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Woman of his Life

Savannah's POV

“Is that what you want?” I heard a man breathing hard. The voice coming from the room upstairs. It was unusual, no one uses that room. Who is there?

“Faster.” I heard. Is it Emily? “Harder.” She moaned.

Oh God, dad and she, but this the first time, he's having sex with her in the day. They usually have sex in her room which is a soundproof room. So that I don't have to hear any immoral voice.


I ignored the voice and went to the kitchen to eat something. I have to sure that whatever I do, that have to be quiet. I don't want to disturb them. It would be so embarrassing.

Out for a week. Take care.-


He left a note sticking on the refrigerator.

If dad is out, then who is there upstairs?

Emily would never cheat on him. She said she loves him.

My inquisitiveness took to the bedroom whose door a closed half-opened. I viewed Emily having sex with another man.

He was thrusting in and out of her. They were naked. But it all looked so good. He was furiously pushing himself inside her. This view gave my lower tummy a somersault.

So this is how real sex looks like?

Wow! It looks good. I have watched lots of porns, but they were nothing compared to this view. But looks painful and pleasurable at the same time.

Is she enjoying it?

“You are heaven, doll.” He said and kissed her. Even, she kissed him back.

Oh, God!

This woman is cheating on Dad. I need to tell him. I rushed to my room to call dad. But it wasn't so quiet. They heard me.

“Someone is there.” He said. I think, they stopped their act of infidelity.

I walked as fast as possible and called Dad, but he didn't receive my call. I need to tell him. I called him again but then, the door opened by a man who was wearing only his cargo pants.

Shit, she's having an affair with Miles. Her bodyguard. This woman! Now, I doubt if she's having my sister?

“He will not receive your call, baby.” His voice was dripped of danger.

Emily came inside the room and hugged me. She was crying. Now, she's crying after her truth is out.

“Trust me, I really do love, Mark.” She said. “Miles, go. It was a mistake.”

“So what we have been doing for the past 3 months?” He raised his voice.

“I am sorry. I just wanted to be loved. And I love Mark.” She was sobbing.

“You bitch.” I pushed her away. This woman is wearing only a t-shirt, that definitely doesn't belong to my dad. “You both will pay.”

“I'll clean this mess.” Miles came towards me gripped my neck and started strangling me.

It was difficult to breathe.

“Miles, let her go. She's a kid. Mark would already know my infidelity.” She is trying to free my neck from him but Miles was determined to kill me.

“Shut up, bitch.” He slapped her and she fell down. He hurt a pregnant lady. He dragged her out of the room and closed the door. I tried to get out of the room, but he didn't allow me. He locked the door and unzipped his cargo pants. “Let's have fun before you die.”

“Miles, she will not tell anyone about you.” Emily was banging the door.

She was begging. That pregnant lady was trying to save me. We both know what he wants.

“You will regret it,” I warned him.

I hit him, but he caught my hand and punched me. I felt hopeless. Even Emily's voice is not audible. She left me. I will haunt her after my death.

“Miles, don't touch her.” Emily was standing at the door. She opened the door. She went to take the keys. She's not leaving me.

“Then it's your last day as well.” He pushed her to the ground and kicked her stomach. “And bye-bye baby.” He kicked again.

She screamed and held her stomach. I went to help her, but he was much more powerful. He didn't stop and I could see sticky liquid on her thighs.


Miles was on the floor with a bullet on his head. He's dead.

“Emily, I am here,” Dad said and held her in his arms in bridal style.

“Our baby.” Emily was crying. “I am sorry.”

“Shh... Everything is fine.” Dad cooed her. “Savannah, follow us.”

“I love you. I really do.” Her voice was weak.

“I know. We can talk later.” Dad kissed her forehead and laid her down on the back seat of the car. “Just don't lose hope. I am not going anywhere.”

I sat in the passenger seat beside and saw dad ordering his staff. He ignited the car to reach the hospital.

It's been almost a year. That day, Sylvia was born and Emily died. Emily choose Sylvia over herself, and she kept apologizing to us. She really did love dad and was buried as Mrs Emily Rogers.

She was really excited about the wedding but unfortunately, she dead.

Sylvia doesn't look like Emily at all. She had brown hair but Sylvia had Black hair just like Dad. Even I have blonde hair.

That day, I realized how it feels to hold your baby sister. She was so small and so weak that doctors gave up on her. But she's a survivor. My sister has proved this all of her life. She survived when Miles tried to kill her, she even survived when the doctor gave up. She's a Rogers. A fighter. Like, Dad.

Every night, I come to see her. To assure me that Beth is not harming my sister. But today, Sylvia is sleeping in her crib. Usually, she cuddles with Beth every night.

I looked at the watch, 4:30 a.m. It's time for Beth. She does this every night/ morning, whenever she sleeps.

“Help.......” Beth cried.

Beth does this exactly at this time. I guess, that's why dad renovated the house before her arrival because he knew she wouldn't put such things. And he didn't want us to be disturbed by her.

“Please.......” She cried.

I can see that she's in pain, trying to leave her past behind but I can notice what my father is doing. His business is not my business but now, he is making his business, personal now.

She's now his personal business.

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