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Cleaning up

Beth's POV

“Have I done something?” I asked Sophia who was feeding formula to Sylvia.

“Why are you asking this?” Sophia didn't even look at me.

“Savannah hates me,”

“And who said that?” Jennifer handed me coffee and joined us in Sophia's lawn.

“That child is just insecure.” Sophia was still focusing on Sylvia.

“SAVANNAH and INSECURE?” Jennifer emphasized every word. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Sophia gave Sylvia a rag doll and shifted her focus on us. “Emily wasn't good with her, she tried to kill her. It was hard for her to accept Sylvia.”

I couldn't believe that Emily who herself was about to be a mother tried to kill a child.

“She's insecure, that Beth is a young lady, just like Emily. At the top of that, she's beautiful. Mark is a man with needs.” Sophia continued. “After all, It all started with his needs.”

Those words hurt. Why do people think so filthy of me?

“I am not here to be his mistress,” I announced before leaving.

“You won't be his mistress.” I heard before leaving and I felt Sophia smiling.

I managed to reach the house with my blurry vision. Knowing that no one is at home, I made my way to the room that is provided to me but I hit a wall.

“Woman, at least switch on the lights.” It was angry Mark.

I felt something burning on my upper body, it was a hot liquid. It burns. He poured hot liquid over me.

Mark switch the light of his cell phone. I could see his stain white shirt dress on his chest. I could see his white vest beneath his ruined shirt as I barely reached his chest.

“Clean your dress up. It's coffee.” His voice was full of lust.

I looked at his face and found his eyes dilated. His eyes were fixed at something. It's my cleavage. There must be a lot going on in his mind. His expression tells me that he definitely wants to have me and is trying to control himself.

Were they right about him?

I ignored him and tried to move away from him, but he cursed and caught my wrist tight. He started dragging me to his room.

Oh! No......

They were right about him.

I struggled and called for help but we were alone. No one is around here to help me. It was a Mistake to come home alone. I bite his hand, and he screamed, but didn't free my wrist.

He carried me like a sack of bad on his shoulder to his room, but he didn't throw in his bed and made his way to his luxury bathroom, slowly. It was like I weight nothing to him. He forced me to stand beneath the shower and practically tore my dress. I tried to cover myself, and he didn't stop me. I didn't feel safe with him standing in my underwear. I cried and he cursed while starting the shower.

“Clean yourself.” He turned around and made his way to mirror and looked at me, through the mirror. “Do you need my help?” He roared.

I immediately started washing myself. He stood there, in the bathroom watching my every move with lust. Occasionally licking his lips.

I really want to run away.

He passed me the towel, once I was done with cleaning up and gave me his t-shirt. It was almost the same as I wore when I arrived at his house. So I was wearing his t-shirts all this time.

His eyes roam over my body, but he didn't say anything and let me leave his room.

I locked every door for my safety and cried. I don't feel safe here any more. Especially, after what Mark did to me, today.

Is this my life now?

I woke up by someone crying from distance. I tried to ignore it and sleep but I couldn't. Finally, I came to my senses.


I removed the curtain to see the time and it was dark everywhere. I spent the whole day.

Collecting myself, I opened the door and found Mark was carrying Sylvia in his arms. He was in his sweatpants and vest. He looked at me and appeared to be frozen.

Is he even guilty of what he did today?

Sylvia started struggling in her father's arms, once she saw me. Her face was red and her nose was running. Her cries were getting louder with her every struggle.

I collected tissue from the drawer and move towards her. She immediately jumped into my arms, holding me tight and cried as if she hasn't seen me for years.

Well, it's almost a day for her.

I snuggled with her and sat on a rocking chair beside her bed. She touched my breast. But I removed her chubby hands and she cried again. So I let her touch my breast, again, and she started humming her song. I followed her tune like always. And Mark started collecting the toys that scattered around. He must have been trying for hours. But she wants me.

I continued humming her song and rocked the chair. Her body has a very comfortable warmth. I was so mesmerized that I didn't realize that she's already asleep.

Mark took her and put her on the bed. He pulled a duvet gently over his daughter small body, whispering her soothing words. He didn't turn around for a while and was leaving but stopped.

“Good night, Elizabeth.” He said with his intense eyes.

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