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Your lover

Beth's POV

I was drying my hairs with a towel after the cold shower, recently I took. Winter is coming. Still, I took a cold shower. Maybe to be wide awake. I was planning to wear the clothes later otherwise my dress would be wet from my waist-length hairs. It's been months for me to do a haircut.

Someone pushed the locked door of my room. Must be Jennifer? But she knew that I was taking the bath. It must be definitely Sophia with Sylvia then.

I opened the door to look for Sylvia but it was Mark in his training outfit. It's almost noon, he should be at his job. But he's here and looks furious and was scanning my body. I realized that I am only in a towel. It was embarrassing. My body still has scars, and he's definitely going to Comment on that.

“Aren't you too innocent?” He held the door and prevented me to close it. “You must be in habit of being naked around men.” He snapped suddenly, that caused me wiggling away. “You enjoy making worse decision?” He pushed me back and I held my towel tight. Why he's here? He locked the door, and then he roamed in the room checking the other door and window. “Your lover has attacked my building.” He opened his boxing bandages slowly but didn't look at me. All I did was to stand in the middle of the room and held the towel tight. His behaviour is not normal. “Valerio. When he wasn't able to break the security of this area, so he attacked my building in the city. You must be very precious to him.”

“I am the mother of his child.” I rebelled. Bad decision, again.

“So be the mother of my next child.” He walked towards me taking his vest off and unzipped his cargo pant.

I thought his words were nothing but an empty threat but when he dragged me to my bed, I realize that he's serious.

Is he really going to impregnate me?

I screamed and tightened the grip of my towel. Yet, he continued to drag me to bed by pulling my hairs.

“I have been kind enough to you.” With these words, he threw me on my bed. I crawled away from him, but he climbed on the bed and dragged me beneath him. “Scream Elizabeth. I renovated my house for a purpose.”

I renovated my house for a purpose. These words meant he brought me to warm his bed not for taking care of Sylvia.

He tore my towel into two pieces when he was unsuccessful in taking it away from me. I bite his hand, but he grabbed my wrist and caged me in between his well-built biceps.

I was naked beneath his half-naked body, and he was hovering over me. He looked down at me with desire and licked his dry lips before he started kissing me on my neck.

I wasn't going to give up. I struggled and tried to kick him but his weight was twice or maybe much more than me. I hardly reached to his chest with my 5.2 height. He must be more than 6.2.

He shrieked and bite me on my collar bone. Love bites. No, it is not a love bites. He's going to rape me. His junior was getting hard. I could feel him. The fact that his cargo pant is unzipped wasn't helping me at all.

He pushed his manhood near my vagina and that was the time it became hard to even breath.

I could see the face of all those who forced me. They were moaning and looked happy.

I am in the dungeon.


I wasn't able to breathe. My surrounding were getting dark. Everything is blurry now. I can't move my body.


“Elizabeth, calm down.” I heard someone from far.

“Shh........” The voice was so soothing.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth.” The voice is He and he was calling me.

“I was angry. Calm down.” His voice was layered with concern.

“Breath.” I felt his hands on my cheeks.

“I am.......” I welcomed the dark light.


“Mama...” Sylvia? Poor baby. She sounds so tired.

“Yes baby Silver, mama is sleeping.” Hunter? “When she'll be up?” He sounds depressing.

“It's been like almost a week. Sylvia is impatient now.” Sophia? She's concern. Sylvia is not fine.

Everyone is here?

“Owww......” Hunter yelled. “She bites me.”

“No matter how good you look dear. Everyone wants their mama.” Sophia cooed.

“Mama.....” Sylvia sounded irritated.

“Stop, teaching here immoral things.” Savannah slammed the door. Maybe she just arrived.

“Dear, how was your exam?” Sophia asked.

“Better. I am here to take my sister.” Her voice had a commanding tone.

“You came with whom?” This boy is next Mark Rogers.

Mark Rogers?

He raped me.



“Can't she stop her drama.” Savannah?

“Savannah come here,” Sophia called.

“Savannah, inform Mr Rogers,” Hunter said.

“I am Ms Rogers.” She screamed and Sylvia was crying out 'mama'.

“Fuck your Ms Rogers things. Call him. Now.” He retaliated and I heard someone pressing a button.

My surrounding sounded extremely noisy. Nurses and doctors were talking to Hunter something I couldn't register, anything. Then everything was dark.


It was hard to open the eyes but I managed to do. I looked around and everything was dark. I tried to get up but then,


I heard someone gasping then lights were on. I closed my eyes. First time, light stung in my eyes and I couldn't move.

“She's awake.” She yelled at the hallway. Slowly I managed to open my eyes and witness the arrival of 2 doctors.

They were checking me and was busy talking among themselves. I just lay there and my eyes followed their activities. It was a middle-aged nurse who gave me water and helped me sit.

“Your daughter is restless. She has been sick as well. We will be shifting both of you together.” A young man doctor said. I couldn't see her clearly with my blurry vision.

A man is here.....

I can't breathe......


“Shh...... I am your doctor.” His touched burns me.

“Jordyn -out. PTSD.” I heard the lady doctor and door shut.

“Breath. “ She held my shoulder. “No one is hurting you.” Her voice was soothing.

I followed her instructions and breath in and out. My throat is parched. My doctor passed me water then I Continue to practice breathing.

“I am Dr Annastasia Harrington.” She gave me her polite smile. “Do you want your daughter?” She asked.

Yes, I want Eli.

I nodded and soon, sleeping Sylvia in her Cream-coloured onesies arrived and without thinking twice, I took her. Although, I wanted Eli but I think, Sylvia is my daughter too.

Before leaving the nurse gave a piece of paper.

Your lover will pay.


I threw that message away and tried to sleep with Sylvia in my arms. She's my redemption.

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