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Birthday Girl

Beth's POV

“Da.....da” I could hear Sylvia babbling in her baby voice. She's speaking a lot of words in recent days. I haven't seen her father for 4 days. They said I was sleeping for almost 5 days. Doctors were doubting if I went into a coma. Even after my discharge from the hospital, my treatment will continue. I am diagnosed with PTSD and I have to visit my psychiatrist thrice a week. Well, that's only to a psychiatrist but I have to visit in the hospital for other therapy as well. I have been taught how to write.

Yes, they are teaching me how to write and use right hand dominantly. Even exercise. I have a whole chart of my personal diet.

Why Mark is wasting his money on me? The money that he earned with his blood and sweat.

Because he's remorseful.

No, if he was remorseful then he should have apologized instead of doing this twisted way of bribing me. He thinks providing me with expensive health treatment and other needs, he would get away with his crimes.

“Dada is here.” It's Mark. I hate that this is his house. He can go to any room. Even in the room, where I am staying. He changed my room due to my last experience there with him. I am in the guest room.

“Open the fucking door.” He knocked hard and I startled. “Get out of this damn bathroom.” He almost yelled.

“Don't curse in front of kids,” I whispered holding the door of the bathroom. I panicked if he would enter forcefully.

He sighed. “Come out. I am sober. We are leaving for a month.”

“Then what should I do?”

“I have a message for you from Elizabeth junior.” He is irritated, now.

Elizabeth junior.


My baby.

“You call her Elizabeth junior?” I opened the door. But I regretted my decision, he's standing straight in front of me. I tried to shut the door, but he held the door.

“She's your clone with Rossi's soul.” He signalled me to be out of the bathroom. And I obeyed him. I walked with towards Sylvia who was standing with the help of bed. She held the edge of the bed. “Never leave her alone.” He warned.

“Jennifer was her.” I clarified.

“I sent her.” He took out a folded paper from the pocket of his blazer and throw it on the bed. “From Elizabeth junior with love.”

“She wrote it?” I was so happy. My baby can write a complete Letter.

“You Read and tell me.” He shrugged off. “Don't get mad at my daughters.” He warned and gave me sets of instructions but my focus was to read the letter written by my daughter.

“Follow me.” He embraced Sylvia in his arms and walked out of the guest room. I followed him with the letter written by my daughter. He guided us to his office.

“Sit on my chair.” He ordered. It was so confusing that I withered. “Sit on that bloody chair-” He whispered yelled. “With my daughter on your lap.”

I did what he told me to do, holding the letter in my hands, tight. I took Sylvia from him while not looking at him. His eyes remind me of how he was on top of me half-naked. I cuddled my little Sylvia. She was babbling something in her baby voice. I kissed her forehead. Then..................


Mark took our photo. He didn't say anything and looked at the photo without any expression.

Does his facial muscles have any problem?

He never shows any emotion.

“For your lover. Valerio.” He showed me the photo. It looked like we are mother and daughter duo. The baby in the photo looks so happy in the arms of her mother. And the lady looks madly in love with her daughter. The beauty of this photo is out of the world. He kept his mobile phone in the pocket of his blazer.

“It's beautiful.” I was mesmerized with the beauty of the photo. That photo was so clear. Last time, I remember my cell phone doesn't have this type of picture quality.

He got up and walked to his bookshelf and pulled out a black box. Quite huge. He knelt on the floor setting the box in front of him and invited me to join him while opening the box.

I held Sylvia tight, if he hurts me then I don't want Sylvia to get hurt.

“For you. Autumn and Summer.” He pushed that box towards me. I stand there and looked down inside the box that has a frame.

A frame that has my twins footprint. Actually, it's two different frames with different colours.

“Blue one is Autumn and the other one Summer. You lost it. There were two different frames. One was with you and the other was with the hospital. It was hard to convince the hospital authority but somehow, we managed.” He explained.

I knelt down to reach the box and helped Sylvia to sit next to me. Sylvia tried to talk to me but my twins held my complete concentration. It took a moment for me to realize that Sylvia needs my attention too.

“Did you miss mama?” I cooed her. But she was pouting with anger. She held my wrist with her chubby little hands and bite them. “I want to show you something.” I scooped her in my arms and showed her the frames. “That's my babies. My twins.” I kissed her and she gave me a confused look. “One day, I'll tell you about them. They gave a hard time.” I smiled at Sylvia, and she flashed me the world's most peaceful smile and nuzzled with me.

“Happy Birthday Elizabeth,” Mark said. “This box has all your kids belongings.”

“Today is my birthday?” I asked him but he didn't reply. “How do you know that?” Again no answer. “Do you know all my kids?” This time, he nodded. “Can I at least see them?” I begged.

“Only at the right time.” He got up and I know it's a sign that he's about to leave.

“Do you know where is my second child?” I followed him and he nodded. “I want to see my baby.” I sobbed.

“You will but not now.” His voice lacked any emotion.


“I don't trust you.” He walked out of the room.

“But you trust me enough to leave your daughters with me,” I murmured, and he heard that, still he ignored and left me in my misery.

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