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Cares about Me

Beth's POV

Last night, the family gave a private function for my birthday, the only family was invited. Their family. I came to know that I am 23 years old now. Wow. It means I have been captive for 6 years now. I was 18 years and 1 month old when they took me away from everything thing. I was 18 years and 9 months old when I have my first child. I was terrified that Eli wouldn't make as she was premature. But she made it. My brave daughter and I am proud of her.

It was my last event with Mark, shove me a bitter truth, 'I am not even a human' to them. They will never treat like one. So I moved out of the guest room and shifted back to my old room where Mark forced me. I doubt, what Mark would have done to me after I lost my consciousness. This room hold my journey that how from a captive, I became comfortable with this hostile environment.

I didn't accept everyone to be so-called caring towards me. They all continued whispering in my absence and when they see me, they all become quiet and tries to distract me. Well, I know their thoughts about me, so they shouldn't be worried about my opinion.

“Don't you have gym clothes?” Hunter brought me to reality.

I was actually looking for breakfast ingredients for Savannah in the refrigerator when he questioned. This is shocking. Savannah never allows him inside the house.

What the hell he is doing here?

“Mr Rogers's order.” He shrugged off. “I heard you.”

“Why do you want me to wear gym clothes?”

“Mr Rogers want you to learn self-defence. Your security cost him more than he thought. You know, younger Rossi brother is stubborn as hell. He is ready to burn his empire for you.”

“Valerio?” I was really surprised to discover that Valerio was trying to reach out for me. “I thought he hates me.”

“No one hates the mother of their child.” He pulled out milk and pour it to the glass. “Especially when he always wanted to marry you.”

He always wanted to marry you.

“Who told you that?”

“Everyone knows that.” He said it like it's the only truth.

“Everyone?” I raised my eyebrows and was very angry. “Except me. Why he didn't help me?”

“Everyone thought that you are dead. Later, Valerio took your revenge from that doctor and everyone else involved in your disappearance and now, Mr Rogers is looking for your twins father.”

That's new!!!!

Do they care about me?

“How do you know all this?” I raised my eyebrows. I wanted him to know that if this is a lie then he's failing to convince me. This all seems a lie.

“Nobody.” He let out a frustrated sigh and sat on a stool. “I noticed,” He added. “I am not their part. They just take me with them a few times, to tell me the face of the clients so if any of them is found near Savannah in school then I could to do the job.”

“You are not their part?” I mocked him.

“I know, it's hard for you to believe me. That was a lot. I am sorry. And trust me, no one here thinks anything bad or filthy or whatever about you. You are just like us who wants a fresh start.”

“Fresh start?” This is getting funny now. I let out a dry laugh. “You think I am here to have a fresh start?”

“I don't know if Mr Rogers has told you this or not, but I am here to make my personal amends with you.” He looked disappointed. “They are training me because that's what they do for the kids when their parents join them. Gran joined him, I didn't. I was just a good student to them.” He looked right in my eyes. “I don't know much about it but Younger Rossi is crazy to get you back and Mr Rogers is blocking him. They both are fighting for you. All I can say is that Mr Rogers is not a bad person. He's not expressive.”

“Although, he's not expressive, but he expresses his lust very well,”

“It's harder than I assumed.” He finished his glass. “Get ready. I have to teach you about shooting.”

“Why?” Nothing is making sense.

“Not every time, guards are around you.” He called to the drawing-room. “Are you changing?” He yelled.

“I don't have any gym clothes,” I replied. “Sylvia?”

“Gran is coming. Hurry up. I have to work with Miss Rogers after you.” He almost dragged me in my pyjama.

He made me jogged for twice. I covered the area and discover a lot. I haven't seen a lot in this 'friendly neighbourhood'. They have their own clinic, shops, lots of parks and even primary school. Mark Rogers owns a big piece of land.

How did he manage when he had nothing in the beginning?


Security firm?

Later, Hunter taught me basic of shooting. That morning Mark actually unlocked the gun before opening the door and today, I am learning the same but with one hand. My body agonized from the amount of hard work I did.

“It is the easiest part of training.” Hunter taunted me every time. “Savannah does much more than you.”

“But she doesn't train in the morning then when?” I mocked him.

“Weekends. Every kid and women here who is not active member trains on weekends.” He said while collecting the mess.

“Then why you train every morning?”

“Because I want to.” He winked at me. “I am an excellent student.”

“I am tired,”

“I know.” He turned his back and signalled me to climb at his back.

“I'll pass. Thank you.” I started walking and he followed me.

“I am always so happy to help.” He moved faster than me and while the way I tried to match him but I couldn't, I was hell tired.

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