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"Confessions of Hunter"

Beth's POV

I was cleaning Sylvia's room when I heard someone talking. It was an immediate reaction that I opened the door and 'shh' the person.

It was Mark who was in his grey coloured vest and black cargo. Seems like he's going for morning training. He disconnected the call and pushed me aside to enter his daughter's room.

Father's dedication.

“Don't wake her up.” I stopped him. “She was restless.”

“Is she OK?” He whispered in my ear. Damn, he's too close for my comfort. I nodded for his question. “Then what is the issue with her?” He was bending down to my level.

“Nothing.” I managed to say and moved out of the room. It is better to stay away from him.

I walked to the kitchen to get milk before sleeping and Mark was following me all the time. It was hard to resist such a gigantic man but somehow I managed.

We were almost entering the kitchen, when a 'thud' alerted us. Mark immediately armed himself with a gun, small one, and walked to the main door with his cautious steps.

He was carrying a gun in his own house.

Another issue with him.

He did something to his gun and opened the door, carefully and point gun outside.

“Good Morning Mr Rogers,” Hunter said. But to my amazement, he was relaxed.

“I could have shot you.” He hides his gun inside his socks. They both behaved like nothing has happened. Like it's normal.


Do they always carry weapons? I thought.

“Always,” Mark said while joining the Hunter on the stairs. They both were sitting on the stairs and blocked the path.

“What are you doing here?” Mark asked.

“Warming up.” Hunter turned and flashed me his charming smile.

“So you always warm up like this?” Mark's voice suddenly changed. He was taunting Hunter.

“This is what I have been doing since......”

“Since last year.” Mark finished his statement and he nodded. “I keep myself acquainted of every person around me.” He spoke as if, it was a well-known fact that shut Hunter up. All Hunter did, was to nod. “One wrong move and you will regret it.” Mark checked his shoelace and giving me his infamous intense look and jogged away from us.

“Yes sir,” Hunter muttered looking guilty.

“What was that?” I finally spoke.

“You are still here?” Hunter asked but he didn't turn around.

“Is everything OK?” I joined him on steps.

“Everything is absolutely OK.” He shrugged off.

His reply reminded that for people around here, I am an outsider, and I am not their family. I didn't say much. I just sat beside him and witness the peaceful sunrise after a long time. People were jogging and looked ready for morning training.

“You are a family now.” Suddenly, Hunter spoke but it was confusing. Why did he say that?

“Savannah was never like this. Yes, she did have trust issues but it wasn't like this. It's all because of Emily.” He continued. “Savannah was young when she saw her mother giving all the love to someone else. She wanted to be loved by her mother but her mother choose wealth over them.”

“Maybe her mother didn't have a choice,” I remarked.

“Who knows? Her mother never share her feelings with anyone. -----She's a strong woman.”

“They are still in touch?” It was astonishing.

“Yes, she comes here sometimes and every time Savannah runs away.” He laughed.

I joined him to laugh. It was good to laugh. At least, someone was talking to me. I was fed up with not talking to anyone. Sophia and Jennifer tries to talk to me but I just couldn't forget their words, still, I try to behave politely with them.

“How's baby silver?”

“That girl is a pain in my ass. I can't believe she was sick 3 days back.”

“Wow, you know such words.” He really looked amused.

“Everyone knows that.”

“You are different from Emily.” He said as if he was waiting for any reaction.

“Why everyone compares me with her?” I was disheartened about being compared to a deceased person.

“Because you both enter the house in the same circumstance. You both are Young. Attractive. Woman. And Mr Rogers is a man......”

“With needs.” I finished his statement. I couldn't believe even he thinks about in that way. “I thought you were different but you are like everybody else.” I poked my finger at his biceps.

“Beth, no one is assuming that you are here to be his mistress. He's acting different around you. There's something that no one knows. Only him.” He caught my wrist gently as if he was assuring me. “If he wanted you sexually, he would have had sex with you already. He had Emily on the same night of her arrival. I heard them.”

“I am not into old man.” I snarled.

“Just because he has grey hairs doesn't mean he is old. He's 33.” Hunter broke into a laugh and was actually rolling on grasses.

“But he's appearance......” What to say.

“Everyone appears different. He had his own share of struggle.” He wipes his laughing tears. “Even Savannah.”

“You call her by her name in absence?”

“I never thought she would force me to call her Miss Rogers.”

One wrong move and you will regret it. Mark words echoed in my mind. Finally, I solved the mystery. The meaning of Mark's word.

“You like her.” I was confident as hell.

My statement stiffened Hunter and he became nervous. I could practically see him getting anxious. The way he was rubbing his palm. Everything screams my accomplishment over this theory.

“I need to work on my lying strategies, I guess.” He grinned sheepishly.

“Do you like her?”

“No......” He kneeled in front of me and I met his Black eyes that had raw emotions. “I know I am too young but I love her.”

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