Suddenly, Victor now behaved like a gentleman all of sudden.

“Valerio,” I shouted and tried to go to him but Victor caught my wrist and held it tight. “Get up. I don't want to leave Eli.” I cried hard when Antonio took his brother to an expensive SUV. “Valerio....”

Nothing happen and both Rossi brother left. I could see them leaving me. My throat is painting, eyes are burning but I won't be giving up. I collected my energy and bite Victor's hand. He was surprised and I took the chance to run to Shawn who was partially conscious. I shook him.

“You promised him to take me somewhere safe. Get up.” I was angry that he was giving up.

“Don't worry, Shawn.” It was Mark. I could hear him approaching. I am not giving up. I got up and decided to escape by myself.

I ran with all my strength. So this was the deal. They sold me and Valerio gave me that ring to state that I am his fiancee, that means I will be part of their family. It doesn't matter if he force me for sex but he tried to make me comfortable. Now I want him to save me. I would even marry him and will convince him to look for my second child but first, I have to run to meet him.

“You are wasting your energy,” Victor yelled. He was following me but being short height girl, I escape from bushes.

When I saw the stream, I was relieved. Shawn said once we reach the stream we would be out. As I made my way to the stream, I felt a punched on my stomach. It was painful and I couldn't handle myself, I fell down.

I screamed when someone pulled my bunch of hair.

I came face to face with an angry Mark. His Hazel eyes were glowing with fury. His suit was ruined. And his hair was messed. He grabbed my jaw to bring my face near his face. We were a few inches apart. I could smell liquor in his breath.

“You are mine, Elizabeth.” He is definitely a definition of destruction.

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