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Friendly Neighbourhood

Beth's POV

Last night was fatiguing. Sylvia was not sleeping at all. Finally, she slept peacefully once I settled her on my chest.

This girl is going to be cuddly.

“Rough night?” Jennifer asked setting the breakfast in the lawn. I noticed that this family prefers to eat their lawn.

“And long night.” I was drowsy.

The Rogers family arrived and Jennifer helped made herself comfortable. I was feeding formula to Sylvia and sat down at the empty chair available next to her for my comfort.

“You are not family.” Savannah snarled.

“Savannah, I was.......” She didn't let me finish my words.

“It's Miss Rogers to you.” She scowled at me.

I looked around and found Jennifer leaving her breakfast. She mouthed me 'stand up'. I stood up with her and saw Mark looking at me devoid of any expression.

“We can have breakfast later,” Jennifer said.

“I am sorry, Miss Rogers.” I apologized.

Like yesterday morning, Hunter greeted Sylvia and hugged me, before leaving. I was waiting for them to fade away.

“Savannah has severe trust issue. Don't worry, she'll be fine, once she knows you.” Jennifer said leaning at the door.

Later, we had breakfast and again, we failed to feed Sylvia formula which I couldn't feed her before. Jennifer said the truth that Sophia has different ways to feed her food. I gave her my update about treatment and various instructions to be followed.

“You were sick when you arrived.” Jennifer looked guilty.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“She's right, Jenny.” Sophia joined us leaving Sylvia to crawl on the floor.

I looked around to catch a glimpse of people, mother biding their byes to husband; kids with their friends. It could be my family too.

I spent almost a whole day with Sylvia, even she slept with me and with every passing time, I am falling for her hard. She's a sorceress, who knows how to make anyone falls for her. It's hard to follow the routine, that the doctor advised me to follow but I also need to earn their trust as soon as possible so that I could meet my daughter, Eli.

Waking up, breakfast with Jennifer, then Hunter and Sophia is becoming part of my life. Sylvia almost never leaves my side, spending all her time with me, including her sleeping time. Jennifer taught me taking care of a baby, even how to arrange Savannah's room.

Savannah is being Savannah who loves to give me a hard time. But she's good. What do you accept from a teenager!

Jennifer told me that about Savannah's past. She was 3 years old, when her biological mother left her and Mark for a wealthy man. Mark was young at that time. They both never married And grew up in an orphanage. They have no one.

When I asked the name of Savannah's mother, then she said soon I'll be meeting her.

Her information made me curious. I wanted to more about the family with whom I am living but Jennifer kept denying telling me more about the family. 'It's not her story to tell', She said. And warned me to look only for Sylvia.

I understood that this Rogers family has a very messy past and I shouldn't be getting inquisitive. But I am living with the family for 24/7, anyone could be curious. I don't how many years I am going to spend here.

I devoted all my time to Sylvia and tried to feed her. It didn't take long, that one day she started eating other food and milk.

She's a smart baby.

Till now, no one has misbehaved with me. People around here are generous. Women also invited me for a weekend lunch. Since Sylvia is my responsibility, so I took her with me along with Jennifer. It felt so natural with those women with kids.

It's hard to believe they all are in the mafia.

“Aren't they scared?” I asked Jennifer while walking back to the house, but she gave me a confused look. “Working in a dangerous environment.” I completed it.

“The safety and security of every employee of Rogers Security Firm is guaranteed.”

“Rogers Security Firm?” Aren't they mafia?

“Yes,” Jennifer explained. “Mr Rogers provides private security to every kind. Even he had his own team of investigators. His intelligence is better than any Government agencies that's why employees have to sign code of silence. Business.”

It means he's not mafia, but he works for the mafia, means he's in Mafia otherwise how he would have connections with Rossi.

“That's why employees gather here for combat training every morning,” Jennifer added.

“Does Savannah know how to defend?” I don't know where it came from but I asked it anyway.

She nodded. “Victor and August are the first to join him. Later Hunter. Then it grew. Mostly there are people who don't have anyone. We come here and becomes a family.” She opened the house and switched on the lights.

“Don't you have anyone?” I carried sleeping Sylvia in my arms, leaving the trolley outside. It's a friendly neighbourhood.

“I had. My husband left me and my son for a younger woman. Then I started working as a surrogate. That's how I met Mr Rogers. He needed someone to breastfed 2 days Sylvia and I just delivered And now, I am a housekeeper.” Even she had her share of struggle.

I settle Sylvia to her bed, and we talked in her room. She responded to my every question that I asked, but she also knows her limit and sometimes denied, which are meant to not answer by her.

Savannah had to her dinner alone as Jennifer preferred to take her dinner with me. They both had a different approach towards each other. I never found Savannah misbehaving with Jennifer, but she wasn't talkative with Jennifer either and gave space her to work.

But Savannah doesn't like me.

She hates me.

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