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Losing Him

Beth's POV

“Is it necessary?” Savannah pointed at Sophia. “I mean, she's old. Gran should rest.”

“I am still working as a nurse. Dear.” Sophia mocked. “At your school.”

“She should rest. It's not good for her health.”

“So that she could fuck that football captain,” Hunter whispered in my ears. It's jealousy, I can tell. He loves her that's why, undoubtedly he would never want her to be with any other guy.

Yet, this piece of information widened my eyes. 'Miss Rogers' was trying to convince her father from last 4 days that Sophia should rest at this age. 'She can manage without Sophia' she argued. Suddenly, everyone is so concerned about our old lady. Especially, Miss Rogers.

“At least, think about Sylvia. I love my baby sister a lot and that is why is free Sophia from my responsibility, so that could take care of her.” Savannah finally announced.

“Fine, then Hunter, you should departure. My daughter is not coming,” Mark ordered. “Have fun. Son.”

Hunter nodded and started taking Savannah's luggage out of his jeep. Sophia sat in the back seat as if this has nothing to do with her.

After this failed attempt of her, Savannah gave up and sat in the passenger seat, next to Hunter. Mark stood without any expression. Eventually, things were settled down and all three of them left.

Mark went inside without looking at me. He hadn't talked to me since the day of his arrival. Most of the time, he usually ignores me and trains Tinker. He takes Tinker somewhere with him. He is out for hours. It all appears that he is trying to ignore me.

Well! It's a good sign. I don't have to face him then.

But it doesn't feel right.

It's been hours, that everybody is gone. Jennifer and Victor went to her home town to tell their news of marriage and kids are with Sophia to the school trip to somewhere they didn't tell me, of course. Like always.

I am left alone.

Sylvia was sleeping, so I made my bed beside her on the floor and waited for sleep to consume me but then, I felt everything was shaking. It's suffocating. The room is covered with a cloud of smoke.


“Mama.....” Sylvia cried out.

I held her tight and ran to the main door. Tinker was hiding beneath the sofa. I called her and she followed me. I held both of them and got out of the house. We are outside the house in the.

But, He is not here.


He was in his office.

People were gathering around us and was asking about us but I was concern about Mark. I looked around to find him, but he's not available.

Is it safe?

“Mark?” I called him, hoping that he would be here and will come to us. “Where is he?” I asked the only known face. August. “What is happening?”

August didn't reply me. He was busy taking out his Glock as if someone is going to shoot us.

“I want Mark.” I wailed.

No one is here. Sophia. Jennifer. Victor. Hunter. And no Mark. I would be alone.

“He is safe.” I heard someone. They are talking to me but I want Mark. I could believe only if I see him.

“August?” I heard Mark's voice. He was still inside the house. If he is safe then why he is still inside?

I couldn't understand anything. Without thinking twice, I raced towards the house holding Sylvia and Tinker to find Mark.

August tried to stop me but I had made my decision. I will see Mark and no one is stopping me. I gave Sylvia to him and left Tinker to roam around.

I will look for Mark.

By this time, things look quite normal. Nothing is shaking vigorously. I opened every door of the house to find the owner of this house.

I am getting impatience.

“What the hell are you doing here?” It is Mark. Yes, it's his voice.

I followed the direction of the voice to find him standing in the middle of the kitchen. Kitchen was burning. And my heart too.

But, he is absolutely fine. Safe.

I didn't waste any time and hugged into him. He stiffened. It was so scary thinking that I would never find him. Thinking that I lost him. Never would see him.

“I thought I lost you.” I wept.

“Shh.....I am safe. Unharmed.” He caressed my hair and hugged me back. “I am here. I am not leaving. Not now, not ever.”

He pulled out from our hug and wiped my tears then, hugged me again. This time, tighter. I continue to cry and held him closer. I was literally scared that if I would loosen my grip on him, he would leave.

“Where is Silver and Tinker?” He inquired.

“August,” I murmured.

“Come on.” He kissed my forehead and guide us to his car.

August was trying to calm my little Sylvia down. Tinker was shivering as well.

I took Sylvia and Mark held Tinker.

“Sit in the car with them, I am coming.” He said.

“Don't go,”

“I need to make a few calls about the house. The mess needs to be clean.”

I sat in his Ashton Martin with Sylvia and Tinker. Sylvia was busy playing with my hair and Tinker was sitting quietly like a good puppy near my foot on the carpet of the car.

“House will be fixed by the end of this week,” Mark informed. “We will be in my apartment in the city. Kids will be back by then but Jenny and Victor may take some time more.” He gears up the car and drove us to the city.

Traffic was another headache and his luxury apartment lies in the heart of the city. It's a new city. I have never been in this city. It means I am far from my home town.

“Have a bath.” He opened the door of the bedroom. “You can wear any clothes from my wardrobe. Give bath to Sylvia and Tinker as well.”

He didn't look at me at all and left us in his apartment alone.

Where is he going?

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