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Baby Silver

Beth's POV

Kids are innocent, but they can be stubborn too. I thought, Sylvia is a good kid but no, I was so wrong. She's so much more stubborn than my daughter. She is not even taking the bottle of milk in her mouth and turns her head left/right or anywhere she wishes, when I try to feed her.

“She is stubborn.” Jennifer smiled.

“Just like Savannah?” So, the reason of Sylvia's cuteness had been discovered. Her stubbornness.

“You are the first woman, who didn't call her rude.” Jennifer was caressing Sylvia's cheeks but was talking about Savannah. Sylvia turned her head around, not giving the access of those chubby cheeks. We laughed. “After that night at the hospital, she became restless. Mr Rogers had to bring your unwashed bedsheet and gown from hospital to calm this girl down.” She pulled those chubby cheeks. But, Sylvia attack on her. This little girl tried to bite on Jennifer's fingers and when she failed, she pouted.

“Rogers sisters are fierce.” Jennifer had pulled her hand already, before Sylvia could do anything to her.

“I see, you are complaining about Rogers sisters,” Savannah said without looking at us. She was ready to go to school and was here to make her breakfast. She kissed her baby sister and took a bite of the apple.

“I am not complaining. It's a quality that every Rogers owns.” Jennifer shrugged off.

“You.” Savannah pointed at me. “Do not harm my sissy.” She scowled at me.

“Miss Rogers, we will be late,” Hunter yelled from the main door, but he didn't enter into the house.

“Don't tell me what to do.” She screeched and left.

Jennifer signalled me to follow her, so I scooped Sylvia in my arms and followed her to the main door.

She brought me to the main door to meet Hunter. As soon as, Hunter saw me, he passed me his charming smile. He was waiting for Savannah to enter the car. And I was surprised to see that he opened the door of the back seat. This means he's her driver as well.

Jennifer pushed me towards the car and I took my careful step towards him. His smiles were growing with every step.

“Good morning, baby Silver.” He said to Sylvia. He is charming. His words affected Sylvia so that she hugged me and giggled. Oh! She's a shy baby as well. “Good morning.” He greeted me. He has a very calm vibe around him. I couldn't help but smile. “Would you mind, if I hug you?” He asked quietly.

I couldn't reply to his question. He wanted to hug me. His question was coated with love. A brotherly love. It's been long that someone talked to me with this emotion.

“I'll take that as yes.” He said and hugged me like Vicky use to hug me. “Take care.” He sat in the driving seat and drove away in his Jeep.

“He has this habit of meeting Sylvia every morning,” Jennifer said. “What happened yesterday?” She asked. “In his office?”

“He told me why I am here.” Jennifer patted on my shoulder dragging my attention and started walking to somewhere. “Come on, Sophia knows how to fool this girl to eat.” Jennifer pointed to Sylvia. And I walked with her holding Sylvia in my arms.

“Did you read the file he gave you?” Jennifer asked while we were sitting Sophia's lawn watching Sophia and Sylvia talking to each other in baby language.

“No, I couldn't finish it. It's as long as a book.”

“You must read it. He's very protective of his family.” Jennifer was serious.

“You know, I wanted to run away,” I tell her.

“Yes, I heard Victor told me. You went through a lot. But trust me, once you settle here. I will never be able to leave. We are family here.” She seemed proud.


We arrived late from hospital, Victor took me a for a regular health check-up. I can feel that I am something more than just being a caretaker. No one is telling me.

“Do you love Sylvia?” Victor didn't look at me and continued his driving.

“Who wouldn't love her?” I smiled when I remember how I breastfed her. “I do love her.”

She's the first baby I ever breastfeed. It's our type of bond. And I think she knows me. I wanted to say but I didn't say.

Victor bought me a take-out dinner when we were coming back to home. It has been a long time that I felt normal. He said that I could anything I want. Even I can go to markets but it will take time for Mark to trust me enough, to allow me to meet Eli.

I was surprised when Victor said I could meet my daughter but first, I need to earn the trust. I felt like a fool when I tried to escape from the hospital but was caught in the main gate because they have put a transmitter on me. They know where I am going. They don't trust me enough.

I saw Sylvia was awake and was making baby noises. I tried to sing the lullaby but nothing worked. She was still awake. I brought her to my room and arranged a pillow at the edge of the bed so that she won't fall.

I am her 24/7 caretaker, That what Victor said. This was the reason, my room was beside her from the beginning. And the next room beside us, belonged to Mark Rogers.

Mark Rogers remodelled the house before my arrival and arranged everything that needed, just for his daughter. I was stunned that He was beside me all the time and knew all my activities.

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