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Where is Mrs Rogers?

Beth's POV

I could feel someone was brushing my nose. I removed that hand. But again, someone irritated me with that touch. I held the hand to remove it, but that hand was so soft that I had to open my eyes to see the person.

I found a beautiful pair of inquisitive hazel eyes that were looking at me. Sylvia. What she's doing here? She held my cheeks from both of her tiny hands and kissed my nose, resulting in her to fall on my lap.

She is so cute.

I walked to her room holding her on my side and found Jennifer writing something on a dairy.

“Good morning. She was eager to see you. Hope you don't mind.” She closed the diary. “I was checking her appointment.” She tried to take Sylvia from me but this little monster was not ready to leave me. “She likes you,” Jennifer whispered as if it was a secret. “Have breakfast with me. I'll be waiting.” Jennifer took Sylvia with her.

I nodded at her genuine offer. I hope, I could convince her to help me to escape. All I want is to see my kids growing and getting old.

“I am out,” Jennifer shouted from probably kitchen.

I freshen myself and wore a white collared full-sleeved dress that reached just above my knee. This is a pretty dress but the beauty of this dress get destroyed by my scars that are displayed on legs, it is obvious now.

I looked around the area to find Jennifer for breakfast. I found 2 extra bedrooms, one belongs to Savannah and other was clean, must be a guest room. Now, I doubt if I am living with a mafia family. This house looks as if it belongs to a normal family.

I joined Jennifer when I found her in the backyard porch setting breakfast for us. She blinked multiple times once she sees me.

“You look breathtaking.” She patted on the chair inviting me to sit down.

Obviously, this dress is amazing. “Where is Sylvia?” I looked for my little monster.

“She's with Sophia. Sophia loves to have her every morning. It's like a habit for both of them.” She sipped her coffee.

“Sophia is her mother?” I realized that I never met Mrs Rogers.

“No. She's Hunter's grandmother.” She let out a hearty laugh. “She's everyone's grandmother.”

“Then where is Mrs Rogers?”

“I don't know. All I know that he is single.” She gave me a playful smile. “Sylvia's biological mother was not his wife, and she died soon after giving birth to Sylvia.”

This sounds so miserable. It must be hard for Mark not to recall all those events. It would have been complicated to choose what he should do on that date? Celebration or mourns?

Our attention was distracted by a gasp. I saw an old lady standing at the doorstep inside the kitchen with Sylvia was sucking her thumb. She must Hunter's grandmother.

“Where did you get this dress?” She passed Sylvia to Jennifer. “Change before Mark finds you in this dress.”

“Mr Rogers is not here, Sophia. This dress was packed in the storeroom. So I thought tha... Jennifer interfered with the furious Sophia.

“He bought this for Emily. Trust me, you won't like an angry Mark. He has severe anger issues.” She took a deep breath. “When he will be back?”

“By evening.” Jennifer stood up to hold Sylvia.

“You are beautiful.” I redden when Sophia praised me. “You are nothing like Emily.” She patted my cheeks.

“Emily is Mrs Rogers?” I was interested now.

“No, but she tried to trap Mark by getting pregnant with Sylvia. She took advantage of him. He really wanted to give himself a chance. He even tried to love her. But Karma, and she was exposed. So change before he sees you. He bought this dress for her. Now, he loathes her.”

“Victor?” Jennifer whispered.

“Fuck.” Victor was standing with an open mouth. “Who gave you this dress?” He almost screamed. “Change, Mark is here.”

“Where is he?” Sophia interrupted.

“Hall.” He closed the door to help us.

“Use the main door,” Jennifer suggested me and held Sylvia.

With tipping toe, I finally made to the main door but I stopped. Mark is standing in front of me in his grey business suit. He was glaring at me through the door that is made up of glass.

He scanned me from head to toe and licked his lips. Pervert man. I know this look. They said he would be violent, but I could see his eyes getting dark in lust. For sure, he's not angry, but he must be feeling something else. With his slow steps, he reached towards me to open the glass door.

“Who gave you this dress?” His voice was so quiet that I could hear my throbbing heartbeat. “Answer me.” He bends down to my level to face me. Giant man.

“I am sorry.” I was about to cry.

He let out a frustrated breath and ran his hands over his jet black hair. “Don't change, it looks good on my despite your ugly scar.” He said with the tone that described his disgust for me.

“Dear, I'll make sure that she never repeat that.” Sophia was walking to us.

“Victor, bring her new clothes.” He said to Victor and gestured Sophia to stop. “Or else I'll rip off every dress of yours.” He spoke loud enough that was audible only to me. “I want her in my office in half an hour in the SAME DRESS.” He emphasized on the word SAME DRESS. “I'll tell you about Mrs Rogers.”

“How does he know that?”

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