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Kate's POV

I think, Rogers, framed her.

These words kept echoing in my brain. I do feel something is not right. What if Valerio is right? What if everything that has happened was a just misunderstanding? And we all were played.

It means Beth was innocent all this time. My conscience screamed.

If this is true then nothing will ever be the same. Beth will never forgive us. She has a good heart but she would never forgive the person who ruined her everything. She trusted me with her life and I left her when she needed me the most.

Vicky died like a homeless person. That 12-year-old kid cried all night in the attic, which also happened to be their room. She was in pain. I went to their uncle to take Vicky, but she was already dead and didn't receive a proper funeral. I never wanted this to happen to any of them.

Beth doesn't know this. She would be shattered. Everything was for her sister's treatment. She lost Vicky as well as Eli.

"Zia, I want a baby too." Eli pouted. "Like Evie."

"Then you have to ask papa for that." I cooed this clone of Beth.

"Abigail said that Mommy and papa will give me a lot many babies." She grinned.

"Yes, princess. As many as you want." Valerie brought coffee for me and joined us.

"Papa, I want mommy. She sang me a lullaby that day." She requested her like always.

"I miss her too, Princess." He kissed his daughter. "Why don't you practice with Evie?"

"Yes. I'll be the best sister ever." She went to Evie, who was rolling on the blanket on the grasses with Elijah.

"Sometimes, I feel Beth never left us." I was enjoying the beautiful scenery. "She was like this."

"How you two became friends?" Valerio took a sip of his coffee. "You know, the age gap. She was 18 and you were already in the twenties."

"She came to ask for a job in the book store. I was pursuing my degree at the time."

Her red puffy eyes got my interest. Although, we didn't have any place but I felt that she needed the help, so I convinced Mrs Marlow, the owner to gave her any job. And to my surprise, she agreed.

I was seeing Antonio at that time. He was keeping distance and Beth was there to support me like a sister. She became my sister later when Antonio left me pregnant.

"Hey, Valerio." Nancy interrupted. "Can I take Eli with me?" She asked.

"No," I replied. "As you see, she's busy. She's always busy." I have already myself clear that Eli is never going back to her, but she keeps pursuing her. Eli is not a trophy that requires to be claimed. She's a 5-year-old kid who wants an actual mother.

"I am talking to the father," Nancy replied with a fake sweet voice.

"Kate told you. She's busy. She's practising how to be a big sister." He said with pride.

I know, he loves Beth but if Beth that she decides doesn't want to be with him, I would support her. He is planning to get married to her and also to have at least 5 kids but Beth may not be fine with this.

"What the fuck he is doing here?" Valerio complained. "Rogers."

Mark is here?

I turned to look and find that man talking to my husband. They both looked engaged in a serious conversation. Sometimes, I doubt Mark. I feel like he's playing with us. He owns the best intelligence services, still, he fails to find my daughter for bloody 6 years.

"We have to find out then." I got up to join my husband and signalled Valerio to join us.

"I am good here." He said.

Rossi brothers were known to have a strong bond but Antonio destroyed it. He betrayed his brother. Now, this news is spread like a forest fire. They both need to work on each other. But their ego. None of the brothers is ready to take the first step for peace.

I left him with Nancy who was busy in convincing him to let her spend a few hours with his daughter. I know he is not going to agree. Not after, what she did when Beth left. That bitch tried to sell his daughter a lie that Beth never loved her and will never be back.

"So what is the news?" I questioned Mark.

"I have a question." He looked confident. "Where is Cheryl?" He looked at Antonio. "Your first wife."

It is impossible. She can't do that. She left for Berlin. That's what Antonio said. And if she has my daughter, she's so dead. I will kill her with my own hands.

"I don't know. Last thing, I know about her that she was in Berlin." Antonio replied placing his hands on my waist.

"She's missing. Like she never existed." Mark looked amused.

What is so amusing about that witch?

"I don't care. I want my daughter." I snapped.

"Of course, that was the deal." Mark took out his phone and type something. It seems like he was texting someone. "Cheryl is someone who has a strong motive."

"How are you, Mrs Rossi?" Mark's friend asked. "I am Victor. And this little one is for Eli." He was carrying a puppy.

"Elizabeth," Mark called Eli.

Eli looked at us and ran towards us. She didn't look at us. Her attention was captured by a little white Labrador puppy, who was busy in scratching his eyes.

"That's snow." Mark gave Snow to Eli that resulted in her beaming expression. "Your mama wanted you to have a dog."

"Is he mine?" She questions like she was singing a song. And Mark nodded. "Mommy is best. I love her." She hugged him.

Mark hugged her back like, he's holding his own daughter. He kissed her forehead and looked at her like, he adores her. Like she's his daughter. Like she's world's most precious thing.

"What is your intention?" Valerio was almost ready to kill him.

Oh, no... His mood swings.

"Eli is here." I reminded my brother-in-law.

"You don't have to worry about that. My intention is good." He said and bid byes.

I know that look he gave to Eli. The same look Antonio gives to Elijah, and Valerio to Eli, as if she's Mark's daughter. Whatever his intentions are, they are good only for him, not for us. He's up to something bigger.

"I'll be back soon."

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