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___ years later

Beth's POV

I could hear the music bombing the mansion. Their happiness was audible but I don't care. I was exhausted. My body was aching. I just wished to sleep no matter where. My feet were paining and my back pain was increasing with every step. Even I didn't have a proper cloth I wore a t-shirt that I found beside to bed last week after they were done with me. It's too cold here and at present walking straight is the most difficult task given to me. The baby was kicking. My vision was blurry. I am thirsty, hungry, tired. Being in my third trimester is not helping me at all.

This is my third pregnancy but I don't want this baby. I love children but I was raped and I am not brave enough to look at the baby that reminds me of my miserable life.

Those monsters never care about my pregnancy. I didn't get to see two babies that were born before. I hate the fact their father's raped me but still, they are my blood.

This morning I was beaten so hard that I felt I would die. I was happy at least everything will be over but here I am walking whenever they are taking me. This is a party and I'm their feast.

It felt like hours before I heard an announcement. I am not able to concentrate on what they were speaking. I wanted help, food, water, sleep but all this is a luxury now.

I miss my home.

I lost the count of how long I am here in this mafia world. No matter what you do ultimately you will be judged by your mistakes.

One mistake and they ruined my everything.

"Get ready, it's your turn now." I heard a male voice. I looked around me to be sure if they are talking to me or the young girl beside me.

"Bitch, I am talking to you. Start walking." I realised that it was my turn so, I started walking towards the stage.

In initial days, I was terrified but now it's regular being sold for the night, by the morning back to the dungeon without food or water. I feel weak and I know that this baby will not survive.

Walking to the centre of the stage, I heard people bidding for me. My price was getting higher. Due to my blurry vision, nothing was visible and this was my chance to escape the reality.

I was lost in my own world so nothing was audible. As soon as I stop at the centre of the stage, I heard someone was weeping but I don't have the courage to look up.

I heard someone was shouting, specifically scolding to whoever. By this time everything was silent and it was the first time and I don't remember how many years that no one was bidding for me.

"She is mine, for tonight." I feel someone holding my wrist. "Hold your women, Rossi." It took me a few second to analyse that I had heard "Rossi".

Before I could see anything around me I was pulled someone towards the stairs and I lost my balance. I embraced what was coming for me.

As soon as I felt the cold tiles touched my stomach, my whole body jolt and a wave of electric current ran in my body. I felt something was coming out of my vagina. Finally, my water broke and soon unbearable pain struck me. I screamed as loud as possible.

Everything around me was stopped, no one is talking. This is the first time that anyone or at least someone reacted over my voice otherwise these monsters enjoy is my screams all night.

"Beth, you ok?" I heard a concerned voice calling my nickname. My vision was blurry with tears and breathing was hard. "Just hold on. I am here. Nothing will happen. Trust me. I promised." Those soft hands were holding me like I will break if they leave me. "I want the best doctor for her" I could hear the command. "Right now." the voice roared.

Somehow I managed to collect my energy to open my eyes but couldn't able to focus for a good amount of time. My pain was unbearable. I tried to look towards the voice and Soon realise it is her. The one who destroyed my life and here now she is here with fake her concern. she is just like everybody else here. A monster.

"Monster" I whispered and tried to push her away.

I think she heard me when I called her because she looked at me with teary eyes. This time I tried to push harder with all my power but I couldn't. I felt a kick. I looked down towards my hand that was over her stomach and find her pregnant.

I try to look at her with my blurry vision, she is glowing. I tried to punch without thinking about a baby but somebody caught my hand and I felt the hard slap on my right cheek. I screamed because someone slapped me while I am at labour pain. It was like breaking into two pieces.

"How could you?" I heard her screaming. "She is pregnant."

"She was hurting you." I heard Antonio Rossi.

"Hold on."I could feel her soft hands holding my hand. "Somebody help...." I heard her for the last time.

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