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Finally Home

Mark's POV

“You surprised us.” Dr Harrington appreciated me as always. She likes the way I always follow the routine. “How do you feel?”

“Never felt so good.” I hugged her. Trust me, 5.9 feet doctor is a perfect example of a brain with beauty. A perfect mother, a perfect girlfriend, and my ideal doctor. But I was astonished to know that she agreed to be the mistress. She is all independent woman. She doesn't need any man in her life.

I know, it's unethical, but I couldn't help myself, so ran a background check on her. I have this habit of running a background check of people around me, for safety reasons. I want to be prepared for everything possible, not willing to repeat the same mistake again.

Poor doctor. First betrayed by her husband and now, she's s a mistress.

“One last question?” I couldn't deny her and nodded, signalling that I am ready to answer all her question. “How's Ginger?” She asked.

“She seemed better.”

“Does she know about your rehabilitation program?”

“No one knows this.” I sat comfortably on the couch. “She has her own issues to handle.” I was trying hard to control myself, but curiosity wins. “How is Elizabeth Bell?” I finally questioned.

“I am not breaching my patient's privacy.” She warned and continued to focus on my paperwork. “She's your Ginger.” It was a statement rather than a question.

“She's Beth as well.”

“You both are playing with fire. One has bipolar and the other one has anger issues. She is already suffering from PTSD. It will backfire.”

“I don't give a shit. Just tell me, if she's good for any physical contact?” This doctor can be frustrating sometimes.

“I am not telling you this.” She closed my file. This is a gesture that she was done checking my file and I can leave without listening to her preachings.

I snatched my file and muttered 'thanks' to her and left that bloody suffocating office of hers. Victor must be waiting for me. Finally, I could see my family. Ginger. Elizabeth. But before that, I have to take my stuffs. It is like any other busy day, but today is special. I am going home. Finally. But I have been sitting for almost half an hour and my stuff has not arrived yet.

It was Dr Harrington who brought my bag with herself. She was followed by none other than, Ryan Harrison. Casanova. They are going to fuck each other senselessly. She bid her bye and went with him.

Sometimes, it's hard to understand her situation. Her son calls father to James Carter, and she is friends with benefits with Ryan Harrison but her ex-husband is Winter Morris.

I am waiting for you. Victor texted me.

Victor García has always been a talkative, carefree person. We have been together for like an hour, but he hadn't spoken anything ridiculous. I know, something is bothering him, and he needs my help, but he lacks courage. He is anxious today.

“Do what to talk about it?” I finally decided to break the silence. “Speak.”

“Jenny is pregnant.” He sighed. “We were just having fun. I was never serious.” He justified his stupidity. This man is a playboy, who was attracted to Jennifer from the beginning. Once, he bedded her, he didn't stop. Sometimes, she was not able to walk. He is a sex-craved man. She was not ready to involve with anyone. Now, she is pregnant and needs the father of her unborn baby.

“Actually, you were having fun. She is always serious about you.” I informed him my side. If he doesn't support her, I'll support her. She doesn't need a Coward. She is a capable woman. And I chose her over him.

“You always know everything.” He gave a nervous laugh. “I don't want a child now.”

“You don't have to worry about the child. She will do without you.” I tell him.

“How do you know that?” He sounded disgruntled. “Fuck! I'll have to watch that kid all of my life.”

“Victor, it was you who seduced her. It was again you who wanted to involve with her sexually. It is all you who like raw sex. So, why to be afraid of consequences?” He needs to learn to take the responsibility.

“You are talking about the consequences.” He let out a dry humourless laugh. “You are the one who is afraid of facing the music.”

“That's why I sought anger management therapy.” I justified myself.

“That is for your own satisfaction but what about the victim?” He parked the car aside. “Confess before it's too late.” He looked right into my eyes. “And I am not leaving my kids and their mother.”

“Even Neil?” He smiled at my question. “You won't regret having them,” I assured him.

“I am not ready to settle down but I want to have a family of my own. I think it's time for me to settle down.” He gears up the car.

“We are going to Williams.”

“What?” He looked stunned. “We have enough dogs. They all are healthy and young. You don't have to bring new mates for us.”

“You will know soon.” I smiled thinking about my family and surprise for them. I know, they will love it. Especially, her. She needs this.

Victor is not as stupid as sometimes he pretends to be. “It's for her.”

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