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Trust issues

Beth's POV

“If I claim you tonight, you will be mine for the rest of your life.”

His voice kept haunting all the night.

He had 3 round of tiring sex and I lost the count of my round after cumming 4 times continuously.

'Multiple orgasms' he said.

I feel sore and can't even sit. I feel uncomfortable even standing.

When I woke up, he wasn't in bed. His side of the bed was cold. He must have woken up early. Morning person, he is. Even his smell is not here. I was sleeping like a baby, I really needed that.

After a hot steamy shower, I wore his t-shirt. At least, this has his scents.

Going out with Tinker. Don't go anywhere. Sylvia is fine. Will be back.


I checked the door's lock, and it's open. Should I leave?

Although, I wanted to leave but I stayed. I had breakfast alone and decided to clean the flat.

This one-bedroom flat is clean but needs a few arrangements. His things are simple dump here. But one thing, that brought my attention was a broken photo frame.

Mark with an old man but the other part was missing. Initially, I didn't pay much attention but then I realized that it's Mark and the old man had almost the same face except for the hair.

Old man had dirty blonde hair. Father?

He is his father.

But Mark is an orphan. He grew up in an orphanage. It implies he found his father. His real family.

Should I ask him?

I was startled with the phone ring. I almost ran to pick up the call. But I missed it.

“I know, you are there. Mark. You don't even give me your personal number. I am Abigail. Thanks for keeping the wristwatch. But you left it last evening. I have it. You can take it anytime and maybe, we can spend a few moments together. Call me.”

I can hear the excitement in her voice that she left in voicemail. Who is she?


If I remember then, Abigail is related to Rossi. Kate said that she's special to her family. According to voicemail, he was with her last evening, before our moment. When he left us here.

Something is wrong with him.

His expressionless face is a cover-up. He has hideous secrets. And is a good liar. If I hadn't heard this voicemail, It was almost impossible to find that he was with a woman before he took me to his bed. He was behaviour was like a gentleman that I fell for his charms. I really assumed that he cares for me.

I calmed myself and chose to wait for him. It is still noon, and he's not here. I cleaned the boxes and placed them like I didn't touch anything. By this time, Sylvia was up and being very fussy without Tinker. She looked bored, continued to pout in every 5 minutes and tried to hold everything possible.

She is a mischievous kid, today. I can't control her. She's not listening to anything.

I was preparing lunch when I felt someone's presence behind me. He smelt of Mark.

“I was really worrying that you would go away,” Mark commented but I ignored him and continued to cook. “And I have to drag you back here.”

Mark came closed to hug me from behind. His massive body was suffocating but then I felt something furry near my foot.

I looked down to find Tinker. She was rubbing her small, furry body on my foot. And tried to bark.

“I wanted to bring a service dog, but he's not ready yet. Till then, Tinker is here.” He said.

“Why a service dog?” I turned to look at him. He looked fresh. He must have taken bath before coming to us. His hair is messy and almost damp. Definitely, he tried to dry his hair. I wanted to ask but I also wanted to check if he trusts me enough. I didn't ask him anything.

“For your panic attack.” He keeps his forehead on my forehead and breathed. “I will help you to prepare but before that.....” He gave a paper bag. “Have this.” I opened it to find contraceptives. “It was unexpected. But I will never use condoms with you.”

“We will be doing that again?”

“Many times. I plan to do that every day, every chance I get. In various ways.”

My body burned with desire. “And if I fell pregnant. You know- contraceptives are not 100% effective.”

“We will see about that.” He licked my lips before crushing his intense kiss.


I would never get enough of his kisses. His hands made its way to my inner thigh and caressed them.

“I feel sore,” I whine.

“I know I was good.” He pecked and helped me prepare lunch.

We ate in silence. But I can feel the aura of his tension. He glances at me every chance he gets. Then looks away whenever I see him. He even tries to talk but fails to come up with a meaningful conversation.

This is not the Mark Rogers, I know. He is anxious.

“You can talk to me,” I tried to assure him, but he doesn't trust me enough.

“Savannah and Sylvia share the same date of birth. This Monday Savannah will be 17 and Sylvia will be 1. But we are celebrating this Saturday.” He changed the topic. “Sunday is a family outing.”

There is something, he is hiding, and he knows that I am aware of it.

I nodded.

I was trying to sleep but Mark pulled the cover away from my body and joined me, pulling my body closer to his.

We haven't had any conversation after lunch. He worked from home and I played with Sylvia and Tinker. Kids kept me busy, but his secretive behaviour was questioning my decision.

What if I am trusting the wrong person?

Perhaps I am just imagining all this.

He kissed my lips, then went down to kiss my jaw. His wet kisses gave me chills every time. However, I wasn't in the mood of any sexual activity.

“I will tell you everything.” He bit my jaw causing me to moan. “In the right time. Now.....” He dragged me to lay down and continued to give wet kisses to my neck and collar bones.

“Condom?” I caressed his broad shoulder.

“I brought you pills.” He took off his t-shirt from my body.

“It's not.......” He covered my mouth with his palm and then, I felt his lips all over my neck and chest.

It's going to a long night......

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