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Our house

Beth's POV

"....... impossible to complete it in such a short notice." I heard the interior designer complaining.

Mark had been arguing to interior designer from an hour about the house. He is renovating it again and wants it to be completed by this Friday. 3 days from now.

An impossible task to accomplish.

"Elizabeth- tell me the colour of the room." He gestures me to come to him. I left Sylvia with her Barbie. And looked for Tinker who was rolling on the floor biting her own foot. "Which colour?" when I reached to him, he passed me a book to choose the colour.

"Whose room?" I asked while looking at the book, that was as thick as a thesis with diverse colour. It is difficult to choose any colour out of it.

"Our room." He caught my wrist gently and dragged me into his arms, making me face the person another side of the screen.

"Everything should be according to Elizabeth." Mark kissed my forehead. "Do not disappoint her."

He is acting like my lover.

"So Elizabeth- tell us." A young man, whom I assume is the interior designer picked a notebook and waited for me to speak.

"Anything will work," I answered.

"That's our room. And I want it to be in your way." Mark kept his chin on my shoulder.

"White Colour?"

"Hard...." He said while moving his hands to my womanhood. I still feel sore from last time. Like I anticipated it was a long night. "To maintain."

"Then how about beige?" I tried to stop his hand, but he was already there. "Lighter shades."

He moved my panties aside and rubbed my clitoris. I couldn't focus on the words coming from the interior designer. He was showing me new designs, they were exotic. Expensive.

Mark is spending his money on me.

Despite the distraction provided by Mark, I tried to act normal but...

"Ahh..." I almost moan. "Room has to be spacious. I want a bigger space for Sylvia." I managed to distract their interior designer.

"Alright then." Interior designers grinned. "Have fun both of you."

"He knows," I muttered. It was so embarrassing. He knows what Mark was doing beneath the screen. "Why did you do that?" Then I felt his finger inside me. "Last night......."

"Was amazing." Mark finished the statement. He bites and sucks my shoulder where he left his mark 2 nights back. "You always manage to excite me, every time."

"Please....." I tried to push him.

"Gladly..." He entered another finger causing me to stop breathing for a while.

I rolled my eyes and tried to control my breathing.

Breath in...

Breathe out...

He used his both hands. Rubbed with the first hand and moved his another finger in and out of me. He pulled me closer to his body. I felt him getting harder on my back.

I held the table to support us. But his motions were furious. It was difficult to support a massive man like him.

It didn't take long enough to feel the similar pressure on my lower stomach.

"I am close." I breathe out.

"Not now." He bites my earlobe and increased his pace.

His manhood was so hard on my ass that it felt he was almost thrusting me.

"Please......" I cried out. "I will do anything you want."

"You will definitely do everything I want." He pressed my body against his body. And started grinding. "Yes...."

Before he could complete his message, I cummed and felt him getting stiff.

"I can't control myself around you." He growled.

"Don't ever do that again," I warned him.

He grinned and nipped on my lips before leaving. He cummed without fucking me.

I need to change the dress. He gave a full entertainment to his interior designer and kids. Luckily, Sylvia was busy with her Barbie and didn't notice my absence. But his show was inappropriate for a young audience like Sylvia and Tinker.

Before leaving, I kissed her forehead. I was afraid if Mark would be there alone then what he would do. He hardly controls himself when we are public then it would a golden opportunity for him, being alone with me in his bedroom. But he was bathing.

Men had their various ways with me possible but Mark successfully manages to heat my body with desire. Needs. He has his ways of persuading me, to let him do whatever he wants.

In whore house, I was tied most of the time. It was a nightmare, knowing that they would hear you but will stop at nothing.

I was dying every time. Every time I was sold. They would make sure I don't have an STD because I was special. My price was high. Customers get to fuck me raw if they wanted to. Without condom. If they want heir, I was available. After my delivery, they would take away my baby.

Even after all this, I conceived 3 times. First, my baby was snatched then I had a miscarriage. Later, I had my twins that led me to Sylvia.

I had no one to talk to. I used to talk to my babies. Even I tried to kill us, so that they don't have to face the cruel world, but they would save me.

"You are safe." Mark caressed my face. His soothing hands pulled me back the reality. I opened my eyes to find him cuddling with me. "You still have nightmares."

"I didn't know, you knew that." I closed my eyes to sleep again.

"I hear you every night." He held my tight. "Our house will be ready this Friday."

"It's 3 days from now. It's almost impossible." I tighten my grip around his torso.

"That's why I am paying 'Campbell' higher. They are good at what they do." He kissed my left hands. "I see you are not interested in decorating our house."

"I don't think, Savannah would appreciate me being involved in your life." I remind him. "She hates me."

"She doesn't hate you....... She is afraid of the past. Emily and she developed bad blood since the day Sylvia was conceived. Pregnancy and hormones." He sighed as if recalling those events. "Savannah was afraid that I would abandon her until she held Sylvia in her arms. Emily was embarrassed for what she did to my daughter."

"Sophia loathes Emily."

"Emily doesn't deserve all this. I will clarify the situation to them."

"When you never wanted to settle down with her then why you kept sleeping with her?"

"I am a man with needs." He quoted and laughed. "That's where things went wrong. I should have stopped when she said she loves me. Later, she impregnated herself."

"Are you trying to impregnate me?" I asked.

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