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Need Him

Beth's POV

“There is only one bedroom. All of you can take the bed. I will sleep on the couch.” He continues cleaning the dishes.

“That's uncomfortable.” I was helping him.

“It means you don't have any problem sharing a bed with me?”

“No.” I panicked. He's a man with needs. “I meant you can sleep on the bed, I can sleep on the couch.”

“My daughter likes to cuddle with you. How will she sleep there?” He reminded. “Don't you know, how to tie the hair?” This time his voice has expression. Disgust expression. “Your wet hair is ruining my floor.”

“I can't.” I showed him my left hand. Enlightening him that I'm almost a handicap now. “I am trying to do the task with my single hand. Soon, I'll be an expert.”

He left everything, dried his wet hands and went to the bedroom. Like always, it was hard to read his expression. He has always been like this, or at least from the day I have seen him for the first time but from past days, I really do want to know what he is thinking?

“Turn around.” He ordered. I find him with a rubber band and hairbrush. That's amusing. He wants to tie my hair. “I raised Savannah alone.” He touched my hair, but did nothing. “Don't you need a haircut?”

“I don't know. Maybe. What you think about it?”

“I like it longer. Open.” He muttered absent-mindedly. “I have many ideas about it.” He was mesmerized.

“Care to share those ideas?” I turned to look at him.

He gave me a mischief smile. It's a rare sight to witness. He never does that. Actually, he rarely expresses himself. Series of struggle at a young age made him like this. Maybe.

“I have a lot of ideas for you.” He leaned on the kitchen counter and folded his manly hand over his well-built chest.

“Why all of a sudden you look younger?” I babbled.

“Maybe-I start taking care of myself.”

“Why?” I stood at my place. We barely have any gap between us.

“You tell me.” He reached for my left hand and started playing with my left two fingers. “If you are comfortable, can I touch you?” He whispered as if it's a secret. “I will never hurt you.”

I was too mesmerized with his hazel eye that I couldn't form any word. I just nodded. And there, he gave a genuine smile.

He leads us to the couch in the living room and made me sit.

“I like you in my shirt.” He switched on the T.V. and started looking for something to entertain us.

“Music would be fine,” I said.

“Music then.” He sat on the couch comfortably and pulled me near him, slowly. I know, he is testing if I get scared. He laid down adjusting himself leaving enough space and signalled me to lay with him.

I know, this is the same man who was forcing me 2 months back. But today, the thought of losing him was terrifying. Call it Stockholm Syndrome or whatever but now, I really have sympathy for him.

“Do you miss Emily?” I asked him and kept my head on chest. Maybe he would push me. But surprisingly, he held me. I could hear his heartbeat getting faster. He misses Emily.

“She was pretty.” He hummed. “She really does love me a lot. I do miss her sometimes.”

“Did you loved her?”

“Is this an interrogation?” He sounded entertained. “Well! The answer to your question is that I was trying to love her, but she lacked patience.” He sighed. “She cheated on me.”

“It must be hard for you to accept Sylvia.” I looked at the man who was relaxing.

“Sylvia is my daughter. Emily impregnated herself purposely so that I would never leave her. Practically, she raped me. That's why I don't drink now. I learnt my lesson.” He laughed.

“Do you regret Sylvia?” I again lowered my head to keep it on his chest to hear his heartbeat.

“You are trying to know me.” His kiss on my forehead brought my attention to him. “I never regret having my little Sylvia. She brought me you.”

I think I heard him wrong. “You want me?”

“From the very first day I saw you.”

“I don't want to be your Mistress.” I tried to pull out.

“You deserve better.” His gaze had dilated eye. “Can I kiss you?” He looked at my lips.

His question raised my body temperature. I could feel my heart rushing in my chest cavity. Air was running out of my heart.

“Hey..... I would never hurt you.” He cupped my cheeks.

His words were promised. Sincerity and commitment were coated on them.

Should I trust him?

He is the one who bought me like an asset from Rossi brother.

But, he behaves differently from what he was.

“If you are not comfortable, I would never........”

I couldn't focus on his words. All I could hear is his concern in his voice.


I kissed him.

I don't why? Without thinking, I just kissed him. Maybe, this morning I thought I almost lost him. It is the most horrible thought I had. I can't lose him. He treated me better, at least nowadays, he is trying to behave better with me.

He kissed me back, slowly; inhaling my every gasp with this kiss. As if he was trying to remember my lips. Like mapping them in his mind.

He held my waist and pulled close me to sit on his lap. I followed his desire, our desire and opened my legs to sit on his lap. I could feel his manhood, just beneath my womanhood. Suddenly, I regret wearing his sweatpants.

I want to feel him. His body. I pulled out of our kiss, to open the buttons of his shirt, but damn! It's stuck. I put pressure to break it.

I heard the distinct dancing of buttons falling.

He was getting impatience. I could feel from his breath. He pulled me and growled before, moving his lips on me slowly. Although, I began our kiss, but he took the lead.

I like him taking the control.

He tightens his grip around my waist. It's a bit painful but today, I can take every single thing given by him.

He shoved his tongue inside my mouth and explored it. His tongue is soft and his teeth work on my lips.

He bit my lips and earns my moans. I felt him smile on my lips, and then he licks my lips, sensually.

I pushed him away, but he was not ready.

What are we doing?

Am I even ready?

Do I want him?

I can think about it later.

But now, I want him. Otherwise, I will change my mind.

I want Mark.

I need him.

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