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Beth's POV

“What do you want?” Mark said deadpan. It's the first time, I am seeing him in his black boxers briefs. His well-built body with a little hair on his chest, has few faded scars. Exclusively, my conclusion is that he's really attractive for his age, in spite of every flaw.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” He emphasized every word with anger.

“Feeevvvv.......... Sy.....” I stammered. I just couldn't form a statement. My emotions were mixed. Fear. Him. Sylvia.

He cursed and left to somewhere inside his room leaving the door of his room open. I could easily get inside but being alone with a 'MAN WITH NEEDS' is not a good option.

“How's she?” He asked zipping his jeans. Now, he looks even better. But he's like everybody else. MAN WITH NEEDS.

I never thought I would be thinking about inappropriate things about an older man. I am not into an oldie.

“I ASKED, HOW IS MY DAUGHTER?” His voice was dripped of anger.

“She-She ha........” I just couldn't speak. What if fever turns into lethal?

He clenched his jaw and walked to his daughter's room. She was sitting while looking around sobbing when we reached there. She looked in pain and was not cooperating with her father. Somehow, he managed to check her temperature. The look on his face was full of concern. He started walking around the room and brought the cover for Sylvia. During all this time, I followed him looking for answers. But he ignored me.

He went out of the room and came back with a bag while busy in calling. He told me to collect all the medical records related to Sylvia. His conversation on calls suggested to me that Victor and Jennifer was coming to spend the night in the house with Savannah in our absence. He also called someone, August, I suppose and ordered him to be prepared as we were about to leave.

Victor in the hall arranging his bed, when I reached down with Sylvia in my arms. Her fever is getting worse.

“Change your dress,” Mark ordered me.

“I am already wearing a dress,” I said quietly. My dress was decent that reached to my knee and is successfully cover my body. It looked decent. What is wrong with him?

“I don't want you to whore around in the hospital.” His voice had no emotion at all. It hurt still hurt what people think of me.

“She'll change.” Jennifer interrupted and dragged me back into my room. I didn't say a single word. I am fed up of people thinking so filthy of me. I was hurt. Again and again. Now, I am sure that my words will not change any of their thoughts about me.

She gave a leggings and rambled unnecessary excuse for her employer. She is definitely defending her employer and I didn't reply to her. They all are on the same side. By this time, I understand that, for them, I am an outsider.

Within an hour, Sylvia was admitted and Mark was talking to doctors. I was waiting for anyone to tell me the situation.

What the hell!!!

“She needs.........” Doctor gave me a puzzled look when I approached them. She was talking to Mark from half an hour but never she informed me.

“How's she?” I asked her. I am angry.

“Elizabeth, I want.......” Mark held my forearm, tight. It was hurting. I am sure by tomorrow, there will be a mark given by MARK ROGERS.

“I don't care what you want.” I snapped at him. “How's my little Sylvia?” I glared at the doctor.

Doctor smiled at me. “Your daughter is fine. She just......”

“She wasn't fine a few hours back. I am not a fool.” I yelled.

“Why do you have to be so disobedient?” He scowled back at me.

“Welcome to motherhood.” She laughed. “We will keep her under observation then she can go home.” She gave me a bunch of paper. “These should be her diet for a few days. And she was demanding her mama.”

“Can I.......” I was about to ask her is if I can see her but Mark snatched the papers.

“Arrangement are already been done. You can sleep with her. SHE IS LOOKING FOR MAMA.” Mark pulled me to the abandoned part of the hospital. VIP, I read. He pushed me to a luxury room where I saw Sylvia resting and 2 nurses were checking her. She looked so tired, and the IV tubes on her chubby hands didn't help her anguish.

I caressed her forehead. She looked at me and tried to smile. “Ma... Ma.” she managed to say.

“Mama is here,” Mark said and removed the duvet, signalling me to climb on the bed. I climbed, and he helped me to settle Sylvia beside me.

“I am on the couch.” I heard her father But I was busying looking at this toddler who was yawning with my arrival. She grabbed a breast and I let her. Next thing, I did was, maybe my Mother instinct, that gave Mark the show of my upper body. I opened the front buttons of my dress and immediately, she grabbed my breast and started sucking it, thinking it would provide her food.

Unfortunately for her, it didn't have her food, but she looked happy sucking it. I rubbed her nose, gently and humped her song so that she could sleep peacefully.

I just love her song.

All this time, I could feel his stare at me but it didn't matter. I have been without clothes for days, in front of a huge audience. So nothing matters now. And I am so happy to be with my little Sylvia.

He locked the door and pulled the duvet over my body, covering my show for him. Finally without switching off the light, settling down on the couch. All this time, I didn't look at him. Sylvia kept me busy. She was sucking one breast and held another one. Witnessing her, released the meaning of the doctor's words.

“Welcome to motherhood, Elizabeth,” Mark said looking at us.

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