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She's Mrs Rossi

Valerio's POV

“Mr Rossi, you are not cooperating.” Dr Anastasia Harrington complained. If I hadn't been in love with my Beth, I would have fucked her till now. But no one is delicate like Beth. No one matches her innocence. “Do love your Beth or not?” She questioned.

What the fuck!!!!!

How dare she questioned my love for Beth. Of course, I love her. She's my Mrs Rossi. I would never imagine anyone else as my Mrs Rossi. I know, this bloody doctor is testing me. But I can't afford to lose myself again.

“Never ask that again,” I warned the Auburn haired doctor.

“This is what I was talking about. Your anger.....” She started her speech again. She's too sexy to be a doctor. Actually, she's my new psychiatrist. My shitty previous psychiatrist failed. I wanted to kill him but Kate introduced me to this sexy doctor.

“Are you even listening to me?” She looked amused and I chuckled as the reply. “I know, you love her and you never wanted to do any of those things to her but, to claim her back, you need to work on yourself first.”

“I never wanted to hurt her,” I whispered. I was damn guilty. She had to face a lot because of my-unstable-self. I always knew that my-unstable-self will cause problems for my family but I never thought that I could destroy an innocent life.

“Ma'am, your next appointment.” Her assistant interrupted us.

“Yes, I know.” She dismissed the intruder. “Anyone can tell that you love her. And I can tell you are not taking your medicine. If it continues, then I am afraid that I would suggest to your family about the rehab centre.”

“I can't afford that.” This rehab is a better option but I can't leave my daughter with that manipulating bitch, Nancy. And Mark Rogers is a bigger issue. I have this feeling that Mark is up to something bigger. It could be his revenge. Abigail left him for Leo and now, he's using Beth for his bloody revenge.

“Then start co-operating.” She closed my file. “Don't forget about medicine. Exercise.”

“I'll never be normal,” I told her before heading out of the room.

“Bipolar is a lifetime commitment but it can be managed.” She assured me.

Mark Rogers welcomed me standing crossed arms in his chest. He gave an amused look. Everybody knows nothing is hidden from him. His bloody intelligence service.

“Someone decided to seek treatment.” He mocked me. I am sure that, he's here to more about my mental condition.

“Doc, are you breaching the patient's privacy?” I immediately asked my psychiatrist, who is standing behind me with a welcome smile for my enemy.

“I am not interested in your private mental health.” Rogers taunted me.

His presence, his voice, hiked my heartbeat. I feel hot and I desperately want to kill this bastard.

“You are harassing him,” Doc warned Rogers, and he looked happy. “Deep breath, Valerio. For Beth. For Eli.”

I did what she instructed. This is for my Beth, my Eli. My family.

“She's not yours,” Rogers warned me. Definitely, he's talking about Beth. His every word appeared as if he had already claimed her.

Him and Beth together. This picture made me lose my fucking temper, and I was about to kill that bastard but someone held my shoulder.

It was Kate with Evie. Evie was resting her head on her mothers shoulder and was looking everywhere possible. She was drooling. She's so much like Eli.

Breath in.

Breathe out.

For Beth.

My family.

“She's Mrs Rossi,” I challenged Rogers.

Rogers looked satisfied and went inside laughing. Doc followed him.

“I thought, he's a good man. But I was wrong.” Kate said.

“He's not important,” I said. “Did you talk to Antonio about Beth?” We walked to the parking area.

“Yes, he's regretful of what he did to her, but he wants our daughter first then he will go for Beth.” She sounded desperate.

“There's something wrong. It was Rogers who informed us that Beth was the one who gave information about you and twins but even after all this, she sticks to her statement.” I explained Kate. “I think, Rogers, framed her.”

“Why would he do that?” She looked shocked. “I know, you love her. Even I love her, but because of her, I lost my baby.” She broke into tears. “Still, I forgive her. I am ready to start new. She's like a sister I never had.”

The thought of losing your child is terrifying. I know, the feeling when Eli was born premature. I always thought that once my child is born, I would give it to Kate so that the baby could fulfil Ava's absence, but I was so wrong.

My daughter looked exactly her mother. I fell in love with her and the woman, who gave me my daughter. I immediately wanted her to be mine but next thing, Antonio did is unforgettable. He staged her fake death. But in reality, he sold her to whore house as a breeder.

What my brother did is horrific. She was just 18 years old. Almost a kid herself. She was raped, forced to keep the baby. Innocent girl who knew nothing about us. I do understand that she wanted to help Kate.

Kate and Beth love each other.

Kate has forgiven Beth but what about Beth?

Beth has been through a lot. I doubt if she will ever forgive anyone of us. But I know, she loves Eli a lot, and she would do anything to be with her, even if she has to marry me.

I know, it's not fair that I would be using my daughter to win her but everything is fair in love and war. And I love her so much that I would do everything for her.

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