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Claim Me

Beth's POV

"If I claim you tonight, you will be mine for the rest of your life."

"Then claim me." I could feel him smiling on my neck.

"Your wish is my command." He lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist but didn't leave his lips. He carried me to the bedroom.

We continue to ravish each other.

I never felt so alive.

"Kids......." He shut me up with his kiss and pushed me down on the bed.

"Sylvia and bitch is sleeping." He broke the kiss. I see his lustful face and he was breathing hard. He tossed his shirt somewhere and helped me get rid of the t-shirt and sweatpants.

He was in a rush. We both knew that I could change my mind.

He marked my neck. Love bite. Ouch. That was quite sharp which is going to be on the show tomorrow. He made his way to my breast, that looked swollen in excitement now.

"Raise your arms." His hoarse voice demanded. I subconsciously raise my arms. He pulled out my bra and licked his lips before grabbing both the breast and licked them with equal attention. I arched my back and he continued sucking them.

He took his time to move down to my femininity through the navel and took off my plain black underwear. His massive hands on my small thigh shorten the distance between us and opened my legs wide.

I felt so small beneath him. His heavy breathing was lingering on my womanhood.

I lifted myself to find him looking at me with his dilated lustful eyes.

"Why did you shave it?" His husky voice was concentrating at my woman-ness. I feel exposed. So exposed. He has access to everything. I tried to close the view for him, but he prevented me.

"Personal hygiene." It was all I could say.

He smirked and dived in to kiss those vertical lips. He licked my womanhood. Shivers run through my body. It gave me wave a pleasure. I arched my back and tried to lay down, but he stopped me.

"Watch me." I was so hypnotized that I didn't reply. He opened his mouth wide and took my all vertical lips inside his mouth.

I gasped when the sudden contact of his tongue and my clitoris. His tongue, his mouth sucked all my strength. I never wanted him to stop.

He dived deeper into my valley of womanhood. I held his hairs to push him inside, deeper.

I couldn't take any more, despite all his warnings through his action I laid down and then I felt his teeth. It was his punishment for being disobeying him. I can feel his desperation.

The bites, suck, lick. The cycle goes on.

I felt his tongue trying to enter my vagina. What else he could do to me???? Slowly, a pressure started building in my lower tummy.

I need to use the bathroom.

I tried to push him away by his shoulder, but he didn't budge. He didn't stop. He continued to suck the life out of my womanhood.

I couldn't stop myself, so I let go of myself and witness a wave of ecstasy hit me. My body almost sniffed.

I feel light.

"Even your orgasm is arousing." Mark licked all my juices. He cleaned it and hover over me to kiss me with passion. As if we are in love.

It tasted weird. I couldn't define the taste. All I could taste was him. His body. His tongue.

"It's your first orgasm." He rubbed his junior against my vagina. "No one gave you orgasm except me."

"Please........" I whimpered.

Nothing was covering my vagina now. I wanted to feel that euphoria again. I want to feel him. Inside me.

"Please......" I pulled him.

"You really want me to claim you." He looked amused. I nodded. "Then you would be mine."

"I am already yours." I kissed him. "Claim me."

He smirked and immediately took off his cargo pants. My breath stopped when I see his manhood. He looked harder, bigger.

He took my shaky hands and started stroking himself with my hand. His junior was bigger than my hands.

He kissed me again, with so much passion that I forget even to breath. He sucked all my gasp and almost tossed me on the bed to hover over me, without breaking our kiss.

He sits down and rubbed his manhood over my vagina, giving me chills, and then he enters slowly. Really slowly.

"Feel me." He whispered and entered fully.

I couldn't breathe.

He felt so..... filled.

He held my waist and started moving slowly.





He continued his really......... s.l.o.w torture.

I wanted more of him. All of him. I moan. With a wicked smile, he increased his pace.





"Mark-don't stop......"

"Do you want that?" He was out of breath.

"Yes...." I felt his full length moving in and out of me. "AHH." I could feel my wall getting tighter on his manhood.

I clenched the bedsheet when I felt the same pressure in my lower tummy. Knowing the feeling now, I tighten the grip of my legs around his waist. This encouraged him and he moved furiously.

He was sweating. He looked red, yet desirable.

"You need to work on stamina." He kissed my neck and I felt the similar wave of ecstasy. But he didn't stop. He continued to please me with smirked on his face.





His kisses all over my neck, jaw; his hard chest on my bouncing breasts. Everything about him aroused me. And then, again I felt my euphoria.

"Don't cum." He ordered.

I whimpered yet I followed his order, tried to control myself. I tighten my muscles around his junior and it felt so good that it became hard to control myself.

"Fuck!! Keep doing that." Mark groaned.

"Please I can't take it. I want....."

"Not now, you.....

"I hate......," Mark shut me up with his kiss and continued thrusting me. "Now." He growled.

And I let go of myself. I felt his release deep inside me. Then I realized we didn't use any protection.

"It feels amazing to love you raw." He pulled me towards him and turned me around, making me kneel on four.

"I am tired," I complained. "We already had 2 rounds."

"That was yours, not mine. We have the whole night." He bites my shoulder hard leaving his mark, claiming me.

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