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Tinker Bell

Beth's POV

“Are you OK?” Jennifer asked.

I wanted to tell her that my head hurts. It aches so bad that I feel like I haven't slept for years. I can not concentrate on a single thing. But instead, I forced a smile. I conclude that I should have a nap; after Savanna leaves for school.

“Would you convince him for this school trip?” Savannah was requesting Jennifer. This is something new. Usually, Miss Rogers is authoritative.

“He is your father. He won't like my interference.” Jennifer shrugged off.

“But he treats you as a sister. Then why he would be angry? At least, try.”

“Because it's about his Princess,” Jennifer said with a fake drama voice, and she's a very bad actor.

“Whatever.” Savannah left.

“Hunter is not here yet,” I said.

“She will wait for him,” She was talking to herself as if she was thinking hard. She looked worried. “She will leave without him. It won't be good for her.”

“Is everything fine?” I asked her. It was sudden. But I really do care for her. “Maybe I can help.”

“Yes. Everything is absolutely fine. You don't have to worry about me.” She tried to sound enthusiastic but she failed.

I didn't force her to tell me, but I hoped if she could share her problems with me. If She could trust me. It was a harsh reality, but they don't treat me as their family.

“I am pregnant.” She sounded guilty and hung her head low as if being pregnant is a crime. “I am pregnant again.” She broke into tears. “I am pregnant again.” She kept chanting.

“That's fantastic news.” I hugged her. “Being a mother is the best part of being a woman's life. You won't regret this baby.”

“He doesn't want this baby. The father........ He ran away when I told him.”

“It's his loss. He is going to miss something incredible.”

“Just because I ran away doesn't mean I don't want my child.” It is definitely Victor. I turned to see him standing in his training clothing with a Golden Retriever puppy. “Yes, I am not ready to be a father, but I am not a coward. I do want to look at the child I created. That's my baby too. And. I am not going anywhere. We are in this together.”

The puppy was looking everywhere and was astonished. That's adorable. Wondering what's going on?

“Hold her.” Victor gave the puppy to me. “Elizabeth Bell meet Tinker Bell.”


Before I could say anything thing, I witnessed him hugging Jennifer, who looked more like crying mess.

I should give them privacy.

I was so surprised to know that Victor is the father. He looked a bit reckless to me. Actually, I never imagined him to be so mature. But we can't judge a book by its cover. He is here, ready to be a father to his child.

Jennifer told me that her husband left for a younger woman. Finally, she gets her safe haven. It must be hard for her to even think about settling down with another man when you dreamt of the only man in your life.

I prayed the best for her.

I set Tinker down, and she started running. She ran around anywhere possible for her little body. Her bell was ringing every time, she jumped to climb on the couch. It was a failed attempt, but she's not ready to give up.

“I see, Sylvia has a competitor now.” Sophia entered with Sylvia who looks amused to see the tinker. “Who is this little one?” She bends down to have a clear view of a little puppy.

Tinker tried to bark but it sounded so cute. Sylvia clapped and tried to reach out for Tinker, but she ran away. She continued to roll on the floor and Sylvia tried to catch her every time.

“I don't want this bitch to ruin my carpet,” Mark yelled.

Sylvia ran to me and hugged my legs. But Tinker stares at the hazel-eyed man who looks a bit younger for his age now. His skin is glowing and hair looks more black.

Where was he?

He picked up Tinker from her neck like he's lifting a rubbish and gave her to me. After a brief examination of the 'precious carpet' of his house, he looked relaxed.

“Teach your bitch.” He warned me.

“No bad words in front of Sylvia.” I requested.

“Then enlightened me what do we call a female dog?”

“Bi---shh” Sylvia stammered.

“Yes silver, we call them bitch.” Finally, Mark cooed his toddler daughter.

“Don't teach her such words,” I told him. This is his innocent daughter, and he's teaching her this.

He ignored me and reached to his daughter who was hugging my legs. He tickles her and hugged her along with me. I almost lost my balance and caught the nearest thing available for my support.

His shoulder.

I held his shoulder from both of my hands, yet he continued to ignore me and hugged his daughter. He was talking to her in a cute baby voice. This is the first time, I am watching his soft side. Things are changing. It's not that Mark Rogers to which I am used to.


Victor took picture of us.

“I like it this way,” Victor smirked.

“Mr Rogers, Savannah was talking about trip......” Jennifer rushed out.

“You both can leave for this week.” Mark interrupted. “Savannah is going on this trip with Sophia.” He looked at me.

He knelt down in front of me and was giving me a lustful look. Our position was making me uncomfortable. He was too close for my comfort zone. His face was near my stomach and I could feel his breath lingering on my dress.

I need to leave.

I held Sylvia's hand and went to her nursery. Tinker followed us and was facing difficulty in climbing the stairs.

“Where were you?” I heard Sophia. Her worried voice was directed towards Mark.

I didn't bother myself to listen to their conversations and took Sylvia with me to her room. I settle her in the crib, while Tinker rolled in the floor. Finally, decided to bring food for both of them, when I went down, I heard Sophia's fearful voice.

“What games you are playing Mark?” Sophia asked.

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