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Beth's POV

It's been like days that I am here in this room without anyone to talk to. I was given a few clothes that are old. I choose to wear an over-sized T-shirt that reached to my lower thigh and whoever used to own this must be a giant man. I was given food and water in time and have attached bathroom. Other than this, a single bed and a locked window was the only thing in this room that kept entertain, which appears to be new. But one thing was confusing that there was a locked door on the other side of the room.

The only thing that helped me to survive was the view of sunset and sunrise. The voices during sunrise suggested that I am at the back of the house because I could hear the crowd from the opposite direction.

“She needs a doctor.” I heard a concerned voice from the other side of the locked door. It was late but all, I could do is to move back and forth in the room. This was the only movement I was doing from the past few days. Since I have nothing to do the whole day, I don't have proper sleeping time. I wake up at odd hours and stares outside. They deliver the food through a sliding door.

Overall, I haven't seen any human from the past few days.

“I know, but the doctor is not available yet. Mark wants the best doctor.” it was Victor, I think. He sounded annoyed.

Who needs a doctor?

Their discussion was diverted towards me. she asked my name and was sorry about the encounter in the Rossi estate.

Am I a mistress?

I have a lot of question but at present, they were unanswered, and they will not be answering my question. These walls are killing me. I punched the window with frustration. It got backfired and I was hurt. But the impact of my punch resulted in the breaking of the window.

Shit! It hurts.

I danced for my victory when the glass started falling outside. I heard someone screaming. When I tilt as much as I could on the window bars to look down, I found a teenage boy was injured. He was bleeding and was busy in cursing.

Is he a guard?

“Fuck!” I turned to find Victor standing in the room behind me. “Woman, where did you get this power?” he made his way near the window. I know, it's a suicide mission but I could hope for the best. His distraction was my chance to escape so, I ran.

I ran through whatever door I found. When I realised that I am standing near the foyer, with all hope I went outside the house, finding myself in the porch.

The garden had flowers, sitting area and 3 expensive cars, which include 1 white SUV, grey Aston Martin that I couldn't recognize the model but I know the logo and other was a ford family van like my father had. It was a view of the family house. I would have loved it if it was mine.

“What are you doing here?” A feminine voice with concerned asked me but I panicked and I ran towards the road. “Victor, is she ok?” it was the same voice.

“Señorita, stop.” finally, Victor was following me.

“Victor, let her explore.” Mark sound calm.

His fury hazel eyes were deadly that day. I was lucky that I slept when we arrived here. And when I opened my eyes I was stuck in that room. It made me sick.

I turned to look at him. He was wearing a black vest with khaki cargo and had boxing bandage. His sweating body was stating the amount of hard work he was doing before my arrival. His forearms had a few new, other old. Damn, this old man looks hot.

“Let me know when you are out, Elizabeth,” he smirked. “Back to work, everybody” he shouted with clapping dragging everyone's attention towards him and went to fight with a man.

I looked around only to find myself in the middle of the people full of dressed in gym clothes with boxing bandages on. They all look like professional fighter, male, female, even teenagers. They all are staring at me. Suddenly I feel out of the place under their stares. They all are staring at me and did nothing. I raced with barefoot.

I ran all around, looking for an exit but this place looks like it is a community, I couldn't find the exit. Well-planned house with garden, road, family cars, even a small park with kids playing around. It's so tiring.

Finally, I gave up but I have lost my way back to his house. With my silent sob, I sat down on the pathway. I must be looking like a beggar, without footwear, sweating overs-sized t-shirt and a black legging.

“Do you need help?” A teenage boy asked me. His forearm was freshly tied with a bandage. His black eyes held concern for me but this concern is foreign to me now.

Without any intention of answering him, I started walking to opposite this direction of his arrival. Deep inside I wanted to ask him for help. How to get out of this place but still I didn't look back.

“I am a hunter.” He was following me. “Do you want to go back to Mr Rogers?”

Who is this Mr. Rogers?

I stopped with confusion. This Hunter was not paying attention to me when I stopped, because I almost fell down with our collision. Yet, I managed to stand.

He gave me an innocent look. This boy is not my nerve now. I cleaned my palm that was dirty and removed my hair strands from my face. My braid was loose now but that is not my concern now.

“Listen, HUNTER. Don't you have homework or any projects to do? Go finish it.” I dismissed him emphasising his name.

“But you are my project.” he was following me again.

“Kid, you should be with the woman of your age.” I increased my pace of walking.

“I know, you are out of my league. Actually, I work for Mr Rogers. He ordered me to find your location. You almost broke my hand, yet I am behaving good with you.”

I stopped and looked at his hand. So he was the one who got injured. “I am sorry. Are you okay?”

He nodded with a sweet smile. God! He is going to be a heart-breaker. “Do you want to go back to Mr Rogers?” he asked.

“Who is Mr Rogers?”

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