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How old are you?" He asked me. Why he is so interested? I thought. "Because I am bored and you are my entertainment." He shrugged off. Did I say loud? I questioned myself. "Yes, you did." He took off his blazer and dropped it on the floor while staring at me with his piercing hazel eyes. "My age is not a matter of concern." I tried to stay as calm as possible. "Sit on my lap." He more or less command me. "I am sorry." I was stunned. "You won't be sorry, ELIZABETH." He smirked

Romance / Erotica
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Prologue ✅

Beth's POV

It's been almost a week that Ava is missing. Cops have no clue and predicting it as a case of kidnap and waiting for kidnappers to contact us but there's something much more.

I can feel it.

“Beth, where are you?” Katelyn asked immediately as soon as I receive the call. “I need you.” She cried.

“I am on my way,” I replied.

My shift was about to over. There must be an emergency otherwise, she would never call me while I am at the store.

I work as a cashier in the book store. It's doesn't provide much but is enough to support me and my sister, Victoria, Vicky.

Our mother was an English teacher, Alison Bell and this is the reason why we, sister have a vintage name. She was a literature lover. But our father, Caleb Bell was the opposite. He never liked literature. He never believed in those overrated words.

He called literature overrated. Mom never felt bad about it as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And as opposite attracts. They end up being together and for life even after death.

We were having a hard time after my parent's death. Everything is changed. I and Vicky were forced to live with our uncle even though he hates us.

It's been a year that I graduated from high school, and I am saving money to go to university and for Vicky's treatment. She was diagnosed with leukaemia a few months ago. Luckily, it was diagnosed in the early stage.

I have already applied to various organizations for help but their list is quite lengthy. I doubt that our name will also be reached to the final list of this year. I need money. For my Vicky.

Two weeks before Ava went missing, two men approached with a proposal. They just wanted to know Kate's location and in exchange, they would provide treatment to Vicky.

I took it as an opportunity to help Kate. She would be with Antonio and Vicky would be fine.

“Elizabeth Bell?” Two men in Armani suit approached me while I was in the book store. Working as a cashier is not easy. No matter what, always smile.

“Yes, I am Elizabeth Bell. How can I help you?” I looked at them. One of them looked like a businessman who is here for his business purpose and another man looked so creepy like he's a criminal dressed in a business suit.

“We need information about Miss. Anderson.” The guy with a Business look said staring at me intensely.

“ May I know who are you?” I questioned them.

“Do you know Antonio Rossi?” One of them gave a picture of a handsome man. He looked familiar. I am sure I don't know him. But I know the name, Antonio Rossi. He is the man that left Kate almost two years ago. After that, it has been hard for Kate to survive without him with his twins. He impregnated her and left without any explanation.

“No. Who is he?” I tried to reply with confident. Kate hates him with her heart, she would never go back to him.

“He's Miss Anderson's fiancée. And he's looking for her.” He took the photo out of my hand and kept it inside his blazer. “Let us say, we are here for a reunion of the lovers.”

“Then you are at the wrong address. Miss Anderson is the right person.”

“Miss, our plan is simple.” This time another man with a criminal look said. Even his voice sounds creepy. “We would blackmail Mr Rossi with Miss Anderson's location in exchange for our few business assignments. It's harmless.”

“And for that, you will be paid a good amount.” That businessman said.

“Think about it.” Criminal gave me a hard look.

They know that I know about Kate and Antonio but I love Kate and I respect her decision. She has been with me for the last three years. She helped me to get this job while I was struggling with my life. I owe her a lot. She's like a sister to me now. And if she doesn't want Antonio in her life then I'll support her. I immediately denied their offer.

But they were determined. The next day one of them came again to the book store but with a better offer.

“Can we negotiate about the offer?” That Businessman asked.

“I am sorry. I have a job to do.” I hate this man, even though he looks good still something is not right about him.

“It's weekend. Miss Bell.” He chuckled and followed me.

“Weekends means more customers.” I reached the store. Our store still works on weekends evening. I am always ready. I need money to support my loved ones.

He waited till I wrapped up and was ready to back home.

“I have a proposal for you.” He approached me again.

“What do you do for a living, Mr......?” I asked sternly.

“I am Andrew Schmidt.” He sound confident. “And we are into export-import business.” He shrugged off. “Antonio has my few shipments with him. I just want it back.” He took a step forward and bend down to my level. “With your help.” He whispered. “Your sister would receive her treatment. Think about it.”

It was a good deal. I looked at him. He looked decent with a clean shaved square jaw and I wanted to know about the situation more but it's his matter. So it was better to not ask much about it.

His offer seems harmless. I felt that everything could back to its place. Right?

“So Miss Bell, should we seal the deal?”

“Deal,” I replied without wasting a single time.

“Wise decision, Miss Bell.” He smirked.

Little did I know that this was going to be my biggest mistake.

*There will be changes in the timeline... Italics is for dreams and the past.....

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